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Found 25 results

  1. Instant Fuzzy File Search: Download List all the files inside a folder using fd, and instantly fuzzy-search through all of them using fzf, all from inside Alfred with a single keyword: fzf. Screenshots Invoke with fzf Search through tens of thousands of files Fuzzy search shows most relevant results There's a folder action too! Search even inside apps Manually create folder-specific keywords Alternative and comparison Fuzzy Folders is another fuzzy search workflow that is more configurable and customizable. Instant Fuzzy File Search doesn’t have any plans to match all the features supported by Fuzzy Folders. Neither does it aim to be as easy to customize. Take a look at the table below for a quick comparison between the two.
  2. Hey everyone, this is probably a very dumb question but I am new to MacOS ans Alfred and just can't find the answer. So I have installed Alfred and copied and pasted my documents folder, where I basically have all of my files that I need, from Windows to my new Macbook. I have also added the documents folder to the Search Scope and enabled "Folders in Home". However, I can't find a single file from this folder using Alfred. I am probably just doing a big beginners mistake but I would appreciate the help Cheers!
  3. Hi, I often search for audio-files and the Dynamic File Search works great — but only if I know the name of what im looking for. I would love for it to be possible to delineate/specify the duration (min/max/approx?) of the audiofile. Is that possible?
  4. In Alfred's "File Search" preferences panel, it'd be helpful if the butler added a "Don't Show" option for Videos. He's already got an option for "music", how about videos, too? And, if that's not a possibility, how about a general exclusions panel where users can drop in anything that they might want to exclude, such as MP4s, Excel files, etc. Thanks for your consideration!
  5. Box developed some months ago a new way to access your files without the need of syncing them on your local drive. Since now, I found my local files using Alfred, because they were there. But when I pass to Box Drive, my entire drive is located on my computer as a network drive, I can dive in my files seemlessly, but I cant control which of them are local and which are not. Neither Spotlight or Alfred can see my Box folders. The only way to search into this new drive is the Box app. It would be nice to be able to search into this folders using Alfred...
  6. For example, if we got a file `~/Documents/test.txt` Then `open doc test` will NOT match this. And neither the `open test doc`. Anyone have idea how to allow that?
  7. Hi Guys, for my file search, why there include Apps(see below picture), can anyone help to explain? Thank you.
  8. I use a great program called Keep It that tags and stores all my documents in iCloud. The exact place is ~/Library/Group Containers. I'm no expert in Alfred, but I have Alfred's file search set to include Documents, but it's not finding any of my 3,000 documents in that folder using the "Open..." command. Anyone know what I need to do to have it search there for documents? Thank you!
  9. I often find myself wanting to AirDrop a file or iMessage an image, and I do a large portion of my file management with Alfred, however I have to dart into Finder to do these things. It would be nice if a Share action could be implemented into File Search, perhaps just another window of actions within file search, perhaps some other way.
  10. In MAC OS Sierra , a simple regular expression search of *.csv , *.pdf its not possible in FINDER. Any alfred workflow to perform the search of files based on file type
  11. Can I turn off the function to copy the file name with shortcut of file search action? file search actionのショートカットで、ファイル名をコピーする機能をオフにできますか?
  12. Greetings Alfred Community, First, thank you to Andrew and Vero for building and maintaining such a brilliant tool. Alfred is unfailingly the first app I load onto any new personal computer. I've been experiencing a small but persistent issue for a few months now: InDesign (.indd) files do not show up in search results. A few details to contextualize the issue: InDesign the *app* shows up — it is only .indd files that do not appear. All other Adobe filetypes and applications (Illustrator, .ai files, etc.) show up in default results. Other filetypes (PDF, EPS, etc.) in the same folder as an .indd file show up — just not the .indd file itself. Things I've tried: Updating to the latest versions of Alfred and Adobe. Clearing the Application Cache. Reconfiguring default results to locate .indd files. What I'm trying to accomplish: Resolve the invisibility of .indd files so I can call them up in Alfred's search bar just like any other file. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated. In advance, thank you! — Justin
  13. Hey there, Recently I wanted to exclude all .png files from my file search but I did not find a way to do so. In other words I mostly use the file search feature for searching and opening my folders. Is there a convenient way to search folders only? Thanks, Yannick
  14. File search seems not to understand the hyphen (-) as a normal character. For example, I have thousands of files with names like "lubbers-prl-2014.pdf" and "lovoll-pre-2004.pdf". A file search for "prl" or "pre" will find them, along with lots of other things, but a file search for "-prl-" or "-pre-" will not. I think this used to work, but the behavior seems to have changed. How can I change this back? There may just be a relevant setting hiding somewhere...
  15. Using Alfred 2.8.2 currently, but this issue has been around for a long time for me. In Alfred's File Search mode, when I try to Quick Look a selected item using Shift, the Quick Look window opens behind the Alfred window. If I click on the Quick Look window it doesn't come to the foreground. If I click on the Alfred window the Quick Look window disappears. This happens every single time.
  16. It would be great to have the possibility to "open" the folder in a terminal when using the "File Search / Navigation" feature (for example, by typing command-T when on a folder or file contained in the folder) and to choose which terminal application to use (iTerm or standard terminal).
  17. Dear all, I'm quite sure it appeared when I updated to Yosemite, or less likely when updating to Alfred v. 2.7 or 2.71. Basically, fuzzy matching works fine when just searching in Alfred, but not anymore from file actions or using Quick Search. It works only when simply searching in Alfred, i.e. 'tw' gives TextWrangler as result. But previously it was possible to do when actioning Finder items and also with Quick search. But sadly not any more.. How to reproduce (one way): 1. In Advanced set the setting 'Apps Matching' to 'Full fuzzy match from word boundary'. 2. Select a few files in Finder 3. Action the items using the hotkey defined in (Features > File Search > Actions > File Selection) 4. Choose 'Open with..' 5. Write a string that would work with fuzzy matching, for example 'db' for Dropbox or 'ps' for Photoshop 6. Verify that fuzzy matching works else by just writing for example 'db' into the basic Alfred prompt I'm sure this worked for me before. I wonder if anyone else have experienced this? My muscle memory for this lovely app feels deprecated at the moment.. Best regards, M
  18. Hi - I want to use Alfred to quickly access a folder, but many of my folders have fairly generic names like "Notes" or "Resources" and they don't come up in the top however-many file search results. Is there a way to limit a search to folders, or to raise the priority of folders in the list of search results? Thanks! Best, Chris
  19. When I use the appropriate 'Show Actions' button on a file/folder name, Alfred pulls up the action panel for the item.. and if I want to go back to the original Alfred panel, I can hit escape, and it puts me back where I was in Alfred. If I instead use the 'File Selection' hotkey to do the same, when I hit escape, it just kicks me out of Alfred. Is this by design? I think the hotkey invocation should act the same, but it doesn't appear to. Thoughts? Thanks
  20. For me it would be great to run a special File Action for "*.sublime-project" files just by pressing enter, without explicitly selecting a File Action using right-arrow or a workflow prefix. Description: 1. find a ".sublime-project" file using the normal fuzzy File Search 2. hit enter 3. run my custom sublime File Action / workflow Alfred can already move your custom File Actions to the top with "Sort action by last used per file type". An extra checkbox for implicitly executing the top-most action just by pressing enter is maybe enough to enable this feature. This is helpful when using Alfred as a cmd+tab complement to switch between open files and applications. Example: Switch to chrome: "chro...[enter]", then switch to a sublime project: "myproj...[enter]". (The latter would run my custom workflow.) Kind regards, Carl PS I have found a workaround by changing my "*.sublime-project" files in OSX to always open with a home-made application running some additional scripts when these files are opened.
  21. Hi, I use to work with nodejs projects so I use to have folders with dependencies files (node_modules) inside every project I have. The problem is that Alfred shows them when I search for anything so I get a lot of noise and is very annoying. Is there any way to remove some folders from the scope? Thanks PS: My projects are inside my home folder. EDIT: Ok, I've just found this threat: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/3346-exclude-folders-and-filetypes-both-globally-and-for-file-filters/
  22. Hello, Since installing the latest build, some of the keyboard shortcuts I use to launch applications in Alfred no longer work, and I don't know how to get them to work again. Any help would be appreciated. For example, I used to press "m" to bring up Mail, and then launch it. Mail always appeared at the top of the list. Now, no matter how many times I navigate to Mail and launch it from the Alfred window, pressing "m" repeatedly brings up App Store at the top of the list. I'm not sure why. Every other item begins with an "m" but this one. Any ideas how to get it back to the way it was? Thanks so much, S
  23. Hi all, I am trying to do a local search (files, folders etc) using the NOT operator, e.g. as in Google where you can specify what not to search for ("shoes -red" searching for shoes, but no red ones). Is this possible in Alfred, if not that would be a really useful feature. Thanks
  24. Hi There, I am totally new to Alfred, so i'm not sure how to go about this, but I just thought I would ask because I am sure someone has had the same problem. In the office we have a mac server with all our files / documents, everything we have ever worked on. On my mac to access this it is located in the shared network. How can I set Alfred so it searches our Server. Spotlight searches these files fine but its just a bit slow. I have tried adding the folder with Search Scope but the files are not appearing. Any help on getting this to work would be greatly appreciated Regards
  25. Hey guys Ive just upgraded my laptop with a second HDD but i cant get Alfred to search it. Ive looked in the settings and in the forums with no luck. Any ideas?
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