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  1. If you use disposable email addresses (in particular Harakirimail.com) then you might like this workflow. Type "hara" followed by the name of the mailbox that you want to create, hit Enter and a new tab will open in your default browser with your disposable mailbox and the email address will be copied in the Clipboard, ready to be pasted Download : http://goo.gl/YafPaK I will post updates if there are any, feel free to post your suggestions and advices Marco
  2. Mailsy is workflow for generating disposable email addresses. For more information and download, https://github.com/BalliAsghar/mailsy-alfred Usage : Type gen to generate a new email address. Hit Enter to copy the address to your clipboard. Type mail to see all the emails you have have received. Hit Enter to open the specified email in your default browser. Type del to delete the email account. Type abt to see the account information. eg. email address, date of creation. Hit Enter to to copy the address to your clipboard.
  3. 2015-07-29: Version 2 released MailTo: Select multiple Contacts and/or Groups, and compose in your favourite email app Search your Contacts and compose an email to one or more recipients (or none) in your preferred email program. Also supports Groups. The main aim—versus Alfred's built-in, more comprehensive contact handling—is to make it fast and easy to select multiple recipients and especially groups. Features Search and add recipients from your Contacts database Send to Groups/Distribution Lists (they're the same thing) Also enter email addresses by hand Use any email client you want (uses system default as standard) Results prioritised by order of email addresses in Contacts Download/Installation Grab your copy from GitHub or Packal. Install in the usual fashion. Usage Keyword is @ @ + ENTER — compose a blank mail (no recipients) @ [part of name or email address] — search your Contacts for matches. You can also add email addresses not in your Contacts. ENTER/⌘+NUM — add selected email address to recipient list and go to email program TAB — add selected email address to recipient list and continue searching mailto — see and change current settings If you've entered an invalid email address, it will be removed from the recipient list when your email app is called. Supported apps In theory, MailTo should work with any email client (it uses the mailto: protocol). Tested and working with: Airmail 1 Airmail 2 Apple Mail Sparrow Thunderbird Postbox Airmail (email addresses only) Unibox MailMate Mailbox Beta (email addresses only) MS Outlook Google Chrome (if you've set a handler) Fluid single-session browsers Does not work with: Safari (it will just open your system default email client)More info Please see the documentation. Note on Groups When deciding which email address to use for members of Groups, MailTo will use the one you've specified, or then the primary email address for the contact (don't ask me how to set that; I haven't been able to figure it out), and then the first one in their list of email addresses. To specify which address to use for a contact in a Group, open Contacts and go to Edit > Edit Distribution List … Changelog 2013-10-31 Add recipient name when calling email client, i.e. "Bob Smith <bob.smith@example.com>" instead of just "bob.smith@example.com".2013-11-01 Add support for Groups Prioritise email addresses by primary status then order in Contacts Change ID (cache format has changed) Use MIT licence 2013-11-03 Change config keywords to mailtoconf and mailtohelp so they don't get mixed in with search results from the default mailto action.2013-12-03 Properly format the mailto: URL so workflow works correctly with MailMate.2013-12-06 Added built-in, app-specific support for the email clients listed above. They should now work flawlessly without any need to edit settings. Note: the settings format has changed, so all your settings (yes, both of them) have been reset. There should be no need to edit them if you're using MailTo with your default system email client.2014-03-24 Fix plist parsing problems.2014-09-13 Add support for Mailbox Beta Add new keyword @ 2015-07-29 Release V2 Supports more types of contact accounts Supports more email clients Users can add support for their own clients 2016-02-10 Add support for MS Outlook Add support for Airmail 2 Remove duplicates based on name and email address
  4. I was hoping to use Alfred's snippets to store and edit 'canned responses' across various email accounts I manage. It works beautifully for text, but any hyperlinks are dropped. That is, "click <a href='location'>here</a> for help" becomes "click here for help" I know in Gmail that copy/paste retains hyperlink data, but any copy/paste into a text editor will drop the hyperlinks (I assume this has to do with meta-something). I'm not even sure if the TextExpander tools feature something like this, but support for rich html snippets would be amazing!
  5. Hi, I just made simple workflow that fetch and show emails from multiple account. This workflow use imap, so if you would like to use it, you need to turn your account's imap setting on. I hope this helps someone. https://github.com/jopemachine/alfred-simple-email-fetcher
  6. Hi. It is possible to create a search directing it to a specific Mailplane gmail account, by creating a simple web search using Mailplanes internal url. But, can some one explain how I can create an Action that creates a new mail in a specific Mailplane account and attaches a selected fil? I would like it to work like the default function for it in Alfred that attaches the selected document to the active account in Mailplane, except that i now would like the action to do it in another account that is open but not active. Alternatively, can I get the code from the native actions somewhere to play around with? Thanks
  7. Hi folks, I'm working on this new workflow which allows you to control your Gmail emails with Alfred. Features Quickly access your latest emails with Alfred Supported actions:Mark As Read/Unread Archive Move To Inbox/Trash Quick reply Add label Automatically uses a dark or light icon set depending on your current Alfred theme Background cache refresh Uses the official Gmail API to securely access your Gmail account Uses OAuth 2.0 to authorize the workflow Saves your access_token securely in OS X's keychain Feel free to give some feedback! Github: https://github.com/fniephaus/alfred-gmail Download-Link: https://github.com/fniephaus/alfred-gmail/releases/latest
  8. I've been trying to figure out why my mail isn't coming up in my search. The "exclude button" isnt checked, and I've added the ~/Library/Mail as well as the ~/Library/Messages, neither seems to yield any results. Any idea how i can get my email and messages in the search? Thanks
  9. Hi all, I had a problem with this workflow at the beginning, but now is seems to be working ok: The workflow is here. PS: I have just one problem - when the text after "ln" is typed fast, then the result is empty - the same text typed a bit slowly shows expected results... Are you facing the same problem with this workflow? - Jan
  10. Hi! Could somebody help me to make a solution i Alfred that start up an email to myself by shortcut? E.g. ctr + z Just type ctr z and the email (to myself) is ready to send a message (email) to myself. Geir
  11. Here is what I am trying to create: 1. Keyword trigger to filter files located on my Desktop. For example a newly saved Word document. 2. Once found, select. 3. Open a list with predefined contacts (email variables) and choose a contact to email to. 4. Set the subject line to file name. 5. Open mail app and attach the file and auto insert subject line. I can make this happen with Keyboard Maestro. I wonder if this can be done with Alfred without complicated Javascript, which I know nothing about.
  12. Not sure if something like this already exists or is even possible, but since google Inbox has been put to pasture (very bummed), I'm looking to try and do the following to replace the built-in Reminder system of Inbox. Basically I want to type a keyword, say 'Reminder' and a workflow would: - open Gmail to a new message (web client) - populate 'To:' email (this would be static variable, it would not change) - populate 'Subject:' with "Reminder: " - if possible, have cursor stay in Subject input field for me to enter in text after 'Reminder: ' (i.e. "Reminder: Walk the Dog") I have a filter set up in Gmail to handle emails from me with Subject containing 'Reminder: ' Any help would be appreciated, Mike
  13. Has anybody found a good solution to search across multiple cloud platforms from within the Alfred search bar? I came across Findo today and like what it can do, but it would be so much better if we weren't forced to log into the chrome extension or website, but rather search from the Alfred search bar. Has anybody had a positive experience with any of these types of services? Thx
  14. I tried to click into the sticky links about scripting and variables, and had great difficulty understanding.. I would appreciate if someone can tell me how to setup this workflow: when I type "emwk ABCDE" in Alfred, Alfred will send an email to a predefined email address "x@x.com" with the title "ABCDE" Thanks a lot K
  15. I want to run an Alfred command and it generate a new email for me, including text that I've already saved in a snippet. I run a martial arts club and when we get new members trying out I need to send them all the new joiner information after the session. So, the content is always the same, and the people are never in my contacts. I have got it working using a workflow as follows, which uses my snippet "mawelcome" to populate the body of the email: A keyword run a Script /usr/bin/oascript tell application "AirMail 3" set newMail to make new outgoing message with properties {subject: "Joining our martial arts club", sender:"my.email@myemail.com"} compose newMail activate end tell tell application "System Events" keystroke "mawelcome" end tell My question: is there a better way? I couldn't find anything that really described doing this, but I can imagine a lot of people want to do it, which made me think I was missing something obvious to approach it another way! Thank you!
  16. Hi, Readdle is close to releasing a version of their Spark email client, this time for macOS. It would be great if Alfred supports it for email actions. If the Alfred dev team need an invite to the Spark beta program, I have a spare invite that I can provide. Thank you! Bez
  17. I use Nylas email client. When I use the build-in function to send email through my default client (https://i.imgur.com/QNHsfIB.png), it works fine in Nylas (https://i.imgur.com/wxykDqo.png). But when I want to email selected file (https://i.imgur.com/WZ2e7Uj.png), it don't use my set default email client but opens the native mail app (https://i.imgur.com/eDsMlNR.png). Is this a known bug?
  18. Hi all, I write a lot of email, and would prefer to use a template to send snippets of email text. I love the Alfred "bar" where you can input whatever shortcut to get to somewhere. My question is, is there a way to trigger the bar, but instead of choosing from files / custom actions / etc., it shows a list of text templates in the drop-down I've configured? I use aText sometimes, but honestly, it's hard to remember all of the small shortcut names I've given it, and also it's pretty bad UX for something like. Thanks!
  19. I would like a way to copy the most recent file that has been modified in my file system and paste it into the active email window. My current work flow is to save a document -- word, excel, or .pdf -- and then go to the Finder and select "All my files" in the Favorites section on the left, and then sort by date modified to find the most recent file I just saved. I then drag that file into an email as an attachment. Ideally, I'd like to stay inside the composing of my email, and just press a hotkey, which would trigger a workflow that would make that most recent document magically appear in the email as an attachment. I'm new to Alfred, and have not created a work flow before. Any suggestions would be most appreciated...I tried searching the forums thinking someone would have already asked this, but was unable to find something.
  20. I was playing around with some of the advanced features of Alfred and noticed that if I type "Email andrew@example.com" and press enter, it loads up my Gmail, and I'm off to the races! However, if I selected a file (in Alfred) and chose email, it opens my OS X email client "Mail" and attaches it there. This bug might be a limitation of what you can do with web clients, but I figured I'd report it just the same. I'm running the latest version (3.3.1) and running OSX 10.11.6 Hope that helps, Andrew
  21. Good Morning, I have been working on my workflow recently with trello and a co worker, I have to constantly forward emails to them, I have two instances of my hotkey forward, which forwards the selected email to my coworker and one that forwards the message to my trello board to keep it as a to do item. I have a workflow I made with some apple script I found that forwards the email in an ok fashion (not great) but the problem is it adds my signature so my trello board is now filled with my company logo, not very pretty. I have turned off the setting for adding the signature to quoted text but it still pops up in the forward. So my question is, can someone give me a more elegant way to do this, or just help me tweak my code to make sure no signature is selected. I have created a blank signature title "none" I just dont know how to select it. here is the code I am using now ___________________________________________________ on alfred_script(q) set myComment to "xxxx@boards.trello.com" set theName to "Some name" set theAddress to "Some email address" try set the clipboard to myComment tell application "Mail" set theSelection to selection set theForwardedMessage to forward (item 1 of theSelection) with opening window tell theForwardedMessage make new to recipient at end of to recipients with properties {name:theName, address:theAddress} end tell activate tell application "System Events" to keystroke "v" using {command down} delay 1 send theForwardedMessage end tell end try end alfred_script ___________________________________________________ thank you so much for anyone that can help!
  22. Does Alfred have an email notification sound setting? I keep getting a sound when I get a new email and the developer of the mail app I use (MailMate) and can't seem to locate where it's coming from. All notifying sounds in MailMate have been disabled and the sound keeps coming. It even happens when Mailmate is closed. I've tried Soundbunny but it shows nothing when the sound occurs. link to the sound is here
  23. This workflows enables Alfred to find a temporary inbox in Mailinator by just typing the name of the inbox you want to open. How it works Use keyword Nator and press enter Type the inbox name you want to search (e.g. 'thisalfredtest') You´ll be redirected to the mailbox in Mailinator with the query you typed. >>> Download from Github <<<
  24. Hi, I am fairly new to Alfred and I am at the moment trying to discover all it can or can not do for my personal and professional workflow. Here my wonder is to understand if it's possible to search for files attached to emails ? If yes, how to do so for the Apple Mail app and for AirMail ? So far, I couldn't even find an email in fact. I have unselected "Emails" from the "Don't show" list in File search >> Search, but so far, it is not working. Any help would be much appreciated here. Regards
  25. Hi all! I'm guessing putting this workflow together is easy for the computer savvy, which I am not! I'd like to have a hotkey that: 1) Opens Postbox (my email client) 2) Opens a blank email 3) Puts a specific email address in the to: 4) Puts a specific phrase in the body (the phrase is actually a snippet from Alfred - THAT I was able to figure out!) The subject line will always change so I dont want the email sent automatically. Any help is appreciated in advance, thanks!
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