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Found 5 results

  1. Dear all, I'm quite sure it appeared when I updated to Yosemite, or less likely when updating to Alfred v. 2.7 or 2.71. Basically, fuzzy matching works fine when just searching in Alfred, but not anymore from file actions or using Quick Search. It works only when simply searching in Alfred, i.e. 'tw' gives TextWrangler as result. But previously it was possible to do when actioning Finder items and also with Quick search. But sadly not any more.. How to reproduce (one way): 1. In Advanced set the setting 'Apps Matching' to 'Full fuzzy match from word boundary'. 2. Select a few files i
  2. When I use the appropriate 'Show Actions' button on a file/folder name, Alfred pulls up the action panel for the item.. and if I want to go back to the original Alfred panel, I can hit escape, and it puts me back where I was in Alfred. If I instead use the 'File Selection' hotkey to do the same, when I hit escape, it just kicks me out of Alfred. Is this by design? I think the hotkey invocation should act the same, but it doesn't appear to. Thoughts? Thanks
  3. This is the most frustrating thing to date and I can't seem to figure it out! Lately (and somewhat sporadically) when I use my keyboard shortcut ALT+SPACE on a file in finder (i believe this is called File Search -> Actions -> File Selection) Instead of opening in the nice box where I can apply an alfred workflow to the selected file in Finder, I get a full screen quicklook which I think was introduced as a keyboard shortcut / feature in mavericks. I've looked everywhere to disable this shortcut so it's not hijacking my alfred. I've also tried changing the shortcut in alfred (see
  4. When you limit the files displayed in Alfred, e.g., ~/Desktop/*.jpg, with the intention of conducting an operation on all of them, e.g., delete, move, etc. You have to add all of them to the buffer individually. True, you can use the add to buffer and select next hot key to speed up the process but it would be even better to have a select all option, e.g., ⌥A, or something similar.
  5. As my OS language set to Chinese, maybe it's not very clear the menu item which I point. If you need any further information, please let me know. My Alfred 2(173) setting is in the bellow: http://d.pr/i/pYJj After upgrade to OS X 10.8.3, every time I press Command+g, no file will be selected, but a windows will pop up: http://d.pr/i/hRyF In Finder, this window same as I select this menu: http://d.pr/i/WIMd Finder->Display->Show Display Option (I'm not sure the the translation in English) If I change the shortcut other than Command+g (e.g. Command+Shift+u,
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