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Found 5 results

  1. Let's say I have this copied (eg. "/Users/erwin"). When I open Alfred and paste it, it will append a "/" at the end ("/Users/erwin/") and open the folder contents in the navigator instead of just highlighting the folder. If I want to do some actions on that folder, I have to press backspace and then right arrow. Note I just want to skip the extra keypress (backspace). Is there any option/way so that it doesn't append the "/" at the end?
  2. I duplicated @Vero 's excellent Dynamic Filesearch to create my own folder and file extension specific searches. If I type the keyword followed a space followed by the filename, the workflow expects me to remember the filename starting with the first word of the filename. For example, if I have a file called covid map texas aug 2020 the workflow expects me to type covid. I can't just type texas or map which makes the workflow useless because there is no way that I remember exact filenames ie the sequence of words. All file search engines work on the premise of name contains searchword, not name starts with searchword Is there something that I don't understand ? thank you !
  3. hello, I would be grateful is someone could put me on the right path to create a workflow to search for files in a specific folder including/excluding subfolders. thank you !
  4. My file search on alfred hangs and never returns results. It just says "Waiting for results from macOS...". If I do the same search via spotlight and come back to alfred, then it works. After a few hours (or maybe the next day?) the search hangs again. I've tried clearing my application cache and rebuilding my macOS metadata but that hasn't seemed to make a difference. Also, it seems like this started happening after upgrading to Catalina, however, it's been a few weeks so I'm a bit fuzzy on the timing. Thanks, in advance, for any ideas on how to help me. I LOVE Alfred.
  5. Hi there, I'm using Alfred for a few weeks now and am more and more loving it :-) However, there is always room for improvement ;-) Does anybody here know whether there is any way to tell Alfred that a folder that I find with its File Search feature should (per default) not be opened with Finder but with another app (like Commander One in my case)? Thanks in advance Nils
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