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Found 12 results

  1. I would love to start using Alfred’s file buffer more often, especially with some of the nice additions made in Alfred 4. However, Alfred is in dire need of better Finder-Buffer integration. Either of the following would solve this: a File Action that adds files to the Buffer, or a Hotkey that can be used to add files directly from Finder to the Buffer (i.e., in Preferences → Features → File Search → Buffer). Under the current setup, the ability to use a hotkey to file action files from Finder is great (Preferences → Features → Actions → Selection Hotkey), bu
  2. Currently, "Copy to..." and "Move to..." file actions only support navigating the destination directory by typing the path or name manually. Sometimes this is inconvenient because (1) the path may contains non-English characters which lead to input method switching, and (2) when the path is deep, one may not clearly remember each parent directories. So I hope the navigation function can be enhanced. For example, when I press right arrow, it will enter the selected folder; when I press left arrow, it will enter the parent folder; when I press enter, it will use the sele
  3. Fuzzy search across folder subtrees. Update 10/09/2016: Added Alfred 3 support and removed Alfred 2 support. Added ability to self-update. Update 10/04/2014: Added support for glob-style excludes. Unfortunately, these have to be added manually to the settings file at the moment.Update 05/04/2014: Now supports searching files as well as/instead of folders You can now adjust the minimum query length to improve search performance. This Workflow provides partial matching of path components, allowing you to drill down into your filesystem with a space-separated query. Each "word" of the
  4. Alfred 3.1 (711) OS X 10.11.6 In the situations where input is a sequence, not a single string (i.e. File Actions and Hotkey+Selection in OS X where files are selected), the Debug and Filter Utilities choke on the input. They do nothing and emit no output, bringing the workflow to a halt.
  5. This was going to be a feature request, but I thought others might have a different approach to solving this problem. I have a lot of subdirectories with the same generic name (like "images"), so being able to pass a little bit of the path when I'm using "Move To..." would remove the need to squint at the parent directories to find the one I want. Like if I had: 1. "~/Project/images" 2. ".../Documents/images" 3. "/Users/BeefBurger/Other/images" I could type "Documents/im" in the "Move To.." pane and it would display option 2. Let's do it picture book style: FILE SEARCH: SELECT "MOVE TO.
  6. File moving does not always work, as in the file is not moved, and remains in the original folder. Fails if a file has the same name to the directory Fails sometimes to another drive Can we get a dialog box to overwrite the file if it exists? Thanks, Ryan
  7. Hello: Sometimes "Show Actions" keys (fn, ctrl) needed to be pressed twice to display list of available file actions. Thanks, Oleg
  8. The right arrow no longer opens the Actions panel when I choose a file in Alfred. Instead, it navigates to the file folder. Problem occurs accoss all my computers with synced Alfred. I am a powerpack user. Can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong? - Jety
  9. I noticed if I browse in Alfred to /Volumes/, I can select volumes from the list (flash drives or whatever), but the file actions menu for them doesn't include "Browse in Alfred." This seems silly, since I can obviously browse the volume by typing ⌘-down arrow. Shouldn't this be in the file actions list also?
  10. I had earlier posted about this here: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/2719-browse-in-alfred-shows-finder-info-window-instead/ I'm making a new topic because I better isolated the trouble (as described in my final post in that topic). What's happening is that the hotkey to activate the File Actions menu from the Finder just gets remapped to "⌘I". So when I try to use that hotkey, I just see the Finder "Info" panel for the selected files instead of the list of Alfred actions. The hotkey setting I am talking about is under Features -> File Search -> Actions, and it's at the ve
  11. I love the Alfred icons. Meanwhile there are many more file actions workflows but the icons have of course different styles. Would be great if Alfred had some more icons in the genuine Alfred style for download. E.g. for Move to Dropbox, Zip file or Tag file? Anybody more suggestions?
  12. Why don't file actions support action modifiers like keyword actions do? It would make sense to allow the default to, for example, move a file, but a modifier key to change the action to copy.
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