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Found 24 results

  1. Hi, I'm trying to use the custom search for the broadcom techdocs, I managed to find the search url and added the query and %20 for space as seen here: https://techdocs.broadcom.com/us/en/ca-enterprise-software/layer7-api-management/api-gateway/10-1/search.html?q={query}&page=1. However, when I add this to my search it will either search for something that I previously searched not using alfred or if I haven't searched anything it'll just revert to null. I have removed the &page=1 and that hasn't helped either. It seems like it's redirected somehow. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Folks, Perhaps I have misunderstood custom searches but I have not been able to add Startpage as a search engine at Preferences > Features > Web Search using the Startpage query string. Suggestions gratefully received. Ref.: <https://www.startpage.com/> Thanks, LTM
  3. I've set up a custom web search as follows: But it's not triggering when I type the keyword: I'm sure I'm doing something stupid, but I can't work out what it might be.
  4. Hi, is it possible to have a default fallback for {query}? so if left empty it will use the default example: https://stackoverflow.com/search?q={query:myfavoritesearch} so if in Alfred I type "so", I can just press enter and it will use 'myfavoritesearch' instead of waiting for the {query} letters Great app, thank you very much
  5. Hello, trying to create custom search - works well using Encode input as UTF8, until I use word with diacritic. Site where I'm searching creating url from query, like site.com/files/{query} - so final link look's for example like site.com/files/àä (but i need site.com/files/aa). Any sugestion? Thanks
  6. I use the feature of adding custom urls to alfred many times a day.. to the point where I would really like to do it as a hotkey. This is what I do manually 1. hit my alfred launch hot key <kbd>⌘</kbd> 2. hit bottom key 3 times to go to web search 3. click on add custom search button 4. fill in the details of the page 5. use mouse to click on save Is it possible to have an alfred hot key that simply launches a prompt where i enter simply the url and the keyword.. click on enter and that's it! if not possible is at least possible to have a hot key to launch the last screen where i immediatly add a new custom search?
  7. I have 2 custom web searches for google drive "gd" and "gdu" where "gdu" has a {query} in the url keyword search url gd https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/my-drive gdu 2 https://drive.google.com/drive/u/{query}/my-drive They both work as expected alone. but when they are both enabled the "Enter" choice is always the most previous one that was used. Meaning if the last one I used was gdu 2 (which worked) When I type in the second one "gd"it completes to gdu and waits for the query input even though it has the EXACT query. CASE Types in "gd" first option provided is: gdu second option provided: gd Presses enter: typed in text changes to "gdu" pressing enter with "gd" autocompletes to "gdu" and waits for input. Question: Is there a way for exact matches to populate the FIRST result in Alfred?? What I want no matter what the previous query was. CASE Types in "gd" Executes Just starting with Alfred (Launchers in general, other than spotlight) and I'm really liking it.
  8. I'm a heavy user of the custom search of alfred.. however many of my custom searches are based on the same domain ie domain.com/custom_search_1 domain.com/custom_search_2 .. domain.com/custom_search_n sometimes my domain changes.. ie to another_domain.com/custom_search_1 another_domain/custom_search_2 .. another_domain/custom_search_n but everything else stays intact.. can i possibly mass change them on alfred? (i've tried something like this before with chrome with mixed results, see http://superuser.com/questions/1131603/how-to-mass-change-chrome-custom-search-engines/1133530#1133530). with google chrome the search engines are stores in a .sqlite file, which I can simply change by using sql queries.. i'm hoping alfred stores their custom searches in a database file or something i can edit externally.
  9. Hi, I have a custom search for ixquick / startpage (https://ixquick.com), but I can't figure out how to add another custom search that will search for images on startpage. In the "normal" search the URL ends with "&query={query}", but I don't know how to tell startpage to search only for images.
  10. Hello, I am trying to understand how to identify the search URL of any website in order to create a custom search. I am trying to do a custom search on the university's library website http://www.usherbrooke.ca/biblio/ Could someone indicate me how to proceed ? Thank you
  11. 1) my custom searches don't work. if I type the keyword for the custom search that'll bring me to the right URL but if I type the keyword and then the search word, Google pops up. 2) how do I remove custom searches?
  12. Hi there. Trying to make a Custom Web Search for mrqe.com. Here's what I've done: Did a test mrqe.com search for "Mission Impossible" which yields the following URL: http://www.mrqe.com/movie_reviews/mission-impossible-m100008102 Substituted {query} for "mission-impossible-m100008102:"http://www.mrqe.com/movie_reviews/{query} Sadly, however, this search URL doesn't work. Does anyone have any ideas? Many thanks! ​
  13. I'm trying to make a custom web search for the Wayback Machine. The query looks like this https://web.archive.org/web/*/{query} where {query} is a full URL from the clipboard. The problem is that Alfred changes the special characters into %2F and such so that the resulting search URL looks like: https://web.archive.org/web/*/http%3A%2F%2Fexamplecom%2F Is this solvable, or will I need a workflow of some sort?
  14. Hi, Alfred seems to want to encode '#' in my custom search, which makes it fail. I obviously want the url to be as entered, and disable the automatic encoding. Example: h t t p : / / s e a r c h . m a v e n . o r g / # s e a r c h | g a | 1 | { q u e r y }
  15. For some reason, umlauts in URLs in the open url action or the custom search don't work. This is how it looks: http://cl.ly/image/2s250P2m2u1i This is the URL I try to use: http://www.booklooker.de/Bücher/Angebote/titel={query} Am I doing anything wrong or have I encountered a possible bug here? Any help is appreciated. The version of Alfred 2 I'm using is v2.1.1 (227)
  16. Trying to set up a custom search for an online repository I run into the problem that Alfred doesn't seem to accept pipes in search URIs. The URI I am trying to set up is http://search.maven.org/#search|ga|1|{query} As soon as I remove the part with the pipes it get's accepted but that of course doesn't work as it doesn't trigger the right search in the browser. That the URI in general works can be seen by following this link.
  17. I tried to create a custom search using this URL : catalogue.bibliothequesdequebec.qc.ca/uhtbin/cgisirsi.exe/x/0/0/57/5?searchdata1={query}&srchfield1=GENERAL^SUBJECT^GENERAL^^Mots/expression&searchoper1=&thesaurus1=GENERAL&search_entries1=GENERAL&search_type1=SUBJECT&special_proc1=Mots/expression&library=ALL&match_on=KEYWORD&user_id=WEBSERVER but when i try to use it, it does nothing. When I use this address replacing the {query} in my browser, it works. Is there something not correct in this URL? Thank you for your help.
  18. Hi, I've just gotten the Powerpack but the "Add Custom Search" feature still doesn't appear to work. Nothing happens when I click on the "Add Custom Search"-Button that is located under the table with the inbuilt search functions in the "Web Search" Panel. Do other users also experience this problem? My version is v2.0.4(199) Help would be much appreciated! Cheers, Tobi
  19. Hi, What you were doing when the issue happenedTrying to add a custom search. Nothing happened after couple tries. No pop-up, no form field, nothing. Tried to edit existing custom search - nothing happening either. Whether you were able to replicate it a second time by performing the same actionYup. Also restarted Alfred couple times with no effect. Include any screenshots that might help us- Include the Alfred version & build number you are usingv2.0.4 (199) Include your OS X version 10.6.8 Wish I could provide any further details. Cheers // edit: reboot didn't help either
  20. I know this is very basic, but I am trying to solve a simple problem. I also don't code. I'm just trying to use tweetbot's URL scheme to create a new tweet in tweetbot with a custom search. I'm using this URL: tweetbot://<screenname>/post?text={query} Encode query using UTF8 is checked. It functions but it places the tweetbot window at the bottom the bottom my tweetbot timeline. I'm guessing this is how tweetbot issue, but i'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions. Thanks! Michael
  21. I'd like to make a Custom Search for www.peekyou.com but there needs to be an underscore between words. I have no idea how to do this. Can somebody help?
  22. Hi all, I created some Custom Search in Features/Web Search adding {query} to url in order to perform searches on "not included" websites. That's great! The point is it works perfectly but it should be awesome if you could use these Custom Web Searches in Workflows. Right now, creating a Workflow with Action/Default Web Search you can only select default Alfred Web Search within the dropdown menu, no way to have mine included If it was possible to customize web searches even in Workflows we could perform searches on several selected websites at time with only one input! Any suggestion? Thanks guys, Cheers!
  23. Hi, I have a few Google Translate custom search URLs in Alfred and they don't work (2.0 and 2.01 as well). I figured that it was because of the pipes in it: http://translate.google.com/#auto|en|{query} http://translate.google.com/#auto|fr|{query} Thanks for your work!
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