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Found 15 results

  1. Hello, When using a File Filter or List Filter, sometimes we need the original query, not just the filename or list item output. Here's my example: Use File Filter to search in a folder and within PDF documents for a work order number. For example: wo 12345 A list of PDF's that contain that number are shown. Open PDF file in Preview. So far, everything works as expected. Then I would like to take the work order number, in this case 12345, and enter it into Preview's search field. But, I don't have access to the original query. It would be nice if
  2. Good morning. I've been scratching my head on this one and haven't found much on the forum, which leads me to believe I may be going about this wrong as it feels quite "simple." 🙂 Appreciative for any feedback or guidance. Use Case: I want to be able to open any folder (repo) one level below my "GitHub" folder in both Atom and Terminal. The number of folders (repos) within the "GitHub" folder changes wildly as I add and remove repos. I created a Workflow using a File Filter that limits the search to type "folder" within the "GitHub" folder. I can successfully pass t
  3. Is it possible to create a file filter that operates as if each word in a query has a wildcard in front of it? For example, let's say I have a file filter set up as follows: (1) Keyword is "pdf", (2) File Types set to PDFs, and (3) Search Scope set to ~/Documents/SmallFolder. Is it possible to change the file filter's Advanced settings so that the following Alfred search: pdf SearchTerm1 SearchTerm2 SearchTerm3 approximates the following input: pdf *SearchTerm1 *SearchTerm2 *SearchTerm3 In other words, when using a specific file filte
  4. I make a file filter, set a scope and drag a .md file into the file type part of the basic setup. But it doesn't find any markdown files. However, if I change the extension to .markdown it works. It also works to change the extension to mdtxt or mdown Just to be sure, I added a different filetype .taskpaper to check that I didn't bungle something easy - and that showed up just fine. It gets the name "net.ia.markdown" in the File Types. I tried a cheeky adding of an object called "net.ia.md" to no avail. Now I could rename all my markdown files from .md to .m
  5. Hi, I am new to Alfred. I have a small question. I want to search inside documents of a certain file type. I have used the "in" prefix which seems to work, but it does not work along with file filter i created. For example, my filter is extension .gaml which is basically a text file with that extension to suit as a input to a particular open source software. While this file filter works, I am unable to use then use the "in" prefix to search inside this gaml files. could someone suggest how i can use both "in" and file filter? Thanks Sri
  6. It'd be cool to have the option to search kMDItemContentTypeTree instead of kMDItemContentType in File Filters and File Actions. That way, it'd be possible to use UTIs like public.movie and public.audio instead of having to drag a dozen different files to the File Types box (VLC actually exports 20 filetypes that conform to public.movie). It also wouldn't matter if some application decides to redefine the UTI for .mkv or .opml files (again). It would also enable File Actions like "Tidy XML" to work on XML files that don't have the UTI public.xml but include it in their
  7. Is there a way to have File Filter search inside files? I am working on a notes search workflow for TaskPaper and FoldingText and i'd like to search inside certain file types in a particular folder. Is that possible?
  8. Hello, I use a workflow to view movies via Beamer. And recently, I have some troubles with the file filter and mkv files. I type the keyword (beam) and the First letters of a mkv movie and nothing appears ! No problems with avi or mov or mp4 files. I didn't get this problem before but I don't know if this Bug is due to the last Update of mavericks or Alfred ?! Some pictures to illustrate the problem : OSX 10.9.2 / Alfred v2.2 (243)
  9. Status: Solved. Refer to the 2nd floor for the solution. "File Filter" in workflow does NOT work for ".tex" file. For example, (the search scope has been set) I found out that all file extensions (.py, .c, .txt, .cpp, etc.) work properly EXCEPT ".tex". It could be a bug, please fix it. Many thanks! FYI, OS: OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 Alfred 3: v3.0 [652] Note that it's different from the case http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/8569-search-for-tex-file/, which fails to figure out the correct file extension "public.tex". FYI, searching all files work well, showing
  10. I do a lot of WordPress development and so have a lot of folders called 'wp-content' in my Sites folder. I have file filter that searches only within Sites, then I type "wp-co" and all the wp-content folders are listed. I can see their paths under their names and scroll to the one I want. Not bad, but I'd like something even better. What I'm really after is a file filter that when I type 'wp-cxc' will show me all the wp-content folders with "xc" (such as "Sites/xchange/wp-content/ ) in the path name. Or 'wp-cap' for all wp-content folders that have "ap" in the path. The problem
  11. I have a private workflow called 'Filters' with a bunch of different file filters, each scoped to one of my favorite folders. One filter that I would really like to add is a Trash filter; I just can't figure out how to tell Alfred to search my Trash I tried setting the Scope to ~/.Trash, and then I tried turning 'Show files marked as System File' on. Neither option provides any results. Am I missing something?
  12. Hi, I'm having trouble creating a workflow. Based on help found on macscripter.net, I wrote an AppleScript to change decimal and thousands separator within csv files. tell application "Finder" to set FileToEdit to selection as string set AccessToFile to open for access file FileToEdit with write permission set CSVContent to read file FileToEdit to switchText from t to r instead of s set d to text item delimiters set text item delimiters to s set t to t's text items set text item delimiters to r tell t to set t to item 1 & ({""} & rest) set text item delimiters to d t end
  13. I just created this workflow to get video duration times from a video file that I can just paste into a document. Maybe someone else would like it as well. https://github.com/raguay/MyAlfred/blob/master/VideoTime.alfredworkflow?raw=true
  14. Hello sirs, it would be useful to have an ability to set the subtitle for file filter results. Now, the file filter result shows Subject and URL for each item. For some usage (emails, photos, music, ...) it would be useful to show creation date/size/kind/sender address (generally other kMD attributes) instead as a subtitle... I could do something similar using xml filter and parsing mdfind results, but the overhead will make it probably really slow. Regards, Jan
  15. I have created a workflow to assign a hotkey to a custom file filter searching but when I select any item, for example an app and then I press enter the app doesnt run. I dont know if it is a bug or I am doing something wrong but always I use my own custom searchs I need to press the left arrow and then press open action due to this problem.
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