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Found 11 results

  1. I was unhappy with the Alfred support for Continuity/Handoff calling via iPhone so I created this. It integrates with contacts. Use commands call [contact name or arbitrary number] and sms [contact name or arbitrary number] to make it work. 'im' is an alias of 'sms'. New in version 2 Faster than before Supports entering in numeric numbers also Now has primitive error checking. You should see the Facetime application pop up less. More hack-able FIXED: If Contacts isn't open when the command is invoked it will now close itself afterward
  2. Hi ! I've looked through the forum and there's a lot about displaying contacts, but unfortunately I'm not sure it answers my question: I would like to search only in contacts but in any field of contact cards. I specify in all my contacts their skills (I work with a lot of Freelancers). Currently I use Alfred2 with contact and it works if I type 3 letters of a first or last name, but not if I type 'Motion' to find a motion designer whose name I can't recall. Can you help me, please
  3. It looks like there might be a bug impacting file filter searches for AddressBook files in Alfred 4. I’ve used this file filter since I started using Alfred, and just noticed that it no longer works in Alfred 4. In the screenshot below, you’ll find its settings: Side Note: I’ve always preferred using a file filter (keyword, more specifically) when searching for contacts because I don’t like seeing them in Alfred’s default or file search modes. To be clear, if I go back to Alfred 4’s settings - either its default or file searc
  4. Hey! My workflow parses query result from web request to internal database of employees to quickly find the right person. Thing is I want to output person like a contact - to quickly compose mail or message or call that person, based on retrieved info. 1. So I get query result from api, Like this: 2. Then when I press enter on the right result I want to get full contact info (same as default contacts search in alfred) Like this: Script Search filter only allow to specify file or default in json. What can I
  5. Contacts Feature: I would like to copy both the person's name AND their address from Contacts. Currently you have the option to copy the person's name to the Clipboard and another option to copy the address to the Clipboard, but not both... I cannot seem to get the Clipboard merge to work to combine both the name and address, but even if I got that to work, I'm having to re-initiate Alfred a second time which is cumbersome. Thanks! Love Alfred 2.0! Stan
  6. Is there a way of setting up Alfred so that when I do a search for a contact using Alfred, that I can actually open the contact in the Contacts app? It currently give me the option to open it in Alfred, but I'd like the option to open the contact in the actual Contacts app. Thank you in advance! -Jim
  7. Hi smart people, When I search and find contact in Alfred (v3.7), it launches Contacts instead of showing it in Alfred like it used to. I'm running 10.14.1 (Mojave), and have Accessibility, Contacts and Full Disk Access checked/allowed in Privacy under Security & Privacy. Within Alfred, "Open Contacts in Alfred" is checked under Contacts and Default Results. Any help in resolving this will be appreciated! Thanks!
  8. Hi guys, is there any way to only search for contacts if you for instance type "c" first (or any prefix). Like "c john smith" would give me the contact viewer with john smith, while just "john smith" would simply launch the browser/search engine? (I don't want to enable "contacts" in default search results, because it would clog up the results, but I would also like the built-in contacts handlers).
  9. I'd like to be able to call a contact via Skype. I see how I can pass the number to a URL, but how do I get the number in there. The URI scheme is skype:<number to call>?call How do I pass in the contact's number? What is the name of the parameter/variable. I searched the docs but didn't see anything.
  10. Please somebody HELP !! I desperately need these workflows and I can't find them anywhere : A workflow to search my GMAIL CONTACTS (yeah so it opens online) A workflow to search Mac OSX NOTES A workflow to search my online Google DRIVE I am no good at scripting anything other than a sheetmusic, so pleasssse I need your help, oh great great alfred gurus BabaOo
  11. Is there a way to search the address book and perform an action on an entries phone number? I'm looking at doing a workflow to connect to my phone so it's easy to call numbers. I'm content on working out what to do if I need to enter a number manually but would also like to be able to do something like: 1. Enter "call Adam" 2. Alfred returns matching names 3. Hit enter on right name 4. Alfred returns all numbers 5. Hit enter > script kicks in to send to phone. I know we can already search the address book natively. I don't know if we can add actions to that to kick in a scri
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