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Found 4 results

  1. Is there a way to sequentially feed different file names through Alfred’s replace utilities and then apply them to the appropriate files at the end? By way of background, I have a workflow that I’ve been using religiously for a few years which takes a file name and then feeds it through numerous replace utilities to help me name the research-related articles on my computer in a consistent manner (mostly pdfs). As you might imagine, each individual replace utility is specific to a particular source or naming convention from my field (fixing commas, odd characters, capitalization issues based on where I download them from, etc.). The workflow is a real lifesaver, as it’s helped me take control of my research in ways that I just hadn’t done a good job with prior to using Alfred. My central problem with the workflow is that it only works with one file name at a time. In short, the workflow either grabs the name of selected file from Finder, DEVONthink or a File Action, then it pushes the name through a series of replace utilities, and finally it applies the cleaned up name to the selected file once its done (depending on its source - Finder/DEVONthink/File Action). Since I imagine that others are transforming text in a similar fashion with Alfred’s replace utilities, I was wondering if anyone might know how to best approach redesigning my workflow to operate with more than one file name at a time? Is there a way to match the original and new (post-cleanup) file names so that I can apply them to the correct files? Does anyone know of another workflow that uses a similar technique or that might help me better understand how to approach this issue? Thanks in advance for any help you can lend! I really appreciate it.
  2. Hey all, new to Alfred, but I like it very much so far. here's the thing. i am building a workflow, which is supposed to paste a snippet in a file, where I typed the shortcode. I use a workflow because I want to add some variables, which should be pasted on several places in the snippet. One of the things I would like, is to paste the current filename in the snippet. Is that possible? Can anybody tell me how to do that, or point me to a topic where this was explained earlier? Many thanks in advance greets, Peter
  3. Hello! I'm writing a workflow based on a file action, and at one point in there, I would like to use the replace / regex function to extract just the filename, without the full path or the extension. I've tried googling and trying a bunch of options, but I haven't had the time to fully ingest Regex properly yet, and nothing I've found has worked. Anyone care to help me out? :-D Here's an example of a full path I'm working with: ~/Desktop/Testing.mov I would like to just extract "Testing". I hope one day I can look back at how silly it was to ask such a basic question like this. Thanks so much in advance!
  4. Hi, good day, Will Alfred still find / let me browse among files if I only know _part_ of the filename? Should I work with * ? For searching / opening. with best regards, Omar K N (Stockholm, Sweden)
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