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Found 3 results

  1. It looks like there might be a bug impacting file filter searches for AddressBook files in Alfred 4. I’ve used this file filter since I started using Alfred, and just noticed that it no longer works in Alfred 4. In the screenshot below, you’ll find its settings: Side Note: I’ve always preferred using a file filter (keyword, more specifically) when searching for contacts because I don’t like seeing them in Alfred’s default or file search modes. To be clear, if I go back to Alfred 4’s settings - either its default or file search settings - and add “contacts”, they will show up in those searches. However, these files will not show up in the file filter (i.e., it appears to be a file filter and not a permissions problem). Thanks for your help!
  2. It's unfortunately relatively common for apps to declare non-standard (i.e. wrong) UTIs for common filetypes. OPML is a common victim, as are Markdown and Matroska. When dragging files into a File Types field (in a File Filter or under the Advanced options for Alfred's Default Results), Alfred may or may not use the "right" UTI (i.e. the same one as mdls). If Alfred chooses an unwanted UTI, you can change it by hand in info.plist in the case of a File Filter, but there's nothing you can do about the Default Results (as far as I can tell). The proper solution is for the developer of the app responsible for the rogue UTI to fix their app, but this doesn't always happen, and rarely rapidly. This issue would be relatively simple to work around if it were possible to manually edit the UTIs in File Type lists.
  3. Hi Two questions regarding "File Filters" 1) I would like to know how to make a file filter that searches for a specific extension. I have some Truecrypt images in my ~/Documents folder, to which I can add a .tc extension. In the advanced tab of the file filter node, I noticed the KMDItemDisplayName matadata field I tried to change the "Value" column from "{query}" to ".tc" or even "{query}.tc" without success. How would you do such a thing without a script filter? Where can I find information on how to use those Advanced fields columns? 2) I noticed that when I type the file filter keyword in Alfred, it waits for the space to be entered after the keyword to display results. If I uncheck the "with space" option it needs only one space, if I check it it needs two spaces. Is there any way that it starts displaying the results without having to type any space? And the space would be autocompletes when selected an entry in the list? Cheers!
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