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Found 12 results

  1. Search for emoji and copy them to the clipboard ?. Download v1.8.1 (2019-09-27) Usage: emoji [query] Press [return] (↵): Copy the symbol of the selected emoji (e.g. ?) to your clipboard. Press [alt]+[return] (⌥↵): Copy the code of the selected emoji (e.g. `:rofl:`) to your clipboard. Press [cmd]+[return] (⌘↵): Paste the code of the selected emoji (e.g. ?) to your frontmost application. Automatic Updates: This workflow will automatically check for updates at most once per day. If a new release is found, it automatically downloads and
  2. FAstest eMOji Search (FAMOS) Instant search for emojis in Alfred with related keywords in 25 languages and Google Emoji Kitchen integration This post is outdated, link to up-to-date README Download the latest versions: github release FAMOS speaks many languages! FAMOS uses emojibase, which is an excellent library, meticulously curated. So, all the languages that emojibase supports, FAMOS automatically does too. FAMOS is the fastest! 10x to 20x faster compared to alfred-emoji and EmojiTaco! FAMOS launches in under 20 miliseconds (impe
  3. This emoji workflow scrapes Unicode.org to pull down the latest set of emoji!!. On the first run, you must be connected to the Internet so that you can generate the initial Emoji set. As new emoji are released you are able to re-query unicode.org to download the latest emoji set. There may be situations where you have emoji that do not display correctly on osx but would render correctly on ios . This is because the emoji list on ios and osx are updated at different times. Commands: init emoji e <search string> The first time you run this workflow use
  4. Search Unicode Search Unicode is an Alfred 4 Workflow to lookup and reverse lookup Unicode characters and emoji with their names. This workflow is also published on GitHub at https://github.com/blueset/alfred-search-unicode. Download Download it at its GitHub release page. You need to install Python 3 on your macOS in order for this to work. You can install that with Homebrew using the command below: brew install python Usage Search character by description Type u keyword (ex. u superscript) to get a list of characters matching the keyword.
  5. I would love the ability to set a default skin tone for emoji. I know another utility that makes this possible, but that utility is a real memory hog.
  6. # Gitmoji Workflow for Alfred Link > [Gitmoji](https://github.com/carloscuesta/gitmoji) is an initiative to standardize and explain the use of emojis on GitHub commit messages. Search gitmojis and then copy to clipboard, So you don't have to remember what the emoji means. ## Install 1. [Download](https://github.com/Quilljou/alfred-gitmoji-workflow/releases) 2. double click to install([Alfred](https://www.alfredapp.com/) is required) ## Usage Type `gitmoji` in Alfred will list all gitmojis. Also you can search gitmojis with description or name given in [gitmoji](https://gitmoji.carloscu
  7. This is a workflow for looking up for emoji and kaomoji from getdango.com. Similar workflows already exist, however they are written in Node.js which has lots of dependencies. You have to either install them with npm or store 60+ megs in your cloud when syncing Alfred settings. This extension is written in Swift. It doesn't have any external dependencies and takes only 10 MB on disk when unpacked. You can download it on GitHub. Type "e" to trigger emoji search: Type "k" to trigger kaomoji search: Source code is
  8. Hello! ? I've just discovered this forum so I've realized that it would be nice share with you my small workflow for better emoji search called – Alfred Emoji. It's a really small piece of software. But you might like it! It allows you get a proper emoji based on the term you have enter. The messy stuff is done by https://getdango.com/ but I've also implemented fallback in case of offline mode to custom vocabulary. You can actually configure the workflow that it always use this offline approach, it's faster but less accurate. If you like it, plea
  9. Hello there, I would like to share my emoji workflow with you: Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z1iipjr1qvykphm/Emoji.alfredworkflow?dl=0 --- Update 2016-09-01: Release a different version with two more functions Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wipxjgrtec0vwlt/Emoji%20Full.alfredworkflow?dl=0 emj: copy emoji character emjimg: copy emoji image emjcode: copy emoji unicode sequence --- The difference between this one and any other workflows that also search emoji is that, this one includes all the description and keywords in http://unicode.org/emoji/
  10. Good day. If you add a snippet, and the 'name' field contains an emoji, it will not sync to other Alfred instances. To replicate: - Add a new snippet. - In the 'name field', add an emoji character. The keyword can be whatever you want, and the snippet can be whatever you want. - Close Alfred, allow a few moments to sync. - Check other Alfred enabled device - snippet is not there. To confirm: - Return to first instance, rename the 'name' field from emoji character to normal text. - Close, wait, sync. - New snippet shows on different instance. Version: 3, b652 Sync: Dropbox O
  11. A simple Workflow that opens the character palette in which you can find emojis and various other smybols. Use "emoji" as the keyword or define hotkeys. Download Update (05.06): - Compatibility with OS X 10.8.4 (Tanks daxdavis !)
  12. There are great workflows for searching for unicode characters and emoji, the distinction between the two is somewhat arbitrary. Are there any workflows out there that search across both unicode characters and emoji?
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