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  1. Hi everyone! I've published some themes I created for the first time. Hope that some of you like and use them You can find them on GitHub: Solarized Dark or install from alfredapp.com Neon Carnation or install from alfredapp.com Neon Dark or install from alfredapp.com A Scanner Darkly or install from alfredapp.com Solarized Dark Neon Carnation Neon Dark A Scanner Darkly Cheers!
  2. Superoutman

    SmallX v4

    hope you like it SmallX v4 - Download
  3. Hey guys! I've been trying different Alfred Themes in Light and Dark mode and recently decided to create my own and share with the community. You can check them out here below. Your feedbacks will be very much appreciated. ๐Ÿ™‚ Download links: MK Simply Dark 2021 MK Simply Light 2021
  4. Hi! I want to share a theme I made, it's not particularly original, but it better suits my taste Spacious Spacious Dark
  5. Just wanted to make a super clean dark theme. Enjoy!
  6. marlon

    Flamingo Theme

    This was 80's inspired. Super clean! Can download here. Dark Light
  7. marlon

    Hey Theme

    I wanted to try my hand at a Hey Theme. There are both light and dark modes. For Downloads -> Followthis link DARK MODE: LIGHT MODE:
  8. August 2020 edit: I'm now working on a Big Sur edition of this theme collection! To get a native look and feel, we will need one more option from Alfred's theming engine: Round corners for the highlighted search result ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm making this case in this tweet, please RT/Like if you'd like to see this happen: https://twitter.com/AlexMartinFR/status/1292051533903863809?s=20 Thanks ๐Ÿ™ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone, Here is a full collection of themes to embrace macOS Mojave's new Dark and Light themes and their respective accent colors! Each one hase been carefully designed with a pinch of the accent color's hue in each element. I've chosen to respect the low contrast Yellow Accent color shipped by Apple in macOS, despite not being fond of it. It comes in Blue, Purple, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green & Gray, each with a Dark and Light variant. You can have the color you want, as long as it's not black! There is now a workflow made for this themes collection, which allows you to switch easily between Dark & Light mode, and select your Alfred theme's accent color. Here is a quick demo: TL;DR: How to Install ? You can find all the previews in High Res and link to each theme on Alfred's website on my repo: https://github.com/AlexMartinFR/mojave-alfred-accented-themes Enjoy
  9. Yet another dark theme for alfred 4 url: https://www.alfredapp.com/extras/theme/dSHMQPwXzA/
  10. Light Theme Dark Theme BTW, is it possible to make the selected item background as round corners? THX.
  11. pmullins

    Arkham Dark

    Arkham Dark is a new theme I created based in part on the terminal colors in System76's Pop!_OS Linux distribution. Hope you like it! ๐Ÿ˜ GitHub Link: Download
  12. DOWNLOAD: Yosemite GUI Mode Toggle Workflow With either a shortcut or hotkey you can toggle between normal and dark mode in Yosemite AND thanks to the recent Alfred update, the Alfred Theme! To make the workflow universal this switches between the Yosemite themes included with Alfred 2. To change to your own "Normal" and "Dark" Alfred themes, be sure to modify the script lines accordingly: For Normal Mode change the name: tell application "Alfred 2" to set theme "OS X Yosemite" For Dark Mode change the name: tell application "Alfred 2" to set theme "OS X Yosemite Dark"
  13. Just wanted a really clean, minimal black theme with no branding, easy to see, and very functional. Hope someone finds it useful. Link
  14. My first Alfred theme, based on my favourite Emacs subtle-hacker style. Link to alfredapp: https://www.alfredapp.com/extras/theme/EGSdM3EeI8/ Link to GitHub: https://github.com/vookimedlo/alfred-subtle-hacker-theme ---------------------------------------- Alfred Subtle-Hacker Theme Alfred Subtle-Hacker Theme is based on the Emacs subtle-hacker theme. Download and double click on Alfred Subtle-Hacker.alfredappearance. The theme will automatically be imported for you.
  15. https://www.alfredapp.com/extras/theme/uCWs982ffv/ Dark theme inspired by the art by Simon Stรฅlenhag.
  16. Hey! A long time ago I made a theme for an Alfred contest and I called it Elegant you can see the first version here: After a few years I continued using this theme with modifications and now I'd like to share it with you all. The Elegant v5 - 2017 theme. Elegant Light v5 Elegant Dark v5 You can download them here: Download Light Theme Download Dark Theme Hope you like them!
  17. A minimal and sleek theme heavily inspired by the colour palette of Atom One Dark UI. For a light variant, check out this theme. Download V1: Here I hope you enjoy using it, I find it quite soothing to use and works wonderfully with the dark menubar on macOS.
  18. My first theme, inspired by Material Design's Cool Gray palette. Follows all M.D. guidelines (padding, corner radius size, etc.) For the complete experience, download and install the Roboto font and use/change it on the theme! Roboto Condensed is used for the Result Subtext and Shortcuts. Download: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jaminroe/Alfred-Themes/master/Material Design (Dark) v3.alfredappearance
  19. Hey, I would love to share my own Alfred Theme called "macOS Dark Theme". It's lightly inspired in spotlight and also have beautiful purple alfred-like details on selector. I hope you have a great time using it! You can download it here
  20. Alfred V2 Theme "Dark Mode(RED)" enjoy Download
  21. joewilliams998


    I made a theme with slight transparency, designed to be unobtrusive but visible over light or dark backgrounds. Here's the download link: http://is.gd/GZfmDU
  22. akmur

    Late at night

    Hello, I recently got into Alfred, and I'm loving it so far. I have created my first theme which you might find easy on the eyes just like I did, I hope you like it. It's got a slight transparency and dark colors. Get it here! http://is.gd/a2Az2l
  23. This theme is entirely compliant with Ethan Schoonover's Solarized specification. While some themes may incorrectly use accent colors to highlight each result, this theme uses the base 02 highlight color to highlight results, Green for the top result, Yellow for the enter key, and Red for the result shortcuts. The familiar traffic light colors are comforting and reminiscent of those in OS X itself. Correct usage of the highlight colors ensures full compatibility with the original intentions of Ethan Schoonover and Menlo as the font emphasizes that Solarized was originally intended for code and designed with monospace fonts in mind. Find this theme on Packal
  24. ayblu

    Yosemite Dark+

    A theme to better mimic Yosemite's transparency and colors edit: updated link http://d.pr/f/DUym/57V5zYQL
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