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Found 2 results

  1. The clipboard manager is often touted as one of the best things about Alfred. After using it for a while I have some suggestions which will greatly improve its functionality. Multi-selection: I see this request a lot and even though some people suggested using the 'merging' feature or the 'SequentialPaste' as a workaround, both are still not a good solution to the problem. Merging requires forethought that you might want to paste many things together so you have to remember to press the shortcut. I believe most people will not remember to do this. The sequential paste is okay, but if you want to paste clipboards with stuffs in between, it quickly falls apart. I've seen ideas thrown around too for multi-selection by pressing shift, or having a buffer for clipboard, both of which seems fine for me. Preview: I know that there's a preview-like functionality at the right side of the clipboard manager but it's small, can't be resized, and un-actionable. This is especially important for images and other files. There are many ways this can be solved but I don't know which one is the easiest. You could just press shift or spacebar to preview. You could implement the file action by pressing the right arrow key. You could at least allow us to press command+enter to open in finder. These are the only two gripes I have with the clipboard manager. Otherwise, it would be close to perfect. I see these issues brought up many times over the years without any good fruition so I don't have high hope this is gonna be different. Just want to be another customer voice to say how I think the product could be improved.
  2. Hello there, I'm using Ditto on windows, and one "feature" that I love about it is that, basically, as long as clipboard history is opened, pressing the hotkey again selects the next item in the list instead, like in Alfred, closing the overlay. Ditto: Ctrl+Shift+V - Clipboard History opens Ctrl+Shift+V - item #2 is selected, equivalent to down arrow Ctrl+Shift+V - item #3 is selected, equivalent to down arrow Alfred: Ctrl+Shift+V - Clipboard History opens Ctrl+Shift+V - Clipboard History closes Ctrl+Shift+V - Clipboard History opens Would it be possible to add a checkbox to change hotkey behaviour that way? Thank you.
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