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Found 4 results

  1. Alfred 4.5 build 1249 macOS 11.5 When Alfred executes Bash scripts with the standard shebang of `#!/usr/bin/env bash`, it runs a non-login, non-interactive shell (`/bin/bash foo.sh`). This means that ~/.bashrc, ~/.bash_profile, /etc/bashrc etc are not sourced. This makes it difficult to set certain environment parameters, notably $PATH, $HOMEBREW_PREFIX etc. I found that setting $BASH_ENV to ~/.bashrc is a workaround. As per the Bash manpage, that var causes bash to source the specified file on noninteractive shells. TL;DR— is there any way to globally set a variable to apply to all workflows? I can definitely set it for each individual wf, but this would be a nice feature...
  2. I've been exploring Raycast and one of its benefits is its deeper integration with SAAS like GitHub, Jira, Zoom, G Suite, Asana, and others. Given that all of these providers require authentication, I think it could be incredibly powerful if Alfred made it easier for Workflow developers to get API tokens from the most popular providers using a standard Workflow Object (either an Action (i.e. Sign the User In) or Utility (i.e. Get Access Token)). I realize this would require that Workflow developers would need to get API keys and do some extra leg work, but what I would like to see are Alfred-provided UIs like these: Once the authentication/authorization flow is complete, the Workflow Object would create an Environment Variable for the retrieved API token.
  3. Since this is what I think the standard way to set an environment variable from a Script Filter, I think this should be working, but feel free to move this post to the feature request if this the normal behaviour and not a bug. When building a workflow that works with files and folders, I like to allow to run actions on those files/folders. So, since the File Action is made for that, I like to just activate it on my script filter output item by using my File Action shortcut (sets to cmd-cmd in my case). However, when I want to set an environment variable inside the Script Filter, then the File Action shortcut doesn't work anymore even if "type" is set to "file" in the JSON. Since this environment variable is used when I normally activate the selected item on my workflow by pressing enter and could change based on which item of the Script Filter is activated, I need to set it inside the Script Filter and not after or before, but would like to keep the default behaviour of the " 'type': 'file' " item. Here is a workflow to demonstrate this: https://nofile.io/f/xZGFinuS44I/Script+Filter+-+File+Type+with+File+Action+-+Test.alfredworkflow Let me know if something isn't clear enough! Best!
  4. Hi, It seems that Alfred does not contain the full environment (ie: the path is not right, environment variables for compilers are not set, etc). I have to source my .zshrc file in a zsh script in order to have a full environment. But, under PHP and Python, I can not seem to get the environment set good. Is it possible for Alfred to have more of the environment setup or should we always plan on it not being there and figure out how to get it right? Thanks. Richard
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