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Found 11 results

  1. Download Font Awesome Workflow Description You can incremental search for Font Awesome Icons and paste it to front most app. Screenshots (Animated GIF) for coding HTML/CSS for designing in Photoshop, Illustrator, etc Usage Keyword fa: Search through Font Awesome Icons. Enter: Paste class name (for coding HTML/CSS. e.g. fa-arrow-circle-o-right) Ctrl + Enter: Paste character reference (for designing in Photoshop, Illustrator, etc) Shift + Enter: Paste character code (e.g. f18e) Cmd + Enter: Open in browser (e.g. http://fontawesome.io/icon/arrow-circle-o-right) Download & Source Code https://github.com/ruedap/alfred2-font-awesome-workflow Feedback By far the best way to give me feedback is to submit an issue on GitHub. Thanks.
  2. Hello everyone. I tried to integrate thenounproject.com service. The main purpose of this workflow is a choice of the icon, by tags, and query words with the possibility get the preview right through the Alfred. So, you can choose some icons for your Alfred workflows and you can see how does it look like immediately. The main function of this workflow is preview icons (many icons), so I suggest flipping through the pages (by hit arrow buttons) instead of scrolling. For that, I limited count of the search result to 12. You can change this optionally (in Alfred preferences) depending on your count of visible result items in Alfred options. (I use 7) and each keystroke to up or down shows by 6 items. It's handy, I think. For use this workflow you will have to free register and get "KEY" and "SECRET" which required to fill into the configuration block of this Workflow. Install $ npm install --global alfred-icons Requires Node.js 7.6+ Usage In Alfred, type icons, Enter, and your query. Use [alt + enter] (⌥ + ↵) to go the collection of some icon in your search result. It's will be signed by this 🧰? And for any result, you can use [cmd + enter] (⌘ + ↵) to continue your search set using 'tags'. It returns you to collections relative with the selected tag. By clicking on the item you can free download (SVG or png) from the page of this awesome service. GitHub Thnx for your interest.
  3. If you often scale designs using the golden ratio, you are probably tired of copy/pasting from your calculator. Now, with the Golden Ratio Workflow, after selecting a number, a simple hotkey will paste that number multiplied or divided by 1.618, the golden ratio. cmd+opt+shift+G will multiply the number by 1.618 and paste the result. cmd+opt+G will divide by 1.618 and paste it. View it in action here: https://monosnap.com/direct/WY9O1oh71mMjGNfYL94kwazBxeHnoU Try it out for yourself here: http://www.kevnk.com/public/alfred/Golden-Ratio.alfredworkflow
  4. Quick reference for different standard paper formats and resolution sizes of different devices. For paper sizes, type paper, and you’ll see the available standards; all of them have different shortcuts which you can narrow down by starting to type the name of the format you want (so typing paperiso b3 will only show you the B3 size of the ISO 126 standard). For device resolutions, type resolution, and you’ll see the available devices. You can narrow them down by name. Paper sizes taken from wikipedia and resolution sizes from dpi.lv. Download | Source
  5. This simple, little workflow calculates the longer and shorter side of the golden ratio for any given number. Very handy for designers. Download Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/goldenratio GitHub: https://github.com/medienlampe/alfred2-goldenratio Usage Use the keyword 'gr' followed by an integer to get the corresponding shorter and longer side of the golden ratio which then can be selected and copied to the clipboard pressing 'Enter'. This is my first Alfred2 workflow ever – if you have any questions or feedback, please let me know! Pull requests are welcome. Changelog 2.0 adds gr+ and gr- to return the corresponding shorter or longer side in a golden ratio for the given value 1.1 Removed title line because it's not adding any value (thanks Florian!) Cleanup 1.0 First Release
  6. Hey, I would love to share my own Alfred Theme called "macOS Dark Theme". It's lightly inspired in spotlight and also have beautiful purple alfred-like details on selector. I hope you have a great time using it! You can download it here
  7. Yet another converter :-) Now for converting between Android's device-independent pixels and standard densities (like mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi, etc.) Download! also check out the UNIX file permissions converter!
  8. I use modifiers to jump around text, and often it's faster just to retype an Alfred query than to edit it at a specific point. I'm going super minimal with my theme, so I was wondering if I could get an option to hide the keyboard cursor.
  9. I created a workflow that allows you to find .sketch file extensions easier. I re-indexed and Alfred still was unable to find the files. http://d.pr/f/6Hu8
  10. Here's a theme and wallpaper I made: http://cl.ly/0R3m353h160m; http://cl.ly/image/2Q2L2m0L0B42 Enjoy!
  11. Here is the link ! What it looks like :
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