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Found 10 results

  1. Hi. I'm trying to figure out why Alfred doesn't auto-populate my login credentials into a website. 'll type in 1p and hit 'enter' after I select my login but Alfred takes me to https://www.facebook.com/login without auto-populating anything. I'm using Chrome browser, do I need to download the 1Password Chrome extension for it to auto-populate? The first two screenshots are my settings in Alfred, the last two are from 1Password.
  2. Hey guys, I've expanded the functionality of the VLC Remote workflow found here (all kudos and a great thanks to geberl for a great workflow): I've added speed up and down commands for those of us who like to watch videos faster or slower (helpful for programmers) [SpeedFast/FineUp/Down], go-to-start of video [start], skipping back and forward 15 to 30 seconds [BackX, ForX]. I've also added a clone command to open another version of VLC, and a peerflix command for those of us who like watching torrentened videos (opens VLC video at locahost, port 8888). https://github.com/ged12345/alfred-workflows/blob/master/VLC Remote.alfredworkflow Additional P.S. I also asked the creator of the below Piratebay Workflow to update a few things to make it work again. This can combined well with the peerflix functionality I added into this workflow. Remember to try and buy! https://github.com/Sheraff/piratebay-alfred-workflow
  3. I was wondering if there's a way to do a search for files by file extension, possibly by using the Json Config utility in Alfred 3, kind of like the search in specific folders workflow that comes with Alfred 3 (I'd input the file extension, and only files of that type would show in the search).
  4. Search Mac AppStore Download : http://cl.ly/220h1w3c190z (fix typo)
  5. Hi It'd be great to have an alfred extension which would allow me to jump-to-conversations or rooms in hipchat. For example, in hip chat, to open the lobby, I press `Apple + T`, start typing lobby, and press enter. It'd be great to be able to press `apple + space`, start typing `h lobby`, and press enter, for the same effect. Cheers, --Peter
  6. Whenever I try to use Alfred to search for a filename, as soon as I enter the "dot" before the extension, Alfred will only search the web. How do I prevent this and search the file system for a name including the dot?
  7. Another Applescript UI scripting workflow - the Safari Preferences screen will pop up briefly. Functionality should be obvious from the title . http://dfay.fastmail.fm/alfred/Toggle%20Safari%20Extensions.alfredworkflow
  8. Hi Two questions regarding "File Filters" 1) I would like to know how to make a file filter that searches for a specific extension. I have some Truecrypt images in my ~/Documents folder, to which I can add a .tc extension. In the advanced tab of the file filter node, I noticed the KMDItemDisplayName matadata field I tried to change the "Value" column from "{query}" to ".tc" or even "{query}.tc" without success. How would you do such a thing without a script filter? Where can I find information on how to use those Advanced fields columns? 2) I noticed that when I type the file filter keyword in Alfred, it waits for the space to be entered after the keyword to display results. If I uncheck the "with space" option it needs only one space, if I check it it needs two spaces. Is there any way that it starts displaying the results without having to type any space? And the space would be autocompletes when selected an entry in the list? Cheers!
  9. Looks up the proper mimetype (sourced from the Apache Web Server source code) for a file extension. Your OS X installation should have PHP 5.3.3 or newer installed. Lion or Mountain Lion should meet the minimum requirements. If not, you can install the latest version of PHP with MacPorts or Homebrew. Download! Requires Alfred 2 and the Powerpack. Updates can be found and installed using Monkey Patch, or the older Alleyoop (discontinued).
  10. Workflow to toggle the {selected file(s)} extension visibility. Bound to a hotkey CONTROL+SHIFT+E, but you can modify it to your preference. USAGE: Select a file or some files in Finder and hit "CONTROL+SHIFT+E." If no file is selected, a dialog pops up, and it disappears in 5 seconds if you do not want to click "OK" REASON: I have a video folder set up in Finder to display my movies with Cover Art and Info of the video. I wanted to display JUST the filename of the video and not the extension, so I came up with this. Full disclosure is in the readme of the workflow. DOWNLOAD
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