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Found 22 results

  1. Like Safari Assistant, but for Firefox. Download from GitHub. Search Firefox bookmarks Search Firefox browsing history Run bookmarklets Activate & close tabs Add you own custom scripts The workflow requires you to install a corresponding Firefox extension in order to communicate with Firefox. After installing the workflow, run ffass > Install Firefox Extension to get the extension. Once the extension is installed, everything should just work. The workflow is fairly customisable. Y
  2. Change your default web browser quickly and easily from within Alfred. Simple yet effective, this workflow enablea you to easily change your default browser. The official repository is located on Github --> https://github.com/stuartcryan/defaultbrowser-alfred-workflow where any issues can be logged on the issue tracker. I have also put this workflow on Packal. Update Version 1.2 released September 10, 2015: What has changed: Feature: Support additional browsers - added FirefoxDeveloperEdition and Webkit Nightly BuildUpdate Version 1.1 released August 8, 2015: What has changed: Fea
  3. Hi all! I made my first workflow, available here ! It allows to quickly focus any given tab by filtering open tabs with user input, across windows, and searching in the tab's title and URL. It will only work with Firefox, there are much simpler options for other browsers. Hope you like it and don't hesitate to give feedback!
  4. Hello, I searched this forum and also the web to find a workflow that can be triggered by a hotkey that opens a new Firefox window with several sites in several tabs opened at once. All the scripts or snippets I found where buggy or not working at all. What would be the right approach to do that. E.g. I would like to press a hotkey that opens: 1. A new Firefox window 2. First tab "www.nba.com" 3. Second tab "www.sbnation.com" I would appreciate your comments Jürgen
  5. This Alfred workflow lets you select any Firefox profiles found in ~/Library/Application\ Support/Firefox/Profiles/. It lets you open different FF profiles in parallel. This workflow is written in Ruby which I never worked with before. I think there are better ways to do it. Anyways, I am using it on a daily base. https://github.com/mikezahno/alfredworkflow-ffp It is not yet on packal as I am new to the community. Any suggestions and contributions are very welcome.
  6. I use a variety of browsers between home and work, and while my Alfred settings nicely sync between my different computers, my bookmarks do not. I'd love it if I could sync my browser bookmarks to Alfred so they'd be accessible when I search the web.
  7. Hello fellows Automaters, I wanted to share with you the Workflow I just created using Alfred. I wanted to be able to autocomplete my Firefox bookmarks in real time. All the existing workflows I have found seemed to be more or less broken because they rely on things that have changed (more info at the end of the post)[1], so I decided to write something that would do what I wanted. After some hair pulling and doc reading, I managed to have that running. It's 4 pieces of code to glue together: - a Firefox extension, Sync bookmarks to disk that monitors c
  8. Google Chrome is my default browser. But as Firefox seems to have made some significant speed improvements I thought I could use both as "default browser". As it is not possible, as one can have only one default browser, I was wondering if there was a way I could set one "Open URL" action to open the url in the front browser whether it is Firefox or Google Chrome. As of today, I only can open the URL in the default browser.
  9. I love Alfred, but I think you forgot something in your new Bookmarklets feature: Why are Safari and Chrome the only source options for new Bookmarklets. Why not show a little love to Firefox, too?
  10. HI, Is it possible to determine wich 1password url is opened in which browser? I do have a lot of logins saved, but some site are only supporting Chrome, other Firefox etc. Now when i search in alfres it opens always the 1password url's in my standard browser. I would love have the oppertunity/workflow to change that. I'm able to open standard url's in different browers, what i'm looking for is specific for some 1password urls.
  11. I would like to use (either standard alfred web search or a custom workflow) alfred to launch google searches. At the moment, they all open in a new window if the app (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) is not already open. I would like the behavior to be that the search opens in a new tab even if the app is currently closed, and is launched by the alfred query. Any help appreciated.
  12. I was trying to make a workflow that will open a specific url in a private window/tab in Firefox, but am not having any luck. Any guidance or help would be appreciated.
  13. Hi guys, Someone else posted an excellent workflow that allows a user to add the current Chrome URL to Safari's Reading List. I tried altering the code to allow this to work with Firefox, as this is the browser I user personally, but could not get it to work. Does anyone with more techincal skills than I have know how to implement this as a workflow? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  14. Hi. I have noticed a small bug annoying bug. When I want to open web bage using "1P shortcut" alfred opens two tabs in Firefox. Problem affects only Firefox (I have checked Safari, Opera and Chrome). https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1275510/1P%20Alfred%20Firefox.mov Lucas
  15. I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me either: a) edit the default Google search function or create a custom search function that allows (google) web search results, of whatever I type into the Alfred box, to open in an existing (Firefox) browser window For example, even though I already have a Firefox window open with 3 tabs, a Alfred web search will open the google results in a new window. I'd appreciate any help. Thank you!
  16. This workflow (terminal command : /Applications/Firefox.app/Contents/MacOS/firefox-bin -p) opens the Firefox Profil Manager with the keyword "pf". Ce workflow permet d'automatiser l'ouverture du gestionnaire de profils Firefox avec le mot clé "pf". Il permet de lancer automatiquement le Terminal avec la commande : /Applications/Firefox.app/Contents/MacOS/firefox-bin -p Download (télécharger)
  17. Hi All-- I am a big fan of the ability for Chrome and Firefox (with InstantFox) to store search queries for multiple websites-- the same way that Alfred can. I have already built up a large library of stored searches in InstantFox that can be exported as text (see excerpt below) but I was wondering if there is a graceful way to convert all these to an Alfred Workflow in one fell swoop? What do you think? Ted --metadata-- version:--instantfox--plugin--data-- { "selectedLocale": "en-US", "defaultPlugin": "google", "autoSearch": { "json": "http://clients1.google.com/comple
  18. Alfred Workflow to open Chrome's current tab in Firefox by using 'ff' keyword. I use it in web development to check if a website is looking good in Firefox. Download Github
  19. Here is a workflow for all those people who often have to use different Firefox instances (with different profiles). Type "ff" or "firefox" to start Firefox with the Profile Manager to manually select a profile. Alternatively you can add the name of the profile as parameter, e.g. "ff default" to start a new Firefox instance with the profile named "default". Keep in mind that a profile can only be used in one instance at the same time. Download the Firefox Launcher Workflow here.
  20. I came across this little app which indexes bookmarks for Chrome and Firefox in Spotlight. But you can then set it up so you get bookmark results in Alfred from your Chrome or Firefox account. I think it works a little better than the bookmark workflow currently available in the workflow forum. Just thought I would share it as some may find it useful. http://www.timschroeder.net/brow/
  21. Hello, I would like to use Alfred 2 to open the bookmarks in Firefox. Opening the bookmarks in Safari is already working fine but my preferred browser is firefox for MAC, therefore is there any chance to open bookmarks in FF instead of safari. It would be perfect if there would be a chance to use the FF bookmarks instead of the safari bookmarks but I would be also happy if anyone would be able to give me a hint howto open the safari bookmarks in ff. Best Regards Marcus
  22. Created this Workflow from previous Alfred v1 extensions. http://d.pr/f/nK8j
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