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Found 6 results

  1. I'd like to create a workflow that I can trigger from a selection the clipboard history viewer. Here's what I've tried: I've set up a workflow using a Hotkey trigger with the argument set to macOS Clipboard Contents, but that is using the contents of the system clipboard, not the selection in the clipboard history viewer. I've used {clipboard} in a Copy to Clipboard output, but that will only use the last item that was copied into the history. I see that I can use {clipboard:x} to target a particular entry in the clipboard viewer, but I'm not sure how to pass in the currently selected item as an argument. Is there any way to reference the currently selected item in the clipboard history viewer from within a workflow?
  2. Clipboard History OCR for Alfred Make images in Alfred's clipboard history searchable by their text content. This post might be outdated: up-to-date readme. Download the latest release. Alfred's clipboard history includes images too. However, there's no way to search through them. For example, in the screenshots below, are two images in the clipboard history, but the only "searchable" information about them is dimensions and size. This tool runs OCR every time an image is copied to clipboard, and makes the image searchable using that text. Setup Download the latest release.Type .clipboard-history-ocr-installDone! Uninstall Run .clipboard-history-ocr-uninstall in Alfred.Delete the workflow from Alfred. Credits Tesseract OCRMac dilyb bundlerIcon made by combining icons from flaticon by Pixel Perfect and Dimitry Miroliubov.
  3. Sometimes, I want to see the picture clearly, it would be nice if it can support zooming in, or for example ⇧ to preview the image
  4. I have a workflow where I copy 6 different lines of text and then paste them into 6 different browser fields. I am trying to write an Alfred workflow using Applescript to do this for me automatically. Therefore I need to copy the six different lines of text, invoke the workflow, so that it: Invokes the Alfred clipboard history viewer. Paste the sixth entry. Tabs to the next field. Repeats.... I have this script so far which invokes the Alfred clipboard history viewer, but the next "System Events" line in which command-6 keyboard shortcut is executed still targets the browser....and not the Alfred clipboard history viewer prompt window: tell application "System Events" keystroke "v" using {command down, option down} end tell tell application "System Events" keystroke "6" using {command down} end tell I tried targeting the app itself "Alfred 4" like below, but it does nothing: tell application "System Events" keystroke "v" using {command down, option down} end tell tell application "System Events" tell application "Alfred 4" to activate keystroke "6" using {command down} end tell Can someone help? Thank you!
  5. I think that it would very useful to have a glance of your recent search history at once and if needed, then for example press the spacebar to show/hide the preview pane. Also it would be nice to be able to resize the history window to see more/less content at once. I think the UI of Copied is very nice and useful since you can change the amount of clips to be shown.
  6. Back in the day there was a clipboard app called Flycut/Jumpcut. When you pressed the hotkeys to bring up the interface, you needed to hold the modifier keys, select which clip you wanted to paste, and then let go of the modifier keys to paste the clip into the active application. So basically, you would: hold cmd+shift then tap v while still holding cmd+shift, use arrow keys to scroll through clips when you have the clip you want to paste selected, let go of cmd+shift the content is pasted into the frontmost application With Alfred, when you press the modifier keys (in my case cmd+shift+v, it brings up the Clipboard viewer, but you have to let go of the modifier keys before you can use the arrow keys to navigate through the clips. And when you arrive on the clip, you have to press return to paste. Is there a way to make Alfred behave like Flycut/Jumpcut as described above?
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