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Found 7 results

  1. Browse, search and open Google Drive files from within Alfred. Get the workflow from Packal or Github URL. This workflow searched your google drive and opens the files in your browser. They keyword is "d" (example d alfred). With enter you can open the entry in your default browser. You have to login (d > login) before you can use the workflow. The login uses OAuth, so you do not need to enter your credentials. Please leave issues if you encounter any problems or star this repo if you found it useful
  2. My first workflow! I saw a similar one that ejected all disks but wanted more fine grained control over which disks to eject. When you type the keyword 'eject' it shows a list of the ejectable drives. Simply press enter or click on one to eject the drive. A notification should pop up in the notification center if the drive has been ejected. Some stats about the drives are shown such as protocol, partition type, and size. Icons are also changed per protocol. Workflow uses a python. Let me know if you have any suggestions or find any bugs. Download
  3. How can I use Alfred to find a file on an external drive? Alfred doesn't seem to want to show ANY files on my external drives, even though they are indexed by Spotlight. It doesn't even want to show the drive itself. The drive's name is "Data" and I tried "find Data" with no luck.
  4. Hi, After using a few workflow downloaded here and on Packal (Google Translate, OS X Toolbox, Call or SMS contact for example), I have been creating some workflow of my own like a file filter and now to launch my apps, files and drives when I get to work. MOUNTING PART This part works, including a Run NSAppleScript to mount 2 volumes. Here it is : tell application "Finder" mount volume "smb://name-pc/Folder A" mount volume "smb://name-pc/FolderB" end tell As you can see, the first shared folder has a space in its name. But for mounting, it didn't seem to be a problem to
  5. Hello, Since I own a chromebook, I have 115 GB of available space in Google Drive, on which I already use 50GB, a number that keeps growing. A nice feature of the chromebook is that accessing content from google drive is trivial, since searching for files in Drive and opening them is integrated in the operating system. So now, it's really a pain in the ass for me when I use a mac to have to wait that the Drive for osx app "synchronize" all that data. The first time is terrible (and even so when I switch computers or users accounts) and after that, it is still annoying that it download
  6. freshfish

    Drive theme

    Drive theme: http://cl.ly/0s3G2K1T1L0F Theme based on the Google app colours.
  7. Hi guys, In V1 I could eject an external firewire drive which is connected to another mac (mac mini server) on our local network. This no longer works, meaning we have to screen share each time to eject this drive as the server has no screen. Working code in V1: tell application "Finder" of machine "eppc://userame:password@machine.local" to eject "My Passport Studio" display dialog "Ejected" buttons "OK" default button "OK" Is there a better way to do this in V2? Thanks, Ben
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