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Found 1 result

  1. 1. Are both your Mac and iOS device on the same wifi network? (Include IP addresses, subnet and router address listed on both devices) YES, both are on the same wifi network: MacBook 10:5:12:240, subnet 255:255:0:0 Router IP 10:5:5:1 Iphone 6s: 10:4:13:53 subnet 255:255:0:9, Router 10:5:5:1 2. What kind of network is it? (home, office, university, etc?) Guest wifi in hotel, but with individual account 3. Did you try restarting both your Mac and iOS device? Yes many times 4. When you go to the "Add iOS Remote" step on your Mac, can your iOS device see the Mac at all? No, not at all Both MacBook and Iphone just say looking to connect for hours 5. Are you running anything that could block connections? (i.e. Little Snitch, NetBarrier, firewall settings on your Mac or network) Not to my best understanding I'm on mac OS Sierra 10.12.1 It is a Retina mid 2012 Alfred Version 3.2, Iphone is Iphone 6s IOS 10.1.1 and Alfred Remote 1.1
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