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Found 12 results

  1. I just prepared very simple workflow to check DNS propagation time. It's helpful when redirecting domains and checking if DNS propagated yet. At this moment it's using www.whatsmydns.net but I may consider expanding it to show it in the Alfred directly. Just type: "dnsprop {domain.name}" and a page with results will open. http://www.packal.org/workflow/dns-propagation-checker
  2. As requested in this thread: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/3711-get-ip-address-of-hostname-eg-stagenewsitecom/ A simple workflow that looks up the IP address for any domain name or looks up the server address of a given IP address. First workflow! Bug reports and feature requests welcome. http://www.packal.org/workflow/web-ip-address Usage: ip example.com whois
  3. Hi All, I work for NSONE and use Alfred all the time. I wanted a nice way to quickly display my website's current QPS (queries per second) to get a real-time snapshot of traffic. So naturally, we put together a neat little workflow to do just that. Default keyword is 'nsone' but you can easily customize and even add a hotkey if you wish. Please remember you need to generate an API key in your NSONE account and set it in the workflow's python script. Thanks, Alex https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/29173129/NSONE.alfredworkflow
  4. Flush your DNS cache on Mac OS 10.7+ Website and download: https://github.com/cdraeger/alfred2-flushdns-workflow Direct Download: https://github.com/cdraeger/alfred2-flushdns-workflow/blob/master/export/flushdns.alfredworkflow?raw=true Command used (see http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5343): sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder ================================= I know there already have been workflows for this, but those have been uploaded to Dropbox and the links are down. Also (without knowing if this was possible with prior solutions), I tried to add a little convenience: you can enter your password as an argument directly into the Alfred launcher. This is much quicker and more convenient since you won't be prompted for a password anymore. If you don't enter your password into the launcher (or if it is wrong), you will be prompted for it. (And don't worry: I'm not storing or submitting any data. You can check this in the code, it's a quite simple workflow)
  5. Will Alfred 2 replace/restore this very useful function? Thanks in advance.
  6. An Alfred 2 Workflow for clearing your OS X DNS cache on Mountain Lion (10.8), Lion (10.7), and Snow Leopard (10.6). You can find more details and the up-to-date download link here: randomerrata.com/post/49934511898/clear-dns-cache You can also find my other workflows on my blog: randomerrata.com/tagged/workflow
  7. This will allow you to flush your DNS. This uses multiple methods to hand more versions of OS X. And has a pause in the middle of about 5 seconds. It will push a notification when completed. Just type flush and you are in business. Not much to take credit for here, all ideas came from others. Idea and icon taken from David Ferguson's Flush DNS script for pre 2.x Alfred and my need for a 2.x version. Script updated to support Mac OS X 10.7 & 10.8 with info from: http://hints.macworld.com/comment.php?mode=view&cid=130223 Download the workflow here: http://bit.ly/FlushDNSAlfred2
  8. My Toggle Tunlr Alfred (v1) extension updated to an Alfed v2 workflow: randomerrata.com/post/45416086523/toggle-tunlr
  9. My first Alfred workflow. Flushes DNS cache on Lion and Mountain Lion by the method recommended by this Apple support article. All it does is run: killall -HUP mDNSResponder …with admin privileges (you'll be asked to authenticate). I made it because the other workflows I’ve seen use the <10.7 method (dscacheutil). Download
  10. Thanks to code from the very helpful David Ferguson, this workflow displays current DNS addresses in Notification Center. Probably not all that useful to most people, but I use Unblock-US.com to view region-specific web content, so this makes it easy for me to check that these settings haven't reverted. Download available here.
  11. Wondering if it's possible to build a workflow to display the current DNS settings, either as feedback into Alfred or a Notification Center output. I'm not looking to change the DNS (I can do that manually, if I have to). But I use Unblock-US.com to view region-specific content, and I want to be able to quickly check that the DNS settings haven't reverted back. Thoughts?
  12. Quickly pieced together a workflow to flush your DNS cache. Any comments, please let me know Download workflow from here: http://goo.gl/i3AOY Update v2 uploaded to support different flush command depending on OS version 10.4 -> 10.8 Note, uploading to AlfTP and hope to have it available to download from there soon too.
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