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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Everyone! New to Alfred and its world of workflows. I'm interested in creating my first two workflows. This is what I'm hoping to achieve: 1. Copy the contents of a text file (whether it's txt, nfo, html, rtf etc.) to the clipboard. I know there's a terminal command for that: pbcopy. I want to have this ability either through File Actions or as a workflow input. 2. Define a workflow input to open the most recently download file (in other words, the most recently added file in the macOS's Downloads folder). Help would be very appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Hi there, If you are, like me, downloading lots of files (images, pdf, videos...) to your downloads folder but only use them once and then let them, you are probably quite angry each time you have to clean your Downloads folder ! That' why I've just created the Trash Downloads workflow that will allow you to clean this folder with nothing more than a shortcut ! This workflow is pretty simple : when you execute the action in Alfred, it will move all files in your Downloads folder to the trash. There is no selection of the files it will move, so make sure you have no important file that you want to keep before using this workflow. How to install ? Well, as usual you just click the download button at the end of this topic and then you double-click on the file that have been downloaded. This will import the workflow right in Alfred, and then you can immediately use it to clean your Downloads folder from the .alfredworkflow file that will be useless !! How to use ? This is pretty straightforward, as you would expect you have a keyword that will execute the action. Simply display Alfred and tap "throw", you will then have 2 options: - Press "Enter", this is the basic option that will move all the files in the Downloads folder to the trash. - Press "cmd+Enter", this option will do the same as the first one but will also empty the trash in the same action. Be careful while using this one because it will permanently delete the files contained in the Downloads folder and the files that were in the trash, and this can't be undone ! Direct download link Packal link If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to answer this topic. Cheers, Axel
  3. I like to keep my computer tidy and that means that I often shift the contents of ~/Downloads to the Trash. Doing things manually is so last year, so I made a simple workflow to automate the process. Download: Trash Downloads Keyword: trash downloads
  4. Hello, fellow workers of flow! I've just thrown together a new workflow for managing your Downloads folder. Right now, it lists recent downloads, allowing you to open them (press Return), delete them (press Ctrl+Return), set their OpenMeta tags (press ⌥+Return, enter a list separated by spaces), and set their Finder label colors (press ⌘+Return). You can download it here. Be sure to let me know if anything breaks!
  5. Hey guys, I was thinking that a workflow which listed your most recently downloaded files would be super useful. I think it needs a well coded script filter to truly work properly. I tried a lot of different "File Filter" combinations but nothing accurately picks up the most recently added files to "~/Downloads/*" while listing the most recently added first, file downloaded before that second, etc… Any coding ninjas have thoughts or interest? Even though I can't code the filter if you have any good ideas on how to implement this please share as maybe someone who does have the skills can pick up that info and run with it. Also, it would be great if the workflow was capable of searching into sub-folders, at least one level deep, as I have Hazel organizing downloads into dated folders. Thanks for reading. Cheers!
  6. Hey everyone I was looking around to fill my workflow list from a fresh start up and I found it very difficult to find a good list of useful workflows that I can browse and download what I wanted. Its pretty time consuming going through the forums and going through each thread to find anything. Do you guys have any suggestions on this? I honestly feel like creating a simple website that would have a list of a bunch of workflows and themes for people to browse through and download. Developers could submit their workflows and users could request workflows. etc etc. Thoughts?
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