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Found 8 results

  1. Searching for a workflow to search via Alfred in DEVONsphere Express. Anyone?
  2. https://github.com/brunocbr/dtp-browser-workflow This is a workflow for quickly searching and accessing group records in DEVONthink databases. It also implements a "Move to DEVONthink" file action, copying a link to the clipboard. Use the SHIFT modifier to browse inside groups, and CMD to create a new subgroup. The workflow may be configured according to your needs and the structure of your databases (please take a look at the configuration by clicking the "Configure workflow and variables" icon at the top right of the workspace). Out of the box, it will search top-level groups in all databases. Updated in late 2019 to work with DEVONthink 3.
  3. Super simple workflow for interacting with DEVONthink. Use - `ds` to search DEVONthink - `dn` to create a new DEVONthink note Also defines a `Import To DEVONthink` file action to quickly add files from Alfred to the DEVONthink Inbox. (Very useful with the File Selection shortcut from Alfreds Features -> File Search -> Actions to instantly open the currently selected file in Alfred) Get it here: https://github.com/dvcrn/alfred-devonthink/releases This workflow will auto-update itself when a new version is available. If you don't want this, open the workflow and remove the "Auto Update" node. TODO: - Global hotkey to paste whatever is in the clipboard to DEVONthink If you have other cool ideas that would make DEVONthink with Alfred even more useful, please let me know
  4. Usage Type dnt + keywords to search in all opened databases. Type dnd to choose which datebase to search Press Enter, then type in keywords to search in the chosen database. Press ⌘Command + Enter to list all tags in the database, then choose a tag and press Enter to list all documents which have the tag. Type dnm + tag1, tag2, ... to list all documents which have these tags in all database. Tags inputed must be exact. For example, Tag aBcD can't be inputed as aBc or abcd After documents were listed, Press Enter to open the selected result with DEVONthink. Press ⌘Command + Enter to open with external editor. Press ⌥Option + Enter to reveal result in DEVONthink. You can download it from Github
  5. With the risk of reinventing the wheel, I created a Alfred workflow that move the selected items to a group from a list of predefined (and definable in the config!) groups. The options are: - setting a hotkey (optional) - setting the trigger command (default: dtm (as in devonthink move)) - create your own list of groups sorted in most used or fixed Try it, improve on it and let me know. If there are any questions just post a comment! Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8mv5bcwzj8qsach/DEVONthink move item.alfredworkflow?dl=0
  6. DEVONthink Document Search This workflow helps you to find your DEVONthink documents from within Alfred. It supports DEVONthink Personal as well as DEVONthink Pro (with multiple databases). Installation Download from GitHub and import into Alfred 2. Usage Keywords Search in all databases devon [your search string] Search in specific database devondb [your search string] Refresh DEVONthink datanase list The association between database names and uuids can only be obtained via AppleScript. This is done automatically if you run the "devondb" command for the first time. The information is then cached for better performance. If you add a new DEVONthink database later on, you'll have to run the "devondb!" command to refresh the database list. devondb!
  7. I've created a simple Alfred workflow using Applescript to invoke a Take Note menu command using Applescript. The command though jumps the screen to DEVONthink whereas I'd like the take note window to popup but in the location I'm at: The Applescript reads: on alfred_script(q) -- tell application "DEVONthink Pro" activate end tell tell application "System Events" tell process "DEVONthink Pro Office" click menu item "Take Note..." of menu "Tools" of menu bar 1 end tell end tell end alfred_script Might there be a better way to write this so it doesn't pop to DEVONthink but stays put or is that not possible.
  8. Hi! I've updated my alfred 1 action for searching in DEVONthink to fit the alfred 2 workflow scheme. Have fun with it: http://d.pr/f/4qfl Works like: dt SEARCHTERM Greetings, Maic (Nebelleuchte)
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