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Found 5 results

  1. Following up a request re: my Case Converter workflow, I've put together a case converter focused on code. Updated 2021-08-04 to use Universal Actions - now requires Alfred 4.5 beta. It's hosted on Packal: Code Case There is a single script filter codecase which converts the argument e.g. and copies it to the clipboard. The example shows a space delimited argument, but it will also convert between any of the cases, e.g. Camel -> Pascal, so codecase myGreatVariableName will return my_great_variable_name etc. The workflow also contains blank hotkeys for each of the conversions (set up to act on selected text and paste into the frontmost app). Based largely on this SublimeText plug-in: https://github.com/jdc0589/CaseConversion/blob/master/case_conversion.py Revisions: 1.4 (2021-08-04) updated to use Universal Actions, requiring Alfred 4.5 beta. Also added more fun Space Case icon. 1.2.1 (2014-08-29): - updated to use Alfred Workflow 1.8.6 1.2 (2014-08-29): - added hotkeys 1.1 (2014-08-29): - added Cobra Case (capitalized Snake Case) and separate words - added uids so Alfred will sort results based on frequency of usage
  2. I would like to suggest one of these two features: 1. Multiple Keywords for Snippets and Workflows Just as the headline says: Multiple keywords for snippets and workflows would be a nice possibility to defeat our habits when it means to finding the right word to access the wished snippet or workflow. I think we all already had the situation where we tried 3 or 4 keywords and then gived up to look how that damn keyword for the workflow was called. If we could add more keywords to snippets and workflows, it would make the bad times, less bad. 2. Option to turn on/off the case sensitive on Keywords Please add an option to turn this damn case sensitive keyword detection off. Yes, it is more precise if I say you only have to toggle when I write it exactly like "tHiS". But sometimes it is just annoying that the keyword auto insertion don't toggles because you wrote on letter in the wrong case. But talk about an option here, like a check-dialog-field in the snippet-editor. Not all keywords should are able to ignore case sensitive, the user should exactly set what he wonts to trigger on case sensitive and what, without. Example: If I would make a Internet-Signature-Snippet for fourms the signature for the Internet would be've the keyword-string "signet". Sounds good, but if the case sensitive option would be just a global one, instead for each keyword for itself. The problem would be that "Signet" is already a word in my language what I wouldn't like to trigger an event when starting with a capittal letter.
  3. Hey all, just published a little workflow so that I can change the case of the text in the clipboard quickly. The code is here: https://github.com/derBingle/alfred-change-case. It requires nodejs, so if you have it already, you can install via npm install -g alfred-change-case Screenshot: : Would love any feedback/suggestions!
  4. My Dropbox folder, now Dropbox, used to be DropBox (note the "B"). When I search files in that folder they appear. The ones that appear with the old capitalization scheme (DropBox) take me to the parent directory of Dropbox--not the file I searched. Unexpectedly, searching the same thing and selecting the same result a second time will take me to the correct place. Alfred doesn't learn from this. A later search will cause the same problem. What is the least destructive way to correct the path in Alfred's index? Thanks, Aaron -- NORMAL --
  5. Hi folks, I manage to create the following script in php that's working. The aim is to extract and use multiple parameters from a single {query}. Here's a simplified example: $query = explode(' ', '{query}'); $elemA = $query[0]; $elemB = $query[1]; $elemC = $query[2]; echo "{$elemA}{$elemB}{$elemC}"; I would like to do the same in bash but cannot manage to get it work. Here's my try: This one is working outside Alfred, directly for my Terminal. Basically, it also automatically detect any space as a separator. query="{query}" i=1 for param in $query; do case $i in 1) elemA=$param;; 2) elemB=$param;; 3) elemC=$param;; esac i=$[i+1] done echo "${elemA}${elemB}${elemC}" From all my tries, I've not been able to enter the "for" loop statement… Would you have any idea? Thanks in advance, Cheers, Édouard.
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