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  1. I remade my chrome-workflow built with awgo. Previous workflow (alfred-chrome-workflow)'s features are reimplemented by go language, some useful features added including tab searching, browser switching, profile switching. https://github.com/jopemachine/alfred-chromium-workflow I appreciate to awgo's author @deanishe I'd never have made it without this awesome library. Any idea or feedback would be appreciated
  2. I use UI Vision extension to run automated actions in Chrome. I can add a script as a bookmark and click it to run the macro. Alfred automatically indexes chrome bookmarks, but not javascript applets added to bookmarks. Is there anyway to run them using Alfred? Sample attached. Sample url: javascript:(function() {try {var evt = new CustomEvent('kantuRunMacro', {detail: {name: "iZone",from: 'bookmark',storageMode: 'browser',closeRPA: 1}});window.dispatchEvent(evt);} catch (e) {alert('UI.Vision RPA Bookmarklet error: ' + e.toString());}})(); PS: Please don't suggest to export macro as HTML. There's another problem with that.
  3. I've made a workflow that you can open your google chrome by choosing the profile via email or account name. Also, you can choose the incognito mode as well. when you search the suggestions will also be shown Download here https://github.com/rkomu/Alfred-Google-Search-Profile If you want any other function let me know and I'll update the workflow
  4. 🌈 Features πŸ“„ Search Chrome's Visit History `(chh)` πŸ”– Search Chrome's Bookmark sorted by visit counts `(chb)` πŸ“ Search Chrome's Bookmark folder `(chf)` πŸ”Ž Search Chrome's Download logs `(chd)` πŸ“œ Search Chrome's Search query history `(chs)` πŸŽ₯ Search Chrome's Media (video) history `(chm)` πŸ“’ Search and Copy Your Chrome's Autofill data `(cha)` πŸ“ You can change your search config details `(ch > conf)` You could check the workflow on the below page. https://github.com/jopemachine/alfred-chrome-workflow Any idea or feedback would be appreciated
  5. Change your default web browser quickly and easily from within Alfred. Simple yet effective, this workflow enablea you to easily change your default browser. The official repository is located on Github --> https://github.com/stuartcryan/defaultbrowser-alfred-workflow where any issues can be logged on the issue tracker. I have also put this workflow on Packal. Update Version 1.2 released September 10, 2015: What has changed: Feature: Support additional browsers - added FirefoxDeveloperEdition and Webkit Nightly BuildUpdate Version 1.1 released August 8, 2015: What has changed: Feature: Support additional browsers - added Chromium, Canary and SeaMonkey Feature: Only show installed browsers Feature: Indicate which browser is the current default Feature: Added hotkey assignments (to launch workflow, launch with "chrome", and launch with "safari") Improvement: Renamed description in Alfred to simply "Default Browser" Improvement: Improved failure feedback Improvement: Major code refactor to remove duplication and speed up the workflow Improvement: Added an icon to the workflow Improvement: defaultbrowser binary has been updated to better support integrating. This code has been put into a pull request for the official publication of defaultbrowser. Workflow Details: A simple workflow to allow quick and easy changing of the default browser on OSX using a workflow in Alfred. Installation Download the .alfredworkflow file or you can get it on Packal. Run to import into Alfred Donations This workflow represents many hours effort of development, testing and rework. The images that have been licensed for this workflow from DepositPhotos also needed a bit of my moolah. So if you love the workflow, and get use out of it every day, if you would like to donate as a thank you to buy me more caffeine giving Diet Coke, some Cake, or to put towards a shiny new gadget you can donate to me via Paypal. You should also consider getting into contact with Margus Kerma and donating to Margus also for the work that has bene put into the defaultbrowser binary. Usage db < browser > Note - if you try to set the default browser that is already active as the default you will just get a notification. Browsers currently supported: Chrome Firefox Opera Safari Chromium - New in V1.1 Canary - New in V1.1 SeaMonkey - New in V1.1 Screenshots Troubleshooting If you are finding that you are seeing browsers listed that you have installed previously but no longer have on your system you will need to clear out all your default handlers. Unfortunately, this is the only solution I have found to date, you should research it in depth before you use it. The following command will re-initialise all the "handlers" OSX knows about and will therefore resolve the issue, it will also likely require you to set up all your custom file associations again. In other words... you do this at your own risk, I do not support this in any way shape or form... The command you will need to run on the terminal is: lsregister -kill Contributing Fork it! Create your feature branch: git checkout -b my-new-feature Commit your changes: git commit -am 'Add some feature' Push to the branch: git push origin my-new-feature Submit a pull request Change Log Version 1.2 - Feature ReleaseFeature: Support additional browsers - added FirefoxDeveloperEdition and Webkit Nightly Build Version 1.1 - Feature ReleaseFeature: Support additional browsers - added Chromium, Canary and SeaMonkey Feature: Only show installed browsers Feature: Indicate which browser is the current default Feature: Added hotkey assignments (to launch workflow, launch with "chrome", and launch with "safari") Improvement: Renamed description in Alfred to simply "Default Browser" Improvement: Improved failure feedback Improvement: Major code refactor to remove duplication and speed up the workflow Improvement: Added an icon to the workflow Improvement: defaultbrowser binary has been updated to better support integrating. This code has been put into a pull request for the official publication of defaultbrowser. Version 1.0 - Initial Release Credits defaultbrowser binary for OSX has been created by Margus Kerma. Margus has been kind enough to permit me to include the binary for defaultbrowser as part of this workflow to make distribution significantly easier. For any issues with the defaultbrowser binary please log these to the official DefaultBrowser Issue Tracker. DefaultBrowser Alfred workflow created by Stuart Ryan. If you would like to get into contact you can do so via: @StuartCRyan on Twitter Stuart Ryan on LinkedIn Technical Notebook Blog License With the exception of the workflow logo, this Alfred Workflow is provided free of charge under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2 June 1991. The workflow logo is licensed only for use in this workflow and must be changed if the workflow is forked in the future. The workflow logo has been licensed from DepositPhotos to Stuart Ryan.
  6. Hello, I have a simple workflow which opens an URL to Chrome from a keyword trigger. I have attached a screenshot of the simple workflow. There was a recent MacOS update a few days ago and since then upon triggering these keywords it opens the URL directly onto Safari. (default browser) If there is any fix, I would be eager to try it out.
  7. Alfred-Load-In-Helium An Alfred workflow to open current browser or clipboard url on Helium. Helium is a floating browser that stays allways on top of other windows and allows you to whatch media while do other stuff. Permissions The first time you use this workflow with one of the supported browsers it will ask you for permissions to interact with the browser to get its current URL. Usage Just type lh (load helium) on alfred and the workflow will list the options based on your current open browsers. Supported Browsers Actually the following browsers are supported: Download To download the workflow check the Releases page. Credits to: - https://gist.github.com/vitorgalvao/5392178#file-get_title_and_url-applescript - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mgax/applescript-json/master/json.applescript - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/38041852/does-applescript-have-a-replace-function
  8. Hey Guys, I was inspired to create my first workflow to open a new window in a specific Chrome Profile since I work between several profiles and have certain permissions in certain profiles. This simple workflow was inspired by @Balverine commenting on another Chrome profiles workflow that no longer works. How It Works This is a very simple workflow that will open different chrome profiles using a simple Alfred command. Each time you use the command, a new chrome browser window will open for the specified profile. The workflow is built with pre-defined arguments 1, 2 and 3. "cp 1" opens the first chrome profile (usually called "Default" by chrome), "cp 2" the second (called Profile 1 by chrome) and so on. [cmd arg] = [chrome profile name] cp 1 = Default cp 2 = Profile 1 cp 3 = Profile 2 This workflow will require some simple customization to function properly with your Chrome-assigned profile names IF they differ from the above or you want to change the associated argument (i.e. you want Profile 2 to open with cp 1) Find your Chrome Profile Name In the workflow, you will need to change the [Profile #] in each Run Script to match the Chrome-created profile name you want to open. The "profile name" used in this workflow is NOT the chrome profile name you created/defined; it is the name in the profile pathway and assigned by Chrome. To find the proper profile name for each Chrome Profile: Step 1: open chrome://version/ while in each Chrome profile you have Step 2: Find "Profile Path" and copy the end of the pathway: /Users/[YOUR USERNAME]/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Profile 5 In the above example, the proper profile name is: "Profile 5" Step 3: In the workflow, you will need to update the profile name in each /bin/zsh to match yours. For example, in the top /bin/zsh: /Applications/Google\ Chrome.app/Contents/MacOS/Google\ Chrome --args --profile-directory="Default" changes to /Applications/Google\ Chrome.app/Contents/MacOS/Google\ Chrome --args --profile-directory="Profile 5" I hope those of you will multiple profiles will find this useful and others will take it and improve on the functionality. I am not a coder so hopefully someone will expand this workflow to do a lot more things. Link to download: https://github.com/alexxonly/SimpleChromeProfiles
  9. This workflow allows you to search browser tabs from Chrome, Brave, Vivaldi & Safari. GitHub: https://github.com/epilande/alfred-browser-tabs Download: https://github.com/epilande/alfred-browser-tabs/releases/latest/download/Browser-Tabs.alfredworkflow Commands chrome tabs {query} – Fetch tabs from Google Chrome and filter based on query. brave tabs {query} – Fetch tabs from Brave Browser and filter based on query. vivaldi tabs {query} – Fetch tabs from Vivaldi and filter based on query. safari tabs {query} – Fetch tabs from Safari and filter based on query. Copy to clipboard Holding the CTRL key while selecting an item will copy the selected tab URL to your clipboard. Demo Screenshot of workflow
  10. Hi. I'm trying to figure out why Alfred doesn't auto-populate my login credentials into a website. 'll type in 1p and hit 'enter' after I select my login but Alfred takes me to https://www.facebook.com/login without auto-populating anything. I'm using Chrome browser, do I need to download the 1Password Chrome extension for it to auto-populate? The first two screenshots are my settings in Alfred, the last two are from 1Password.
  11. A lot of times when I use the snippet functionality in Chrome the first letter in the keyword stays up after the snippet expands. I've adjusted all the tweaking settings and the issue has persisted. I made sure that the Alfred helper has accessibility permissions and I have re-installed Alfred as well as Chrome. See attached GIF for the behavior. while the GIF shows it happening at the top of the text box, it also happens after I have already been typing in the middle of the paragraph.
  12. Alfred Workflow: Youtube Music Controls for Chrome Latest version: download here GitHub: https://github.com/carceneaux/alfred-youtube-music-control An Alfred workflow for controlling Youtube Music playback in an open Youtube Music tab in Chrome. I built this workflow out of necessity as Google Play music will be retired shortly.I listen to music most of the day at work and this helps immensely. The workflow uses the following keywords to control playback in an open Youtube Music tab: * 'ym': Play/Pause * 'ym prev': Previous Song * 'ym next': Next Song * 'ym+': Thumbs Up Song * 'ym-': Thumbs Down Song * 'ym vol <volume percentage>': Set Youtube Music Volume * 'ym search <search term>': Search Youtube Music * 'ym shuffle': Shuffle Playlist * 'ym repeat': Set Repeat Setting * 'ym quit': Close Youtube Music Tab Requirements By default, executing JavaScript through AppleScript is turned off in Chrome. To turn it on, from the menu bar, go to View > Developer > Allow JavaScript from Apple Events. For more information: https://support.google.com/chrome/?p=applescript
  13. I removed Flash from my system long ago but occasionally I need to make use of the version bundled with Chrome to view certain web pages properly. There are a few workflows like this around, but as the only browsers I use are Safari and Chrome I wanted something a little more direct than Send URL which led me to this alternative made by Runar. There were a few issues with that workflow, so I made a version which (hopefully) deals with everything in a tidy and intelligent manner. If Safari is either not open, or has no windows open, the workflow will post a notification saying so. If you'd like it to also post notifications when URLs are successfully sent to Chrome open the workflow folder (right click the workflow in Alfred and click Show in Finder) and edit the appropriate line in open_in_chrome.scpt (it's clearly marked). The reverse behaviour is also available (i.e.: sending URLs from Chrome to Safari). Hat tip to Carlos-Sz for getting Alfred to run the Applescript properly πŸ™‚ Download (v1.0.2): Open in Chrome GitHub Keywords: openinchrome, openinsafari
  14. Hello! I made an Alfred 3 workflow to search and switch between open windows in the system and Safari (and Chrome) tabs. More app-by-app support are (hopefully) coming. It is uses the companion native app, that's what makes it much faster than the other alternatives. https://github.com/mandrigin/AlfredSwitchWindows/releases Sierra only (at the moment). PS: Thanks to Emanuele MunafΓ² and his "Windows Switcher" workflow for the inspiration.
  15. Invoke ic to open the current tab in your frontmost browser in a new incognito (Chromium-based browsers) or private (Webkit-based browsers) window. Actioning with βŒƒβ†΅ will also close the tab in your current window. βŒ₯↡ opens the tab in a new clean temporary browser profile window, and βŒ˜β†΅ does the same while closing the tab in the current window. Webkit-based browsers do not support multiple profiles, so that feature is not available to them. In addition, Webkit-based browsers do not support opening new private windows programatically, so to do it we can either fake a keyboard shortcut or click the menu options. Faking keyboard shortcuts can break in more situations, so this Workflow uses the latter technique. If your system is not in English, change the webkit_menu_path Workflow Environment Variable to the menu words in your language (they must be exact). Download | Source
  16. Hi Alfred Team, I'm a new user and have difficulties browsing my default browser chrome after I used search via Alfred. MacOS: Catalina Chrome: Version 81.0.4044.129 Alfred 4.0.9 [1144] Step to reproduce: - call Alfred via Alt-Space - type any text I'd like to find + enter - result: new tab opens with expected google search result BUT: I can't close this tab with Cmd-W, only by clicking with mouse hover on any link, the pointer doesn't change to hand pointer - still arrow pointer. I need to do double-click (instead of one-click) to open target hyperlink open another page in this tab doesn't resolve the issue Workaround that helps to exit from this mode: with Cmd-Tab I switch to any other application and once again Cmd-Tab to return. After that target tab of chrome works as usual Sample video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xf2od2cjxd3qngq/standardSearchViaAlfred.mov?dl=0 And this very frustrated! Interesting note: I have PopClip application with Alfred extension. So when I select target text, and populate it to Alfred. I only need to press Enter and get result page. After this userflow, I don't have strange mode and behaviour is absolute normal. As in case of normal navigation Sample video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fig6aekeaux5k8v/alfredWithPopClip.mov?dl=0 Any idea to help?
  17. I would like to open the search query with specific Chrome profile, such as: "youtube Helloworld" so Alfred should open this query with my ABC profile in Chrome browser. Any ideas?
  18. Open your Google Chrome or Canary profiles from Alfred I have many Chrome / Canary profiles, and when the browser is closed, next time the last used profile will be opened. With this workflow, i'm able to open the profile i want directly from Alfred. Hope someone else find useful πŸ₯³
  19. I use a variety of browsers between home and work, and while my Alfred settings nicely sync between my different computers, my bookmarks do not. I'd love it if I could sync my browser bookmarks to Alfred so they'd be accessible when I search the web.
  20. Here is a workflow I use to instantly view any compatible web page in Instapaper's Text view, without adding it to your Instapaper account. In the workflow, there is two scripts. The upper one (currently connected) is for Chrome. The one on the bottom is for Safari. http://d.pr/f/cp39
  21. Github: https://github.com/jmjeong/alfred-extension/tree/master/alfred-bookmark Download link: https://github.com/jmjeong/alfred-extension/raw/master/alfred-bookmark/alfred-bookmark.alfredworkflow alfred-bookmark Alfred 3 workflow to manage Browser's bookmark. It is tested on Google Chrome and Safari. Install To install, download the latest file and double-click to open in Alfred 3. Setup & Keys Add Bookmark (Configurable: F5) Search Bookmark - Supports Incremental search (Configurable: F1) Edit Bookmark (mod:Ctrl in search mode, Enter in add mode) Delete Bookmark (mod:Option) Copy Bookmark (mod:Command) Open Bookmark in Google Chrome Incognito mode (mod:Shift) Quick Look URL (Shift) Usage Search Bookmark (F1) Add Bookmark (F5) Search terms You can search any terms (order does not matter). Bookmark Sort order Accessed, launch count, registered time (default) Sync between several machines You can sync bookmark database through several machine via DropBox. mv '~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Workflow Data/com.jmjeong.alfred-bookmark/pinboard.db' ~/Dropbox/Apps ln -s ~/Dropbox/Apps/pinboard.db '~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Workflow Data/com.jmjeong.alfred-bookmark/'
  22. As the title said, could someone please (I don't know how to,.,,) create a workflow that let google chrome open a specific url in a new window??? Also safari and firefox too??? Much appreciated.
  23. This is a simple workflow for controlling Google Play Music playback/search in Chrome. It is updated for the version of the web-based music player that was released ~May 2015. The workflow uses the following keywords to control playback in an open Google Play tab: 'gpp': Play/Pause 'gp prev': Previous Song 'gp next': Next Song 'gp search <search term>': Search Music for <search term> Github Repo: http://bit.ly/1ILnjFZ Download: http://bit.ly/1cOMM3y
  24. I'm trying to install this chrome history workflow (https://github.com/tupton/alfred-chrome-history), but I'm not versed in terminal or coding at all. Can anyone further dumb-down the FROM SOURCE section of this repo for me to understand? Much appreciated.
  25. Hi, I made this for myself and thought I'd share. I'm a heavy Gmail user, and I think Gmail works best in Chrome. I wanted to always have a Gmail tab open, and to *not* open multiple Gmail tabs when I use the workflow from other applications. I also wanted the Gmail tab to always be pinned to the left. It can't be done via AppleScript, so I'm using a Chrome Extension called Auto Pin URL. Get it if you want the Gmail tab pinned left (it's not required for the workflow to function. Without it, your Gmail tab will be *wherever* in Chrome): https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/auto-pin-url/heodenddhgffdcadgghkghlcjjikaahf Here is the URL you will need to add to Auto Pin URL: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/ Here's the features of the workflow (keyword / explanation): gm - GMail. Whatever you're doing, this brings Chrome to the front and activates the Gmail tab. If there's no Gmail tab, it will create one (and Auto Pin URL will move it to the far left). I have assigned it Shift-Control-z gmn - GMail New. Open a new compose window. (This is the lone exception in that it opens a new tab. I don't like the new compose window you get by typing c in gmail.) I have assigned Shift-Control-x. This tab auto closes once you send the mail. gms - GMail Search gmf - GMail From. Search for sender gmt - Gmail To. Search for recipient gmc - GMail Contacts. Search Gmail contacts gmgi - GMail Inbox ("gi" is Gmail's default Inbox shortcut) gmgt - GMail Sent. Sent items. ("gt" is Gmail's default Sent Mail shortcut) gmga - GMail All Mail. All mail. ("ga" is Gmail's default All Mail shortcut) NOTE: I made this for my Google Apps account. Haven't tested it on a regular gmail account, but I bet it works fine. I'm no AppleScript expert, so my code may be crappy. Buy hey, this workflow works great for me. Download here: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=75677841761488282960
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