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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there everyone, I've just set up Alfred and absolutely love it. However can't seem to activate the ability to search for Google Docs within my filesystem. Alfred doesn't seem to recognise them. Only finds the native pages files. I use Google Docs for everything so would be great for these to show up like they do in the normal finder search. Many thanks
  2. Search for Angular 2 documentation. Useful for Angular 2 developers. More on GitHub
  3. Getting the Escaping options right is notoriously difficult. So many workflows fail to work or choke on certain input because the Escaping options are incorrect, and it's a pretty esoteric topic. It bites experienced coders as well as relative neophytes. Even the built-in Google and Amazon Suggest example workflows have the wrong Escaping options (Backslashes should also be selected — the Google workflow chokes on, e.g., "what does \n mean?") That said, for any given language, there is a correct set of Escaping options. In my opinion, Alfred should automatically select the right Escaping options for the selected Language in Script Filters and Run Script actions and/or clearly document the correct Escaping options for each available language.
  4. Hi all, This is an Alfred v2 workflow to search the online Python documentation. It loosely emulates the behavior of the (javascript-based) Sphinx search function of the site. Installation Download v1.0 and import into Alfred v2. Usage py [your search string] - search in the online Python documentationthe Python3 documentation is available with py3 selecting an item will open the corresponding documentation page, highlighting the search string you can quicklook the documentation without leaving Alfred with ⌘Y modifier keys cmd - returns a succinct definition for function entries from the local pydoc (Python 2 only)​ ctrl - forcibly rebuild the local index​ Features tab-completion list module contents fuzzy logic Enjoy!
  5. Hey guys, I've just created "Dev Doctor" it has autosuggestions for development amongst others http://wemakeawesomesh.it/alfred-dev-doctor/ A simple walkthorugh of the kinds of things you can do with Alfred Dev Doctor. A really simple documentation helper for alfred. Supports: Languages & Frameworks with autosuggest search PHP - php {query} JavaScript - js {query} jQuery - jq {query}, jquery {query} HTML - html {query} CSS - css {query} Python - py {query}, python {query} node.js - node {query} Ruby on Rails - rails {query} Haskell - haskell {query} Erlang - erlang {query} C - c {query} Languages & frameworks with keyword search: Laravel - larval {query} Bootstrap - bs {query} Flask - flash {query} .NET - .net {query} Java - java {query} Android - android {query} iOS - ios {query} Asset search github repos - github {query} icons - icon {query} Let me know what you think of it It's also on github https://github.com/sydlawrence/alfred-dev-doctor Syd
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