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Found 4 results

  1. How can I use Alfred to find a file on an external drive? Alfred doesn't seem to want to show ANY files on my external drives, even though they are indexed by Spotlight. It doesn't even want to show the drive itself. The drive's name is "Data" and I tried "find Data" with no luck.
  2. I've run into a problem when trying to execute a Python script in Alfred. The script is basically running a subprocess using a program located at /opt/random/bin/. When I run the script, I get the following debug. [ERROR: alfred.workflow.action.script] Code 127: /bin/bash: /opt/random/bin/tool "/Users/ritashugisha/Downloads/file.txt" "/Users/ritashugisha/Downloads/new.txt": No such file or directory So I looked at the $PATH that Alfred was using... bump = open('/Users/ritashugisha/Desktop/path.txt', 'w') proc = subprocess.Popen(['echo $PATH'], stdout = subprocess.PIPE, shell = True) (proc, proc_e) = proc.communicate() bump.write(str(proc)) bump.close() and found the following: /usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin This doesn't include what I need it to include. So do you have any ideas for tricks to get around this? Or am I approaching this the wrong way? Thanks for any help you provide!
  3. It would be awesome if Alfred could keep an eye on system goings-on and launch workflows based on these events. Example triggers: Wake from sleep Wifi/Bluetooth state change Disk space changes CPU goes over set threshold (e.g. 90% for 10 sec or longer) Battery goes below set percentage Time & date triggers (e.g. 4:00pm, every 2 hours, or on the 3rd Saturday of the current month) These events are similar to the ones used by Launch Daemons. These kind of triggers would allow Alfred to automatically accomplish tasks based on my criteria; right now I have to call Alfred manually before he can help me. Cheers
  4. Hi guys, In V1 I could eject an external firewire drive which is connected to another mac (mac mini server) on our local network. This no longer works, meaning we have to screen share each time to eject this drive as the server has no screen. Working code in V1: tell application "Finder" of machine "eppc://userame:password@machine.local" to eject "My Passport Studio" display dialog "Ejected" buttons "OK" default button "OK" Is there a better way to do this in V2? Thanks, Ben
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