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  1. Word Search is an Alfred 2/3 workflow which exposes powerful word searching utilities. Ultimately, the workflow can be leveraged to widen your vocabulary and make you a better writer. Quick Reference syn [word] - Broadly searches for words related to a word/phrase. dsyn [word] - Searches for a word’s exact synonyms. ant [word] - Searches for a word’s antonyms. rhyme [word] - Searches a word’s rhymes. describing [word] - Searches for words that describe another word Usage Simply type in a command. Selecting a result will copy that word to your clipboard and automatically paste it in the front most app. Installation Simply download the latest .alfredworkflow file and double click it to import it to Alfred. Word Search will update on its own. Demonstration Searching for words that describe “dog” This forum doesn't like many images. If you want to see more screenshots, checkout the github page.
  2. Power Thesaurus Search for Alfred Search for synonyms and antonyms on Power Thesaurus from Alfred 4. Installation Get Power Thesaurus for Alfred from GitHub or Packal. Usage Primary commands: pows <word> — Search Power Thesaurus for synonyms of <word>. powa <word> — Search Power Thesaurus for antonyms of <word>. For both primary commands: ↩ or ⌘+NUM — Copy highlighted entry to the clipboard ⌘+L — Show full query in Alfred's Large Text window Results Resulting synonyms or antonyms will be sequentially listed according to user rating. Troubleshooting SSL Errors If you're having SSL issues, try temporarily disabling it by setting the workflow environment variable ALFRED_PT_SSL_VERIFICATION to False. This will bypass SSL verification as a workaround while waiting for the SSL certificate to be rectified. You can check Power Thesaurus's SSL certificate status here. Be sure to set it back to True when all's green. Other Errors For other errors, please open an issue describing how you got the error and together with the logs from Alfred > Workflows > Debugging Mode if possible. There's no proper error handling in place yet, so we'll have to troubleshoot things this way for now. Licensing and Acknowledgement This workflow is released under the MIT Licence. It is heavily based on deanishe's Alfred-Workflow, also MIT-licensed. By using this workflow, you acknowledge, understand and signify your agreement to Power Thesaurus Website's terms and conditions, and privacy statement.
  3. Hello, I use the dictionary feature a lot, and I think it would be great to have the option to view the full definition right in Alfred, instead of a single line which rarely ever provides useful insights. This makes me open the Dictionary app every time, which is very inefficient. This is the default Spotlight behavior (phrases using the word and etymology are also included, and it's really useful) and it works well. Lacona does this too. Thanks!
  4. Better Dictionaries Better search and live previews for built-in macOS dictionaries. This post might be outdated, link to up-to-date README Download the latest version: Better.Dictionaries.alfredworkflow Features IPA (phonetic) pronunciations: Press ⌘↩ to hear the pronunciation.In-Alfred live previews with colors that automatically adapt to Alfred's theme: Reverse search: More relevant search results: left: macOS/Alfred built-in search, right: BetterDict If one word has multiple, unrelated meanings with different origin, they are showed as diffrent entries (in the above example, see "arm" has two entries at the top)Import any compatible dictionary Setup After importing the workflow, first type .setup-better-dictionaries into Alfred and follow the instructions for granting permissions. Importing a Dictionary After setup, type .dict-import into Alfred. Select the dictionary you want to import. Dictionary-specific Keywords and Hotkeys After a dictionary is imported, a script filter and a hotkey trigger is automatically created into the workflow editor. Freshly-installed workflow without any imported dictionaries: Two hotkeys and keyword triggers each automatically added after importing two dictionaries. They come pre-labeled with dictionary names: This allows you to assign hotkeys and keywords for specific dictionaries. For example, below you can see how I have manually assigned keywords thesaurus and defn to the thesaurus and dictionary respectively. In addition, I can trigger the dictionary search using ⌃⌥⌘D. Word Lookup You can use the hotkeys/keywords created above for directly searhcing specific dictionaries. That's the recommended way for dictionaries that you use frequently. For the infrequently used dictionaries for which you haven't assigned any hotkeys/keywords, follow this: 1. Type lookup into Alfred. You'll see a list of all dictionaries imported into BetterDict. 2. Select the dictionary to search, and type the search query. Notes and Warnings [*]Importing a dictionary could take as much as 30 minutes on old machines or if there's significant CPU activity from other apps.[*]After each mac restart, for the first time when you run the workflow, expect a comparatively slower search. Subsequent searches should be instant.[*]This workflow takes a LOT of space on disk. Take a look at the comparison: # Built-in dictionaries Oxford Thesaurus: 7 MB Oxford Dictionary: 36 MB # After importing into BetterDict Oxford Thesaurus: 101 MB (html files) Oxford Dictionary: 442 MB (html files) Search index for two: 730 MB (apart from html) Known IssuesThe workflow doeesn't work if the theme is Alfred Classic. If you must use that theme, duplicate that theme and use the duplicated one.
  5. Dear all, I am a current student studying English literature and therefore using the native dictionary.app in a Mac is not enough. So I downloaded GoldenDict with OED equipped. I was trying to build a workflow which I hope will function exactly like the 'define {query}' feature in Alfred. Basically, I want to have the GoldenDict window come to front and give me the definition after typing the keyword 'gold' and hit [space] and then type my {query} in Alfred. I am learning to to build a workflow from scratch for my own so I don't have to come to bother you guys every time I have some issues but for now I am a pretty a layman in both automation and programming in general. So any advice or suggestion will be appreciated. Hope to be able to contribute to Alfred community some day. Thanks again. Lawrence
  6. Hey guys, I've created my very first workflow based on the NodeJS framework provided by @tungdang (http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/5488-alfred-workflow-nodejs/). It's a very simple german-english dictionary based on linguee.de. It features autocompletion, auto detection of the input language (german or english) and phrases. Installed NodeJS is a precondition Download link, description and source can be found here: https://github.com/zusatzstoff/linguee-alfred-workflow Feedback for improvement is appreciated
  7. I created a workflow to easily search and display for Japanese-English translations from Jisho.org. To download, visit https://github.com/janclarin/jisho-alfred-workflow and press the download button. Please let me know what you think! Packal link.
  8. I coded a little workflow for translation that is powered by dict.cc. I saw this workflow over here http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/8286-dictcc-translate-english-to-german/ and there was some demand for another one that works offline. So here it is: Features: Offline translation with dictionaries powered by dict.cc Highly flexible, integrate as many language packs as you want Easy to setup A little bit hidden features: Copy the translated word to the clipboard by actioning it Copy the word in the origin language to the clipboard by actioning it with cmd as modifier I tried to make the setup progress as simple as possible. Unfortunately you are not allowed to distribute the offline files, which are provided by dict.cc. But some of them are also very huge, so it is unexpedient too. You can see here how to configure this workflow: https://github.com/Kavakuo/Dict.cc-Alfred-Workflow#installation You can download the workflow from the Github Releases page or from packal.org: http://www.packal.org/workflow/dictcc-alfred Here it is in action:
  9. I'd like to integrate Alfred with a 3rd-party dictionary app. Is there any possible way that I can use the result of Alfred's built-in dictionary suggestion feature? I didn't see how Alfred implemented this since they do not expose built-in features. Or any other's work I can use? I don't want to do it from scratch by figure out how to deal with Apple's Dictionary Services.
  10. Translate between hundreds of languages with Glosbe.com. By default, the workflow is set up to translate between German and English: .ende English query — show German translations of English query. .deen German query — show English translations of German query. ENTER — copy selected translation to the clipboard. CMD+ENTER — open translation in browser. glosbehelp — open the included help file in your browser. glosbelang [query] — view and search supported languages. To use other language pairs, you will have to edit the workflow, either changing the included English <-> German Script Filters or adding your own using them as a template. For more information and to download the workflow, see the Packal page or grab it from GitHub.
  11. Alfred 3 workflow to a quick look at Longman dictionary and creating Anki cards (intelligent flashcards). The search, ldoce <query> for Longman Dictionary, uses Pearson's API to hunt for headwords and senses that match headword <query> The search, ldoce <query>, uses Pearson's API to hunt for headwords and senses that match headeword/<query>. 25 results are retrieved by default for headword search. This workflow searches from Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (5th edition)[ldoce5 - API]. And creates Anki cards by your choices (if an article of the current word in this API not existing audio examples the Alfred will create audio examples from Oddcast. [uses random voices: Julie, Kate, James] I created the video presentation (duration 4 minutes) which explain it better. Look at this in action if you are interested. Install: $ npm install --global alfred-ldoce Download and import the deck example for Anki to install template for this grabbing from ldoce API. Requires: Node.js 4+, Alfred Powerpack, Anki intelligent flashcards, AnkiConnect plugin for Anki. Configuration There are two options: language: Choose your language (it use google-translate-API). path_to_anki-media: by default don't need to. The teaching method used in the Anki template: Scramble is a method of teaching by dividing a worksheet and answer sheet with alternative answers available. The students are expected to look for answers and the solution to a problem that exists. Scramble sentence - is a game to arrange random words to form a specific sentence. The sentence should be logical, meaningful, appropriate, and correct. For example: does – he- where – holidays – go – on? = Where does he go on holidays? went-i-school-to-yesterday = I went to school yesterday More info: Getting started with NPM install from npmjs.com github.com/bikeNik/alfred-ldoce
  12. I just updated to the latest version of Alfred and now the dictionary link appears to be broken. Whether I use d (define) or s (spell) the word is never found. This includes words like "and", "there", etc. Is this function broken in v3.5.1?
  13. 有道词典 for Alfred Packal链接:有道词典 for Alfred
  14. Hi everyone, I've had this problem with the "define" function for a while, which is, every time I try to define a word or especially a phrase, typing becomes sluggish. I guess it's because Alfred is processing a lot of words in the dictionary, but actually I've never had such problems when I do any other kinds of searches with Alfred, even if there's also a lot of stuff to process. Can anybody help? Thanks a lot! OS X version: El Capitan 10.11.6 Alfred version: 3.2, build 759
  15. Overall very satisfied Alfred user here. I just got a 2015 Macbook Pro and have encountered a slightly annoying bug on Alfred. What you were doing when the issue happened: Unable to use the "Spelling" Accessory. When type into Alfred, "define" or "spell" the app crashes when I type the second or third letter of the query. Other functions (calculator, custom searches) work fine Whether you were able to replicate it a second time by performing the same action: Happens consistently every time. One variation, though: sometimes the app crashes after typing one letter and sometimes after two. For example, I was able to type "define ba" before it crashed but it crashed immediately typing "define a." Include any screenshots that might help us: attached Include the Alfred version & build number you are using: Version 1.2 (220) Include your OS X version: Sierra 10.12.1 Thanks in advance for looking into this!
  16. In the current Alfred, dictionary define was displayed as subtext. However, it is the definition we are looking for and it is not so wise to open a new dictionary window to get the definition. So can the definition be displayed in a different way? Maybe like Spotlight, it is good. Or have some hotkeys to activate Preview?
  17. Hi I'm new to Alfred and the Powerpack (used the basic function for years) I have been using textedit forever and now want to revolt to the subscription scheme (before I HAVE to) I'm doing fine with snippets replacing all my text edit snippets but I can't see a simple way to do autocorrect for spelling mistakes. Is there some way to import a large list of common errors similar to what many of the typeit4me apps do? Thanks Tom
  18. Hi there, I am wondering if there is any way that I can put the 'define' function always on the top of the list of results. For instance, I am now using 'df' as the keyword to activate the 'define' function. Since installing PDF Expert, inputting 'df' in Alfred always results in PDF Expert topping the list of results (see image ). I am looking of a way to fix this without completely hiding PDF Expert from Alfred, and without changing the keyword to trigger 'define'. Thank you for your input!
  19. Alfred Duden.de Search Workflow Search the definitive German dictionary at Duden.de with auto-suggest. Download and installation Download the Workflow from the GitHub releases page or Packal. Double-click the Duden-Search.alfredworkflow file to install. Usage Default keyword is duden. Enter your query after that. Actioning a result with RETURN will open the full results page at duden.de in your browser. Holding ⌘ on a result will show the URL it will open. Licensing, thanks The code of this workflow is released under the MIT licence. This workflow is based on the Alfred-Workflow library (also MIT-licensed).
  20. Hi, I've noticed recently that the Only show words with OS X Dictionary definition preference seems to behave counterintuitively. I am running Alfred 2.7.1 on OS X Yosemite (10.10.3). When the option is enabled (checked), I always see a result for words that don't exist in the Dictionary: When the option is disabled (unchecked), I see what I would expect to see if the option were enabled (that is, Alfred only shows Dictionary words that actually exist): Of course, the temporary workaround for me is obvious, so I'm not asking for a solution to this issue. Rather, I simply wish to bring it to the attention of the Alfred team to see if they are aware of the issue or if it's even something that's fixable. Thanks, Caleb
  21. I have been using Alfred since version 1. I remember being able to define words when using the keyword "define" and the definition would should up within Alfred. However, when I try this it does not define the word. The only way to get a definition is to be kicked out to the Dictionary.app. This is possible to do. I saw this discussed on The Sweet Setup (under the Dictionary section): http://thesweetsetup.com/apps/our-favorite-os-x-launcher/ I am not sure if this is a bug or I changed a certain setting turning off what I want to do. Please assist. Thanks.
  22. So I have a Workflow on an iOS app (Drafts 4) that will define a word for me in Terminology iOS app then automatically add that to an Evernote notebook named "Lexicon". I am trying to do this on OS X with Alfred but cannot figure out a way to do so. Any ideas? Thanks!
  23. German ↔ Dutch dictionary quick translations via the Alfred Command Bar This workflow needs Node.js as a dependency. For detailed install instructions, examples and more, please refer to the workflow GitHub page: github.com/felixfischer/alfred-uitmuntend
  24. I've signalised that before in another subforum, but since few months have passed I'm telling it again. It would be nice to have dictionary queries redirected to a database; for example Anki. In order to develop such a plugin an open dictionary workflow would be extremely helpful.
  25. a simple alfred 2 workflow to look up definition of word by online dictionary, only support translation between english and chinese. Download & Source Instructions
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