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Found 4 results

  1. List your mounted network drives. Repo: https://github.com/skydiver/alfred-network-drives
  2. NTFS Enabler Enable Write to NTFS drives (v 1.0) I've come across a very handy way of enabling write on NTFS drives, so I decided to create a workflow to take advantage of it. There's only one little caveat. You can't see the drive in Finder's sidebar. To open the drive in Finder, use 'ntfs' keyword. Instructions: + Keywords: - "ntfs": List all NTFS mounted drives you have and select one to open it in Finder. - "ntf enable": List all NTFS drives and select one to enable write. - "ntf remove": List all enabled NTFS drives and select one to remove write access. - "nt clear": Clear all previously added NTFS drives + Action Modifiers: - List all NTFS mounted drives with "ntfs" keyword. Then hold Option key and select a drive to eject. Screenshots: Download Link: https://db.tt/HCKAgTse Contact: @MaximiliumM Any feedback is welcome. Thanks.
  3. I love the eject and eject all command, great for external hard drives, of which I have a more than a few. I wish I could "Re-Mount" a drive with alfred rather than go thought Disk Utility. I'm sure it's possible, can anyone help me out with this? Thanks —James
  4. I pimped up my original Dropbox Toggler and put it all in one Worklfow. This workflow now: Toggles Dropbox Toggles Google Drive Toggles Microsoft SkyDrive Toggles Droplr you can also toggle all Drives on/of with keyword cloudon -> turns all drives on cloudoff -> turns all drives off or use Hotkeys to cloudon -> turns all drives on cloudoff -> turns all drives off Download Version 1.0: http://db.tt/mssK3a7M
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