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Found 9 results

  1. hi. a shameless fork of Alfred AirPods Connector (https://github.com/mariuskiessling/alfred-airpods-connector). i had to change the icons, really, i had to. also i like to have different keywords for connecting and disconnecting, so here we go. Doc, screenshots, releases on GitHub: https://github.com/godbout/alfred-airpods-connector Release on Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/alfred-airpods-pro-connector enjoy! ☀️
  2. I am using Alfred version 2 on my new Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display. I am using the latest version of iPhone, which is iPhone 6. I am using the latest operating system on my MacBook Pro. I am using iOS version 9. I was unable to connect my computer with my iPhone with the Alfred apps on each one. I tried it using Bonjour connecting on the same wifi network. The firewall on my Mac is off. I also tried connecting using the static IP address on the Remote preference window in Alfred and the port shown on that page. When I try to connect, the Alfred app on my iPhone does show the name of my Mac computer, but it is never able to connect, neither through the wifi network nor through Direct Connect. I tried turning off and restarting both my MacBook Pro and my iPhone, but it did not make a difference.
  3. Hi, I've tried this very new Alfred remote thing. It makes me excited. But I currently found that I could only connect via "direct" I've done the suggested steps, checking the network, no firewall running, restarting both devices. I am able to connect using "direct", but my IP addresses are not static (an office Wi-Fi network). I do observe that the "Router" address of my MAC and my phone are not the same. Here are my answers to the troubleshooting questions. 1. Same Network? Mac: IPv4 : Subnet Mask : Router : Iphone: IP: Subnet Mask : Router : (different here!) 2. Network Type? University 3. Restart? Yes, both. 4. Can you IOS see your MAC? No, keep saying "finding Alfred" 5. Anything blocking network? No, firewall not on, nothing else I installed myself does that. Best, Hector
  4. Hi All, I've never managed to get the Remote app working on my iPhone 5s or my iPad Mini Retina. Both are now running iOS8.2. My MacBook Pro is running Yosemite 10.10.2 I've looked through all the tips, troubleshooting and stuff on the forum here but nothing has worked for me so far When I get Alfred app server started and looking for remotes, the searching iOS Remote app picks up my Mac and shows the name of it on the iOS device screen. But then the connection never gets any further. This happens on both my iOS devices. Sometimes it just sticks there and nothing else happens, sometimes the iOS Remote app just crashes repeatedly. If I use direct connect it works over either wifi or wired network interfaces on the Mac but as soon as the IP changes it stops working and the auto connect still doesn't work Things I've tried Rebooting all the devices, Mac, IPad, IPhone, Router, multiple times Disconnecting all other wireless devices and just having the Mac and the IPad or IPhone Changing the port of the Alfred remote server Disabling the OS X Firewall + have checked that Alfred is allowed through it even when its on Reinstalling the iOS app I even had to start my IPhone from a clean install (no backup data) so everything on there is fresh - made no difference Tried added a new user on my Mac My Network setup is a BT Home Hub 5, my Mac has wired and wireless connections to it. I don't believe wireless isolation is on. Any thoughts? --- Update --- The direct connection has stopped working now after rebooting my Mac. The IP hasn't changed but neither device can connect anymore. Manually doing another direct connect on the same host IP worked but thats a pain in the ass.
  5. Instead of forcing an iPhone to be connected to the same wifi network to have Alfred Remote functionality, it would be nice if it could instead connect by bluetooth pairing. Has this feature been requested before?
  6. 1. Are both your Mac and iOS device on the same wifi network? (Include IP addresses of both devices) Macbook Pro (10.10.2) - IP: Submask: Router: Ipad Air 2: IP: Submask: Router: 2. What kind of network is it? (home, office, university, etc?) Home 3. Did you try restarting both your Mac and iOS device? Several full restarts of both Macbook and Ipad 4. When you go to the "Add iOS Remote" step on your Mac, can your iOS device see the Mac at all? No not at all, just has my router name and keeps searching 5. Are you running anything that could block connections? (i.e. Little Snitch, NetBarrier, firewall settings on your Mac or network) No firewall running and have Little Snitch running with Alfred allowed and have turn it off but still refuses to connect. Never managed to get it connected using either the automatic or a direct connection. Can anyone help ?
  7. Hi I used Alfred Remote with a MacBook Air and then replaced it with a MacBook Pro. I could successfully connect to the new Computer but I cannot remove the old, not in use MacBook Air from the list of Connections. Any ideas on how to do that?
  8. All of my workflows that are requesting data from external resources don't get response. I think there is nothing wrong with the workflows, since their authors confirm that they're working. Workflows tested are: caniuse v1.3 (https://github.com/willfarrell/alfred-workflows#caniuse-download) Fahrplan (https://github.com/josefweibel/Public-Transport-Timetable-Alfred-Workflow | http://www.josefweibel.ch/alfred/fahrplan/) Leo Dictionary (https://github.com/psistorm/alfredapp) openthesaurus (https://github.com/widmr/workflows/tree/master/openthesaurus) Package Managers v1.25 (https://github.com/willfarrell/alfred-workflows#package-managers-download) At the time of writing, I redownloaded the latest version from all of them. When I type the shortcut for one of the workflows, for a very short time there's a loading indication ("Updating database...", "Retrieving data from..." or similar) but as soon as I'm typing my request it stops and looks like this: Is it possible to get an error log or something which could help me understand what's going on? Or does somebody has another clue? - Alfred v2.3 (264) - Mac OS X 10.9.3
  9. When dragging objects, the workflow editor scrolls when the dragged object is at the extents of the window. Connections should behave the same way. Especially a problem with large and complex workflows Alfred v2.0.3 (187) on OS X 10.8.3. Replicated: yes
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