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Found 20 results

  1. I often need to do something with my last saved or changed files, like a screenshot or a file I just downloaded with CyberDuck or saved from inside an application. Normally I use "Trickster" for that task. It which gives me access to files like recently downloaded, saved or edited files in a quick way but I thought it would be cool to have this in Alfred! After a brief check of existing workflows I could not find any which does the same simple task: List files in the current users home which are modified or created in the last 48 hours. The list is sorted descending by modification time. I also made the result list searchable. Simply type "last" and it will list the last modified files, you can press space and some letters to filter the results. You also can press Return to open the file or CMD+Return to Browse to the file with Alfred (and then use File Actions on it). https://github.com/oderwat/alfredworkflows/blob/master/Last%20changed%20files.alfredworkflow This workflow uses "workflow class" by David Ferguson (@jdfwarrior) to build the resulting xml data. Besides that it uses a "mdfind" shell command which can be enhanced if you want to change where it searches and what it filters from the results (I filter some filetypes which are unlikely to be interesting for me). I am supporting Updates by the "Alleyoop" Workflow now (Install that workflow from here: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1582-alleyoop-update-alfred-workflows/) Feel free to comment! Last Changed: 2013-04-19 19:06 V1.12: With the new Alfred 2 Update it is finally possible to fix the result order in a supported way (I modified workflow.php to support that). V1.11: Yet another method to fix the result order! Added 'Docoments/My Games' to blacklist. V1.10: Added iTunes to Blacklist (and a rather special personal Blacklist)! V1.9: Fixed problem with missing files when they have the same timestamp. V1.8: Updated to the new way Alleyoop works. V1.7: Changed how files are choosen to include files recently created even if they have an old timestamp. Added Microsoft Office Support files to the blacklist. Added Parallels VM Files to the Blacklist. V1.6: Made the found files in the result list draggable! V1.5: Added Alleyoop Support and fixed another bug with listing order (hopefully the last time now). V1.4: Fixed that the "oldest" entry was always displayed on the top (while the others where in descending order) V1.1: I updated the script to exclude some more files (mysql data, files in ~/Library, Safari Bookmarks)
  2. Find Folder Download here: http://samvlu.com/download/Find_Folder.alfredworkflow.zip Search by folder name. Enjoy!!
  3. "find x" doesn't find .MOV files on my external hard drive, how come? Does Alfred use the spotlight index or its own? Where do I see index status? How do I inspect/test/verify the index?
  4. This searches for lines matching a regular expression like the grep command. You can install this workflow by downloading the .alfredworkflow file from: https://github.com/ichitaro/alfred-grep Notes: Input files are supposed to be encoded in UTF-8. For performance reasons, please consider using Alfred's File Buffer to reduce search scope, instead of passing a large directory tree to the file action.
  5. How can I use Alfred to find a file on an external drive? Alfred doesn't seem to want to show ANY files on my external drives, even though they are indexed by Spotlight. It doesn't even want to show the drive itself. The drive's name is "Data" and I tried "find Data" with no luck.
  6. I bought Alfred 3 powerback. I have 1250 snippets that used to run on Windows software called ShortKeys. I exported my snippets as text file (only option). i could not bring to Alfred 3. There is no way to import them to Alfred 3 from text file. I will put all of them in one snippet as text. I will just search a keyword when i need info about something. However, there is no option to search within snippet. We really want the ability to search inside snippet for keywords. In my case, i have 6k lines notes in text. I will create a snippet and paste those notes. Then, when i need something, i will open this specific snippet and search inside it. Please, Please add this feature.
  7. Hi. Since updating to OSX 10.13, I have noticed changes in the way alfred displays files located using the 'find' command. To note: I did not update my OS. I reinstalled from scratch. For example, let's say i am looking for my resume. I type 'Find resume'. I would think that alfred would display the most recently modified file first, or at least the files with more updates. Prior to updating my OS, 'find resume', would immediately display my 2017 resume. Now, my results are cluttered with random files with the name resume that. How can I improve the validity of my search results and actually get what i am looking for?
  8. I'm a bit confused about how Alfred searches through my folders/files. In attempt to really understand what is being searched when I use "open" or " ' " when invoking Alfred, I removed ALL the folders in the Alfred search scope entirely. I even unchecked "Include Folders in Home." I'm now in the middle of re-indexing spotlight index just to really get a fresh index going. The problem is, when I invoke file searching, I'm still getting search results. Shouldn't I have entirely removed the scope altogether? Where is it searching? My first thought was it was searching through spotlight's index. If so; since it's already using spotlight and looking through my home folder, why even include the check box to "include home folder" in the Alfred options? This all started because I was trying to search for a file inside of a google drive folder; and it wasn't working.
  9. Perhaps this isn't a bug, but it still seems like the best place to do it. I sometimes use 'open' and 'find' somewhat interchangeably, understanding the difference of course, but with folders, the results are almost identical. The open command doesn't seem to work with folders (anymore?) It feels like it used to, but I can't be sure. I'm using multiple desktops on macOS Sierra, and it appears I need to be on the right desktop where possibly I have a finder window already open? Like I said, I can't quite pinpoint it. I should say, using the open command on a folder, nothing happens. If I then go and look on the other desktops (these are virtual, not an actual other screen), the folder isn't open there either. 'Find' works every time, but am I misunderstanding a basic concept here, or is this a bug? Thanks.
  10. First Hi to the forum, I am really looking forward to learning from you guys. I have just purchased the power pack in the hope i can achieve the following as a workflow. First Backstory, the file I am working with is a XML File and this file keeps crashing chrome it is a known bug . So I am hoping via a workflow I can a. locate Projectname_Core.XML file b. Find text <action name="mainloadsceneStartup"> loadscene(%1, get(projection_current_params), MERGE, get(ptblendmode)); </action> c. Replace the above text with this text <action name="mainloadsceneStartup"> loadscene(%1, get(projection_current_params), MERGE); </action> d. Save File e. Close File As i have many different ongoing projects and all of them require that i make the above code change to prevent chrome crashing. Can this be achieved ion Alfred? Cheers Simon
  11. I have tried a lot, but for some reason I cannot use Alfred to search for markdown files on ONE OF MY computers. So on my Macbook, everything works find, but on my iMac Alfred does not find .md files (I also tried .markdown extension). Can someone please point me in the right directory? Settings are the same on both Macs Spotlight settings are the same on both macs Have trie rebuilding index, also deleting .spotlight.v100 directory Still no results found on my iMac while searching for a file with markdown extension However, when I try to find the files with the Alfred "find" feature, everything works fine. Help!
  12. Hi there, Is there a way to do a "Find" or "In" on a particular volume or folder only? For instance, if I were interested in searching my Dropbox folder only, for a file named (Find) or that contained the words (In) "Blue Sky". Can this be done? Also, can an action be taken on a file in Recent Documents? For instance, if I type Preview, and then select Recent Documents, can I take an Action on one of those items? Perhaps Mail it or Move it? If so, how to I activate the options for the actions? Normally I'd hit Tab or Fn to get the Actions for an item, but this doesn't work for Recent Documents. Am I not doing something right? Thanks! Jeff
  13. Hi, I've got a few applications installed with homebrew. Find isn't working for me when searching for these. I've read a couple of the posts about reindexing spotlight and stuff like that, but nothing has really helped? These apps DO show up when just typing their name into alfred (i've added their path to the default scope), but sometimes i'd like to use "find" to show them in my finder, as with other files/applications. The path they're on is "usr/local/caskroom/[specific application folder]". Any suggestions? Thanks!
  14. Hey guys, If I drop a new app into my /Applications folder, the most times I want to open it immediately with Alfred (Press Shortcut and type in the first letters of the name). But often the directory is not indexed yet so I have to remove the last letter / add the last letter / remove / add / remove / add / .. because otherwise the results aren't updated. Is there a way to let Alfred watch the Applications folder so that the result is immediately available after I've dragged the new app into? I know I've probably spent more time asking this question than I ever need to wait for a new app to be indexed in my whole life, but you know it just feels not right IMHO. Warm regards from Germany, Dennis
  15. Hello! I love Alfred. The find and buffer work awesome for handfuls of files, but I'm a product manager for a collection of websites that may soon number in the hundreds, or thousands! Using the buffer to add each file may become untenable. Is there a way (native Alfred "find", or otherwise) to automatically open all of the files with an explicit file name at once? Maybe even just limiting it to within a parent folder. My dream workflow would be something like the keyword + query combo of "findall config.yml" opening all of the config.yml files in Sublime (the default editor of yml) at once. I googled a bit but think I could use an expert-shove in a direction!
  16. I have the latest Mavericks and Alfred and use Alfred's find and open without trouble but 'in' isn't working. You'd expect 'in' to use find then open then a search for the string, but 'in' doesn't even give the same found list as find and open; and 'in' sometimes can't find files at all when find and open can. The function 'in' seems to work sometimes, and when it does you'd expect to be shown the document page with the found string highlighted but it doesn't do this - what it does is to open the document at the page it was at when it was last closed. Also, 'in' doesn't like to find anything containing numbers.
  17. Sometimes I am not sure what the name of a file is, I only know the text string I am looking for. For example, I have a text document that I know the words "I love you" are typed, but I forgot the name of the text file. So if I bring up Alfred and type "Find" or "Find In" now Alfred can't find a file it only gives me choices to search for it on the Internet, I want to restrict this type of search only to my computer and to either files with the text string I am looking for. How do I have Alfred do that type of search for me?
  18. I would like to have the possibility to open unix executable files in Alfred. An concrete example - open jvisualvm app from JDK7. I added this path /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.7.0_25.jdk/Contents/Home/bin to the Alfred search path. Please find attached screenshots . The problem is : neither open, find, or simple jvisualvm keywords doesn't show the desired result. Thank you in advance for help.
  19. Hi... after switching from Alfred v1 to v2 I have issues with finding files while these files are found using Spotlight. I studied and tested all points at the specific help site for search issues (http://support.alfredapp.com/kb:indexing) and tested also to manually rebuild the index with sudo rm -R /.Spotlight-V100 sudo mdutil -i on / sudo mdutil -E / No success. I cannot find any of my files using the whitespace, the "find" or the "open" command. Setting in the preferences are the default settings with "Include folders in home folder" checked. Any idea what can be wrong? Best, Martin
  20. I'm using Path Finder and have it set as my default file browser. When I use Alfred's "Open file..." function to access a file folder, that folder is revealed in the Apple Finder. (This shouldn't be happening since I have Path Finder set as my default file browser). However, when I use Alfred's "Reveal file in Finder..." function to access that same folder, the folder is revealed in Path Finder. (This is what should be happening since I have Path Finder set as my default file browser.) I'm using Alfred v2.0.2 (178) and can replicate this issue. I have a new MacBook, 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5, 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, running OS X 10.8.3
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