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Found 2 results

  1. I am sorry if I have missed the answer to this - I honestly have tried looking. I don't want to return results or pass variables. I simply want, from my "startheday" workflow, to run the bn command for the Bear workflow by Dr. Grib. I have tried using Action in Alfred, Open URL with the internal URL for the app, and copying in what I thought might be needed from Dr. Grib's workflow, but none of those worked... Quite obviously I am not a power-user. Shouldn't one workflow be able to call another? If so, what Action do I use? I feel so stupid... Thank you! K
  2. I am creating a workflow that will: 1. Present a list of Fogbugz projects 2. Given the selected project, present a list of Fogbugz milestones within the project 3. Given the selected project and milestone, send details of the cases (tasks) within the milestone to the clipboard Project > Milestone > Cases I'm using python as my preferred scripting language in the workflow. I've also followed the examples provided for chaining workflows together (http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1283-how-to-script-filters-reusing-a-single-script-filter-or-chaining-multiple-together/). I'm also using the alp python library (). I've also written a python library with getProjects, getMilestones, and getCases functions, separately tested and working as expected. I tried following the demo3 example, but had a really hard time getting the workflow to call itself again and I can only get the projects list to display. I tried following demo1, but the issue I am running into is that only the list of projects is ever displayed. Here's the general layout of the workflow: 1.0 Script Filter (fbProject, displays list of projects) > 1.1 Run Script (stores the id {query} of the selected project in settings) > Run Script (calls fbMilestone via AppleScript) 2.0 Script Filter (fbMilestone, gets stored id of selected project from settings, displays list of milestones) > 2.1 Run Script (stores the id {query} of the selected milestone in settings, gets the stored project id, prints a string with both ids) > Output (Post Notification + Clipboard for now) The problem is that fbMilestone always displays the list of projects. Even if I just hard-code a project id and execute fbMilestone directly, it always displays projects. If I log what's "printed" from the Script Filter, it shows the milestones in Xml, as expected, but still the projects display: [: 1.0.Starting fbProject (2013-11-05-09:13:43)] [: 1.0.Getting token (2013-11-05-09:13:43)] [: 1.0.Getting projects (2013-11-05-09:13:44)] [: 1.0.Projects Xml: <?xml version="1.0"?><items><item arg="55" isValid="True" uid="fbp55"><title>3PL</title><subtitle>3PL</subtitle></item><item arg="54" isValid="True" uid="fbp54"><title>Auto Delivery</title><subtitle>Auto Delivery</subtitle></item><item arg="6" isValid="True" uid="fbp6"><title>Code Reviews</title><subtitle>Code Reviews</subtitle></item><item arg="22" isValid="True" uid="fbp22"><title>Content</title><subtitle>Content</subtitle></item><item arg="18" isValid="True" uid="fbp18"><title>Customer Service</title><subtitle>Customer Service</subtitle></item><item arg="20" isValid="True" uid="fbp20"><title>Design</title><subtitle>Design</subtitle></item><item arg="34" isValid="True" uid="fbp34"><title>Email Capture Techniques</title><subtitle>Email Capture Techniques</subtitle></item><item arg="17" isValid="True" uid="fbp17"><title>External Jeeves</title><subtitle>External Jeeves</subtitle></item><item arg="15" isValid="True" uid="fbp15"><title>Help Desk</title><subtitle>Help Desk</subtitle></item><item arg="2" isValid="True" uid="fbp2"><title>Inbox</title><subtitle>Inbox</subtitle></item><item arg="52" isValid="True" uid="fbp52"><title>Infrastructure</title><subtitle>Infrastructure</subtitle></item><item arg="19" isValid="True" uid="fbp19"><title>Panel Test</title><subtitle>Panel Test</subtitle></item><item arg="21" isValid="True" uid="fbp21"><title>PM Project</title><subtitle>PM Project</subtitle></item><item arg="53" isValid="True" uid="fbp53"><title>Project Milestones</title><subtitle>Project Milestones</subtitle></item><item arg="51" isValid="True" uid="fbp51"><title>Promotion Engine</title><subtitle>Promotion Engine</subtitle></item><item arg="14" isValid="True" uid="fbp14"><title>Technology</title><subtitle>Technology</subtitle></item></items> (2013-11-05-09:13:45)] [: 1.0.Done (2013-11-05-09:13:45)] [: 1.1.Storing project id from query as 54 (2013-11-05-09:13:48)] [: 1.1.Next step is fbMilestones (2013-11-05-09:13:48)] [: 1.1.Done (2013-11-05-09:13:48)] [: 2.0.Getting settings (2013-11-05-09:13:50)] [: 2.0.Project id is: 54 (2013-11-05-09:13:50)] [: 2.0.Getting milestones (2013-11-05-09:13:50)] [: 2.0.Milestones Xml: <?xml version="1.0"?><items><item arg="1" isValid="True" uid="fbm1"><title>Undecided</title><subtitle>Undecided</subtitle></item><item arg="937" isValid="True" uid="fbm937"><title>Sprint 1-6</title><subtitle>Sprint 1-6</subtitle></item><item arg="931" isValid="True" uid="fbm931"><title>Sprint 13.41</title><subtitle>Sprint 13.41</subtitle></item><item arg="932" isValid="True" uid="fbm932"><title>Sprint 13.43</title><subtitle>Sprint 13.43</subtitle></item><item arg="934" isValid="True" uid="fbm934"><title>Sprint 13.45</title><subtitle>Sprint 13.45</subtitle></item><item arg="935" isValid="True" uid="fbm935"><title>Sprint 13.47</title><subtitle>Sprint 13.47</subtitle></item><item arg="957" isValid="True" uid="fbm957"><title>Release 1 - Deployment</title><subtitle>Release 1 - Deployment</subtitle></item><item arg="933" isValid="True" uid="fbm933"><title>Backlog</title><subtitle>Backlog</subtitle></item></items> (2013-11-05-09:13:51)] [: 2.0.Done (2013-11-05-09:13:51)] [: 2.1.Storing milestone id from query as 54 (2013-11-05-09:13:54)] [: 2.1.Project id is: 54 (2013-11-05-09:13:54)] [: 2.1.Outputting: 54:54 (2013-11-05-09:13:54)] [: 2.1.Done (2013-11-05-09:13:54)] In Step 2.0, you can see that the python script correctly gets the milestones but, in that step, the list of projects is displayed. In the final output, you can see that the two ids are from the project (54). I am really baffled as to why the projects list is displayed in fbMilestones. Any ideas?
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