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Found 5 results

  1. Version: Alfred 4.1 (Build 1167) I often wish I could write myself a note and place it wherever I want inside a workflow. This could be as simple as a plain, colorless text box, or something more configureable. The issue with what we have currently (the "Edit Note..." action) is that the text is fixed beneath whatever object houses it. As a result, the user is forced to write a note about a specific object, not the workflow at large.
  2. I apologise if I'm asking a repetitive question (but I did try to search for similar posts first). I used to love AppleScript, and I'm disappointed that I can't do as much with it as I would like. Alfred looks very good. I'm this close to buying the lifetime powerpack, but I don't completely understand what Alfred is capable of (and what it's not). One repetitive task I have is correcting text generated by dictation software. I would like to use Alfred (and AppleScript?) to systematically replace phrases with my corrections, as the dictation makes the same "errors" and I'm unable to retr
  3. At some point, Alfred started hijacking my command key, so whatever app I'm using, when I double-tap command, it copies to clipboard. This is extremely undesirable to me, as I use a clipboard tracker and it's constantly being filled with random crap. I don't need this feature, however I have no idea, even after scouring through the app settings, where to disable this feature. Anyone has a clue? Please help
  4. Tested with: Alfred_2.7.2_391.zip Alfred_2.7.1_387.zip Issues: - Workflows: - cannot import workflows - cannot create workflows - Features: - On the first time I get access to `Features` tab, I'm faced without any content on it. - The second time i hit `Features` tab, it appears features at sidebar but at this time i get a `default` render view with some placeholder texts such us `feature title`, `feature ...`. The second time i open `Alfred Preferences` it closes itselfs throwing this up: Application Specific Information: *** Terminating app due to uncaught excepti
  5. Would anyone be interested in controlling their iOS device from Alfred on their desktop, yes or no? I believe this is the inverse of what's planned for Alfred Remote. I want to build a workflow that would control Spotify/Soundcloud playing on my phone using an Alfred command on my dekstop. I always listen to music on my phone so I can get up, walk around, leaveā€”but I hate getting it out to change the track, etc.
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