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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I'm trying to create a workflow that can copy paths for later use. Frist I create a new workflow and add a file action to it that accepts multiple lines then I enter a copy to clipboard module that says {query} I run this script by selecting 2 files and double tap the command key and choose my test script and I paste it textedit the result: /temp/test 1/MapA/test (2).JPG /temp/test 1/MapA/test (1).JPG the thing is when I drag the 2 files to a terminal window I get this: /test\ 1/MapA/test\ \(1\).JPG /test\ 1/MapA/test\ \(2\).JPG filenames are separated by a space and the filenames are escaped is there a script that can do this to? so when I select files it copy's the full pathnames escaped and separated by a space?
  2. Quite a lot of the scripts I run in Alfred involve handling multiple files (i.e. {query} is a list of tab-separated files). Without some relatively complex code (bash doesn't make it easy) that obfuscates the purpose of the script, they all break with files containing apostrophes. It would be very useful if there were an option to escape single quotes, like you can with double quotes.
  3. Getting the Escaping options right is notoriously difficult. So many workflows fail to work or choke on certain input because the Escaping options are incorrect, and it's a pretty esoteric topic. It bites experienced coders as well as relative neophytes. Even the built-in Google and Amazon Suggest example workflows have the wrong Escaping options (Backslashes should also be selected — the Google workflow chokes on, e.g., "what does \n mean?") That said, for any given language, there is a correct set of Escaping options. In my opinion, Alfred should automatically select the right Escaping options for the selected Language in Script Filters and Run Script actions and/or clearly document the correct Escaping options for each available language.
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