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Found 8 results

  1. Hello forum, What's the best practice for a workflow trigger (keyword or script filter) that uses an optional argument with a fallback value? Example 1 (I made this up): I want to more easily yell at people on the internet, so I have a workflow that turns text to caps. My clipboard is "foo". I call caps and expect my script to receive "foo". I call caps wasd and expect my script to receive "wasd". Example 2: Like example 1, but instead of the contents, I want to use hardcoded text. I call caps and expect my script to receive "your mother". ... What's the best practice to do that? This would be the in-script solution. Is there a built-in way to do this? import sys from AppKit import NSPasteboard, NSStringPboardType def getClipboard(): pb = NSPasteboard.generalPasteboard() pbstring = pb.stringForType_(NSStringPboardType) return u"Pastboard string: %s".encode("utf-8") % repr(pbstring) query = sys.argv[1] if len(sys.argv) >= 2 else getClipboard() # query = sys.argv[1] if len(sys.argv) >= 2 else "your mother" #example 2 sys.stdout.write(query.upper())
  2. Is it possible to remove a keyword that winds up being used in a fallback search? Since I’m probably not asking this question in the appropriate Alfred lingo, let me provide an example. Let’s say you have a file filter that uses the keyword “oo” when searching for OmniOutliner files. After searching for “oo searchterm” in Alfred, it doesn’t find anything relevant, and so you decide to use one of your fallback searches. For simplicity, let’s say you select the default Google search fallback. When run, Google searches for the following: “oo searchterm”. My question is whether it could be run without the “oo “ (i.e., without the keyword and space). In other words, could Alfred snip out everything before the first blank space in the search (and preferably the first blank space, too)? To be clear, my question is not specific to Alfred’s default Google search fallback. I have other fallbacks that use Finder, Spotlight, etc that I’d like to solve the problem with. I just find it annoying to always have to go back and clip off that first bit, especially when the searches all follow the same pattern (unnecessarykeyword+blankspace). Thanks for your help!
  3. From reading the documentation, it seems possible to add a workflow as a fallback result, but I seem to be missing something. In my case, I have created a nice little workflow that just takes whatever text I have entered, and appends it to a text file. Now, I can invoke this workflow by typing log <my text> which works fine. But I'd like to avoid having to enter 'log' - ideally I'd just enter the text, and select the 'log' action, just like I do with e.g. Google search. I thought I could set this up under Alfred Preferences -> Features -> Default Results -> Setup fallback results. The screenshot from the documentation implies I should be able to add my workflow here: But pressing the '+' button, I get no option to add a Workflow Trigger, only 'Web Search' and 'Custom Search': Shouldn't there be a 'Workflow Trigger' menu item here? If not, how do I add a workflow trigger to the fallback results?
  4. I'm experiencing very odd behavior. If I attempt to select a workflow using a keyword, I get the default search instead, even though the workflow keyword shows up in the Alfred menu and I select it. For example, I use the ens keyword to access the installed "Evernote" workflow. When I select "Search..." from the Alfred Dropdown (see image 1), I very briefly see "Searching..." appear, but then it appears to time out almost instantaneously and then I see the fallback search options (see image 2). Similarly, if I type a workflow keyword, Alfred very briefly shows the keyword result, but then immediately switches to the fallback search options. I am unable to use the workflow keyword, and whatever i type in {query} is simply fed into the fallback query. Is there some kind of super-short timeout being applied here? Is there a way to adjust this?
  5. A fallback search that changes based on the input (runs a workflow/script to display the fallback). Not sure if possible, could be cool though. I'm thinking something with simple, one line output, for the most part, since we do have workflows for more complex stuff. Not really sure if this would be that useful for anything, it's mostly just something I was curious about/thought would be neat.
  6. Hello: Search Fallbacks do not strip keyword from {query} resulting in wrong searches. For example, if I have a workflow which starts with keyword "mw" the fallback search will be like that: "mw {query}". I want it to be just "{query}". Thanks, Oleg
  7. In the modal dialog for setting up fallback results, the entries respond to a double click. They will appear editable, but on pressing ↩ to save changes, all edits are discarded. Alfred 2.0.3 (187) on OS X 10.8.3 (12D78). Replicated: yes
  8. ⌘S does not save fallback result changes as expected. Small thing, but I did a 'double-take' key press when it didn't work
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