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Found 1 result

  1. What? Lets you send emails to multiple persons, including CC. You can either use your default email client or web based gmail Download HERE (Current version 1.4) Changelog (May1, 2013: Updated version 1.4: You can now either use 'memail' to use your default client, or 'memailg' to send the mail via the web based version of Gmail) (Apr 30 2013: Updated version 1.3: Changed workflow to work even if your address book is stored in iCloud. Thanks to Kerry Dawson for patiently testing this) (Updated: version 1.2: Changed keyword to 'memail' to avoid confusion. Fixed bugs, allowed CC option. For CC, just hit "/" and all emails after that will be in cc) How? Alfred has an excellent "email" keyword that lets you enter names and it autocompletes them from your address book - and then you can send emails. However, it only supports sending emails to one id - you can't enter multiple names. Enter this workflow: You have two options - you can type in "memail" to send emails via your default email client or "memailg" to send emails via web based gmail. Type in "memail" or "memailg" and start entering the name - it will resolve via address book - then type a comma and keep entering more names. When done, select the action to send emails to all the ids. Basically, as you type names, you will see options in a list below - just scroll to the right name and hit tab to continue selecting more names (don't hit enter if you want to type more names, as typing enter means you are done). To copy the names to your clipboard instead of composing an email right away, hit Cmd+Enter at the end. Two keywords: (memail or memailg) The workflow will start searching your Contacts only after you enter at least 4 characters Example of matching entries: Example of multiple emails including CC (for CC hit / and continue with names) Feel free to extend it and if you do, please share back with me. Purchasing information Just kidding. It's free. But thanks for reading upto here.
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