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Found 2 results

  1. Generate relative dates based on a simple input format and your own date formatting parameters (there are some default placeholders you can delete). Supports multiple locales/languages. Downloading Get the workflow from GitHub. Keywords date — Generate a formatted date using the [input format][] ↩ — Copy date to clipboard ⌘+↩ — Copy date to clipboard and paste into frontmost app datehelp — Open the help file dateformats — View saved date formats ⌘+↩ — Delete date format dateadd — Add a new date format ↩ — Save the date format datereset — Reset the saved date formats to the defaults Input format (+/-)<NUM>(w|d|y) where w = week(s), d = day(s) and y = year(s) You needn't specify a sign: + is understood as the default, so +1d and 1d mean the same thing. Months are not supported, as it leads to ambiguity: what if today is the 31st, but the target month only has 30 days? Similarly, a year is naively defined as 365 days. Examples 0 = now = today — today's date 1d — 1 day from now 7d = 1w — 1 week from now -21d = -3w — 3 weeks ago Supported formats The Workflow includes a few defaults for the locales en_US, en_GB and de_DE. You can specify your own custom date formats using the formatting options listed at the below links, and you can also specify a language with the format lang=de or lang=de_DE if you want to use dates formatted for a language different to your system's. For a list of the formatting options, please see the GitHub page or the Packal page. Examples %d/%m/%Y — e.g. 21/01/2014 %A %B %d %Y — e.g. Wednesday March 12 2014 %A %d. %B %Y lang=de — e.g. Mittwoch 12. März 2014 Bug reports, feedback Report any issues or feature requests either on GitHub or in this thread. Licensing, thanks etc. This Workflow is released under the MIT Licence. It uses the docopt library.
  2. Is it possible to make a snippet that would have a date format such as: %Y-%m-%d in the snippet. For example, I'd like to make a snippet that would have embedded in the paragraph that expands, a date that would be today's date or maybe a date that would be 10 days from now. I tried to put '%Y-%m-%d' into the expanded sentence after the keyword is pressed but all that happened was %Y-%m-%d showed up in the middle of the sentence. So, is it possible to do this or perhaps not. It's not a "do or die" thing with me. Alfred is really looking great and to do this would really bring a smile to my face. Thanks for any help.
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