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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, Does anyone know if there's an Alfred workflow to move the mouse to the active window. This would be very useful for my 3 monitor setup, as I can easily use the application switcher to get to desired window but it takes (what feels like ages) to get the mouse there. My google searches are polluted by "focus-follows-mouse" content... which is the opposite of what I'm looking for! I also see a bunch of options for Windows users through AutoHotKey scripts, so I know that this is a commonly desired functionality. So, has anyone made this for Alfred? If not, is it possible and what tools and resources are available for it? Thanks in advance!
  2. Alfred 3 - Quit/Focus Workflow This workflow allows the user to quit any of the active apps or to focus on any of the active and visible windows. Download: (*More details in GitHub.) GitHub: https://github.com/SteliosHa/Alfred_QuitFocus-Mgr Description: Keyword: win 1) Select an active application. Note: The number shown under the application name is the number of active windows of that application. 2) Select “Quit” to quit the application or “Focus” to see the list of the active windows 3) If “Quit”: The application will quit and you will receive a notification. if “Focus”: You will see a list of the active windows. Once you select a window from the list then that window will become the front active window with focus.Thanks!
  3. Alfred 2.7.3 (412) on 10.10.5. BetterTouchTool 1.15 Since the focus model has changed, I can no longer type in Alfred's query box via BetterTouchTool Remote on my iPhone. I've tried both Standard and Compatibility Modes.
  4. Hi, I'm trying to make a workflow that allows me to switch between my mostly used applications using hot keys. For example, I want to use Option+Command+M to bring the "Mail" application to the front, and if the app is not running, open it. I've created the corresponding hot keys and setup a NSAppleScript: on alfred_script(q) tell application "Mail" to activate end alfred_script The script works fine if the application is already running, but doesn't open the app in the opposite case. Also, with some apps, such as MacVim, the above script creates a new window instead of focusing on the current opened window. How should the AppleScript be formulated?
  5. I see that sometimes the shortcut CTRL+F2 "Move focus to menu bar" is not working and I have to cycle to every opened application to find in which one it works. When I find it, then it starts working again also for other apps. It seems the problem can be Alfred (v2.6 built 374). I made this simple check that I repeated several times with different apps: Quit All Apps, so only Finder is actually opened. Press CTRL+F2... it works Open a program with Alfred (i.e. Safari) Press CTRL+F2 in Safari... NOT working Quit All Apps to be sure only Finder is running Open Safari using the icon in the Dock Press CTRL+F2 in Safari... It's working I'm using OS X 10.10.2. Thanks
  6. Hey gang, I had in mind to create a very simple and straightforward Fantastical workflow. A few were already made but they don't do what I would like them to do: I want to type something in alfred and have it being typed in fantastical at the same time (the focus stays on alfred at all times), and then only switch to fantastical when i press enter. You could imagine the same use case for the "Help" search box from every app, or from "Shortcat"... The applescript for Fantastical is rather simple: tell application "Fantastical" to parse sentence "{query}" Is there a way to trigger that applescript without Alfred losing focus ? I have also tried a simpler thing: tell application "AppleScript Editor" to quit And Alfred will lose focus if "AppleScript Editor" is the frontmost app but not if it isn't.
  7. I made a simple workflow to save a URL as a .webloc file - here's the relevant part: tell application "Finder" activate make new internet location file at filePath to theURL with properties {name:fileName} end tell Everything runs properly except that the "choose file name" dialog looses its focus. Unfortunately I have no idea how to set the focus to the dialog from script. Any suggestions?
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