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Found 6 results

  1. Google recently replaced their "Backup and Sync" application for personal accounts with a new Google Drive application for both personal and corporate accounts. Since the new application was installed, I'm seeing the following behavior. I restart my computer. After logging in, applications are started, and Alfred pops up a message that it can't find the preferences folder. I click "Continue", and Alfred starts with the default preferences (I think) I quit and restart Alfred, and the second time it finds the preferences folder and starts with no errors. I think there's a race condition here between the new Google Drive app and Alfred. They're both set to "start automatically", but Alfred is getting started before Google Drive, so the volume where the preferences folder is stored is not yet mounted. Once I quit Alfred and restart after it fails, it succeeds because the volume has been mounted. It would be appreciated to have some retry logic here (e.g., retry accessing the preferences every second for 5 seconds when starting) before displaying the error message. Many thanks!
  2. I migrated the Google Backup & Sync app to their new Google Drive for Desktop app. Now part of my google drive looks cached somewhere buried in ~/Library (I chose to "stream" part of my Google Drive as I have 1.5TB of data in there, can’t sync that to my MBP) and the app thus created what looks like a NFS mount point in /Volumes/Google Drive. Problem is, adding that path to the search scope in Alfred hasn’t helped: all my drive files now aren’t found anymore through Alfred’s search feature. Anything special about mount points which would prevent searching in that location? I’ve reloaded Alfred’s cache; nothing. Thanks!
  3. Hi, Few days back i started using google drive app for desktop replacing the old backup & sync. Backup and sync used to store the required folders locally and i was able to search and find them through albert. Now that the new app lets us stream the all the files in the drive without keeping a local copy i prefer to keep local copy for very urgent files only. The problem is i cant search inside the google drive files now .. even the locally synced files & folders. Tried adding the folder path in 'search scope' still no hope. I hope someone can help me. Thanks
  4. Textexpander has a feature for their snippets, wh ere you can have input boxes that are filled-in when you trigger the snippet (see gif). They also allow you to have this popup window while scripting your snippet too, using: Shellscript, Applescript or Javascript. This feature is absolutely amazingly useful for so MANY things. Imagine you have a complete email, response, bookmarking, etc, etc template, where only a few inputs change. The entire email, response, bookmark, etc can be very quickly generated with you only filling in the variables in this window popup form style. I think this would attract a lot of people to Alfred. If you think about it, this snippet expansion feature is the only thing that's compelling about Textexpander, and people LOVE IT. If Alfred boasted this and everything else it does, it will annihilate Textexpander. Also Textexpander has a subscription model which is INSANELY irritating, people would switch imo if Alfred offered it with their current payment model. Plaintext (plug 'n play): Shellscript: --- PS: This is the only reason I still have to use Textexpander instead of exclusively Alfred.
  5. Hay, I've added the Google Drive's mounted drive to Alfred's Search Scope and I was able to search between thousands of Google Drive files within split seconds. It was like living in a dream! But, since Drive updated to version 47 on my M1 based Mac Mini, it looks like Alfred app can not index files on the mounted Google Drive-drive anymore. I've tried deleting and re-adding the path (/Volumes/GoogleDrive), but that did not help. This is just completely throwing my workflow out of the window. Any idea for fixing this? Some short term workaround? Thanks a lot.
  6. Able to replicate: Yes, every time Alfred Version: Version 2.7.1, April 15, 2015 OS X Version: Version 10.10.4 Steps to reproduce: 1. Create a new workflow by clicking the "+" button 2. Templates->Clipboard->Paste text clip from hotkey 3. Assign a hotkey 4. Open the block "Copy to clipboard" Enter any text you want to be pasted when invoking the hotkey Check "Automatically paste to front most app" 5. Save 6. Go to any text area or text app and invoke the hotkey 7. The text is copied in twice 8. Uncheck "Automatically paste to from most app" 9. Nothing is pasted, so I'm assuming there is no other script running which my account for the duplication You can see the steps to reproduce the issue here https://www.dropbox.com/s/3y3sexj02jir16r/Duplicate%20pasting.pdf?dl=0 Thanks so much for your help! Most appreciatively, -- Chad
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