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Found 7 results

  1. Hey all, I have a csv file with the next columns: 'site_id' , 'site_name' & 'url', I want to be able to write a site name or part of it in the search box and when i find my desired site it will open the url in chrome/safari. Thanks for whoever helps me with this.
  2. # Download https://github.com/yellowsoar/alfred_web_search_with_fuzzy_list/releases/latest # Usage Detail: https://github.com/yellowsoar/alfred_web_search_with_fuzzy_list#usage ## Single csv mode ## Multi csv mode # Credits fuzzylist by@dfay alfred-fuzzy by @deanishe
  3. Since it's possible to drag and drop a CSV file to batch import into a List Filter, it would also be useful to export the contents of a List Filter to CSV. I currently maintain spreadsheets of options that I update from time to time and then convert those spreadsheets to CSV to import into List Filters, and getting the data out that I've previously added would be very helpful. If export itself isn't feasible, allowing me to select and then copy rows in the List Filter to the clipboard in a table-compatible format would be sufficient.
  4. Hello everyone! I have a document with name link.csv, which is on the desktop, /Users/.../Desktop/links.csv There are some links in the document: https://www.google.com https://www.alexa.com https://www.facebook.com https://wikipedia.org https://www.youtube.com https://github.com etc 1.How can I open all links from csv. with Alfred? 2.How can I open first 5 links? 3. How can I delete first 5 links? Any help will be appreciated!
  5. I know that you can create a workflow list from a CSV file; but is there a way to extract a workflow lists to a CSV file? I would like to do this for several reasons. Thanks...
  6. Hello, I managed to get a list of Excel functions with their translations in 15 languages I train people on spreadsheet usage in several languages, so I sometimes have to find the translated version of a function. My idea would be to have a workflow which would: 1. Display the full list of functions with their description 2. Display the translation for a given function in a user selected language 3. Copy the translation to the clipboard Of course, I have no idea on how to do that. I have a csv with all the data here. And I looked up the format Alfred works with, which is XML. It should look like this: <items> <item uid="function" arg="https://support.office.com/en-us/article/ABS-function-3420200f-5628-4e8c-99da-c99d7c87713c" valid="yes" autocomplete="ABS"> <title>ABS</title> <subtitle>Math and trigonometry: Returns the absolute value of a number</subtitle> <subtitle mod="cmd">Translation in user selected language</subtitle> <text type="copy">Translation copied in clipboard</text> </item> <item uid="function" arg="https://support.office.com/en-us/article/ACCRINT-function-fe45d089-6722-4fb3-9379-e1f911d8dc74" valid="yes" autocomplete="ACCRINT"> <title>ACCRINT</title> <subtitle>Financial: Returns the accrued interest for a security that pays periodic interest</subtitle> <subtitle mod="cmd">Translation in user selected language</subtitle> <text type="copy">Translation copied in clipboard</text> </item> </items> I used the workflow template to test this simple schema, but the link doesn't work. I didn't have much hope though, I have no relevant expertise. If someone wants to give it a go, I send you all my gratitude in advance. Thanks!
  7. Hi, I have a huge .csv file with two values per row value x, value y Is there a simple way I can create a workflow that lets me input value x and output value y to the clipboard?
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