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  1. Fuzzy search across folder subtrees. Update 10/09/2016: Added Alfred 3 support and removed Alfred 2 support. Added ability to self-update. Update 10/04/2014: Added support for glob-style excludes. Unfortunately, these have to be added manually to the settings file at the moment.Update 05/04/2014: Now supports searching files as well as/instead of folders You can now adjust the minimum query length to improve search performance. This Workflow provides partial matching of path components, allowing you to drill down into your filesystem with a space-separated query. Each "word" of the
  2. So I was trying to search for a folder that I use regularly and is in the "Favourites" column of finder (i.e. it's a folder that should definitely be searchable). I know I could click on Finder and click on the folder itself but I was testing it out so I could get an idea. It's an issue because it certainly should be searching for it... is there a reason why it doesn't? Also, I noticed that on clicking "Advanced" (in Alfred 4 Preferences > Features > Essentials), there's a way to change "User-defined file types to show in the default results" but I'm not sure wha
  3. I have 2 identical folders, one backup of the other. When I perform a search for files, it returns only files from the second (backup) folder. Is there a way to prioritize search firstly in the original folder and secondly in the backup folder? Thank you!
  4. I'm very new to Alfred, so I'm still getting the hang of what's possible with Alfred. I just launched a stock image webstore and I also upload these images to various stock websites such as Adobe Stock. Is it possible to use Alfred to do any of the following? Note: I run the latest Alfred on a brand new MacBook Pro running the latest OSX. Resize images that I dump into a particular folder on my hard drive? The dpi from 300 to 72 and the pixel dimensions to always be a width of 1000px wide. When I move an image into a specific folder it will open up Twitter and upload the imag
  5. I would like to have the ability to for instance type a keyword and see a list of favorite files/folders that I have created. This is not a search or filter features, it will just present a static list. thx
  6. Hello, I rely on Alfred exclusively for traversing my file system - opening files and folders with Finder, that is. The problem is that every new folder that I open - unless it already is - is opened in a new tab. Since I jump to and from my Mac's directories like a wild ferret, a simple browsing session results in dozens of Finder tabs. Is there ANY way to make folders open in a current/most recent Finder tab? This would be a real lifesaver. Path Finder behaves likes this out of the box and it's really nice, but the rest of that software is so buggy I couldn't use i
  7. Hi, I just installed ohmyzsh (https://github.com/robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh A collection of themes and plugins to supercharge zsh. Basically, these are jst .zsh and .md files) and wanted to browse through its files and folders. All these these and plugins are installed in a folder located at ~/.oh-my-zsh I created a workflow with a file filter action but couldn't make it work. I guess it is because its files and folders are located in one hidden folder. The workflow works when the folder is renamed ~/oh-my-zsh.
  8. I am trying to move 10 .jpg files from one folder to another folder using the Alfred bar ONLY. I typed the name of the Folder my photos are in and from there I realised I can't add them in a buffer. I couldn't search for each of them and add them in a buffer as I do not know their names. (i.e 12222278678578485.jpg, 176456373.jpg, ...) For the moment, I still have to use my File manager, select the files and use the "move to..." action.
  9. This workflow simply creates a new folder inside a parent folder. The workflow will prompt for a new folder name and then create a new folder under the selected folder. Multiple folders can be selected and it will prompt for a new subfolder under each one. Click here to download.
  10. Hi, I am completely illiterate in Alfred that I discover and it seems awsome to me! Would anyone be compassionate enough to help me start a workflow that would unfold all folders in a directory ? Any help would be much appreciated (including of course, learning material to be followed to progress by myself). Thanks in advance. JMM
  11. Create Folder Structure v1.0.1 This script creates a folder structure defined in a text file. Usage Select the definition text file, then open Alfred, and run “Create Folder Structure”. Definition File Syntax Create an UTF-8 encoded text file (e.g. in TextEdit), and start typing folder names, row by row, one after another. Each one must be placed in a unique row. If a subfolder is required, just indent it with a tab. Folder names can contain any legal characters the OS X supports. Example: First Folder Second Folder First Subfolder of Second Folder
  12. Hi, I've been using Alfred the past month and I've become a huge fan. Yesterday I purchased the PowerPack, and since enabling it, I've run into one issue. Namely, before activating the PowerPack, Alfred used to search for my folders whenever I would type in a folder name. It no longer does that. (For example, I have a couple of folders on my computer called 'Sharon'; when I now type 'Sharon' into Alfred's search bar, only a contact matching Sharon appears; the folders named 'Sharon' no longer show up in the Alfred results). This is the case with nearly any folder search I complete (none of
  13. I'd like to create a text triggered short-cut to go to a folder within Alfred, so that if I enter "/MyTrigger" into Alfred, it's the same as typing "/Users/Me/Documents/My Triggered Folder." I don't want to set a hot-key since I'd be navigating within that folder. E.g., I might enter "/MyTrigger/File I Want" or "MyTrigger/Sub Folder." Is this possible?
  14. Hi - I want to use Alfred to quickly access a folder, but many of my folders have fairly generic names like "Notes" or "Resources" and they don't come up in the top however-many file search results. Is there a way to limit a search to folders, or to raise the priority of folders in the list of search results? Thanks! Best, Chris
  15. Hi everyone, I love Alfred and Transmits Disk feature, but can't seem to get them to play nicely with each other. My company stores its client files on an FTP that I connect to remotely. Transmit Disk feature allows me to mount this ftp as a "drive". What I'd like to be able to do is search this "drive" for client and project folders, enabling me to get to what I need to work on fast! The folder structure is \Clients\<Client Name>\<Project Number> - <Project Name>\ Ultimately I'd like to be able to use fuzzy searching to search by client name, projec
  16. Hi! I'm an alfred noob, and not much of a programmer - so I was wondering if someone could help. I'm looking for a way to search top level folders in a specific directory only - and exclude its children - I'm guessing with a script filter. Context - We do a lot of development locally and I am often having to type in http://localhost/foldername to open the local instance of a website. Because there are so many its a bit of a pain in the proverbial. I've managed to cobble together a script that searches my localhost folder and opens the folder name (as $filename) at htt
  17. Apologies if this is so trivial but I'm going nuts with this little problem of mine. First and foremost I am using Alfred because of RSI (wrist, elbow) so I'm trying to use my mouse as little as I can. I have tried to create a workflow to call certain folders which I often use and to display their contents, and it's not happening As an example in the workflow I've created there is the File Filter, with a keyword "docs". In Search Scope I've dragged my Documents Folder. In the workflow I've then connected it to "Reveal in Finder". When I launch Alfred and type "docs" and then enter I
  18. I've got some iTunes playlist folders with the same name as playlists. They appear as playlists in Alfred rather than folders though. Could a different icon be used for them?
  19. I work on a Mac in a Windows dominated work place and often have to send links to files and folders on network drives to other users using Windows PC. Is there any way to create a workflow that copies the path to the folder and magically transforms it into a link that a Windows based user can click on?
  20. I often find that application cleaner (such as AppCleaner) do not remove all the files of one application when trying to remove them. So I decided to create a workflow that would search in a few folders /Library/Logs, /Library/Preferences, Users/Shared, ~/Library/Saved Applications States, to find any left files/folders (The workflow is a "File filter" action + a "Reveal file in Finder" action). Unfortunately, it does not work. I wanted to know if this is because Alfred doesn't index these files, something I would totally understand.
  21. Can I customize the folders I can move my folders/files to? Because I just used the "move to..." feature (via a file selection) and I discovered 3 folders I don't think I set them to be destination folders. Is it a bug or one more hidden gem the Alfred support will make me discover?
  22. Let say I am in the Alfred's actions list with one file selected and I want to go back to the navigation folder. Hint: I don't want to do the whole navigation again
  23. Let's say I open Alfred and enter a path like "~/Library/LaunchAgents". Alfred will now show me the contents of this path, but what I want are file actions for THIS path, mainly to open it in the Finder. If I enter "~/Library/" instead, it shows me the "LaunchAgents" subfolder and I can choose "Reveal in Finder". Is there a way to directly execute file/folder actions on the typed path?
  24. Using Alfred v1 I could very easily set a keyword to reveal a folder and or to open a file using just the return key. It was dead simple. Using Alfred v2, and being a simpleton with where scripts are concerned, I seem to need more steps to achieve the same result. Am I missing something here? Please put me right. I do love my Alfred which was, incidentally, my Dad's name which makes me laugh sometimes.
  25. Hey Alfred team, I would love it if we could have folders for our workflows. Once you get a bunch of them (especially ones you don't need to change a lot) it really is a messy list of workflows that the addition of folders could fix. Thanks a lot. Seriously love this app.
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