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Found 5 results

  1. Fakeum Generate fake test data in Alfred for testing. Download Get the workflow from GitHub. Usage fake [<query>] — List/filter available fake data types ↩, ⌘+C or ⌘+NUM — Copy one fake datum to clipboard ⌘+↩ — Paste fake datum into frontmost app ⇥ — Specify number of datasets to copy to clipboard ⌘+L — Show generated data in Alfred's Large Text window fakeconfig [<query>] — Activate and deactivate locales for fake data ↩ — Toggle selected locale on or off If you specify multiple data, e.g. fake Name 〉 10 for 10 names, the data will be separated by newlines (\n). In the case of Paragraph and Address types, the data will be separated by two newlines (\n\n). Supported data types and locales See the GitHub page for details.
  2. Is there any way to open the clipboard.alfdb in any terminal program so that I can remove sensitive data and replace it with something like "PASSWORDREMOVED" without corrupting the data file? Is it in any certain data format? Like if it was SQLite I could make the changes through there I know you can do function-backspace to remove entries from the clipboard, however, i just want to remove the sensitive data not the whole line from the clipboard. Thank you, Jared https://jared.nyc https://devopschat.co
  3. All of my workflows that are requesting data from external resources don't get response. I think there is nothing wrong with the workflows, since their authors confirm that they're working. Workflows tested are: caniuse v1.3 (https://github.com/willfarrell/alfred-workflows#caniuse-download) Fahrplan (https://github.com/josefweibel/Public-Transport-Timetable-Alfred-Workflow | http://www.josefweibel.ch/alfred/fahrplan/) Leo Dictionary (https://github.com/psistorm/alfredapp) openthesaurus (https://github.com/widmr/workflows/tree/master/openthesaurus) Package Managers v1.25 (https://github.com/willfarrell/alfred-workflows#package-managers-download) At the time of writing, I redownloaded the latest version from all of them. When I type the shortcut for one of the workflows, for a very short time there's a loading indication ("Updating database...", "Retrieving data from..." or similar) but as soon as I'm typing my request it stops and looks like this: Is it possible to get an error log or something which could help me understand what's going on? Or does somebody has another clue? - Alfred v2.3 (264) - Mac OS X 10.9.3
  4. Because of an unrelated problem, Apple had me switch to a newly created User account. Most data was transferred, but not my Home LIBRARY folder (where the undiscovered problem probably lay). Is there a file or folder I can transfer from my old and to my new User account, so that I do not have to recreate workflows, etc? I did "sync" to the Shared folder and double-clicked on that Preference file to open Alfred in the New account, but no workflows seem to have been transferred. (I also re-entered the (v 2) Powerpack Lic code. I have not been using Dropbox. Just created a DB account 10 minutes ago) I miss my Alfred!!! All help greatly appreciated! - Eliot Alfred v 2 PPack on a Macbook Pro running 10.9.2
  5. In file navigation, a preview/info panel is provided to give you a better idea about the selected file. It would be really cool to have a similar method for displaying workflow output. For example, a weather workflow could display a downloaded radar image in that space. A Wolfram|Alpha workflow could display images or text returned from the API. Even the native 'define' function would be more useful, as you wouldn't have to open Dictionary.app to see the entire definition. Thanks
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