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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys, I made BASH framework for Alfred that makes it easy to create a certain kind of workflow that allows you search and look up information without leaving the Alfred interface. It basically allows you to display results after selecting a result. It's a way around the fact that "Script Filters are the only way to pass feedback to Alfred" Here is an example. The magic happens at step 3. 1. Type in workflow keyword: 2. Type query to find results: 3. Selection of a result brings up additional results. There are two options for workflow creation: static, which is similar to just manually creating a CSV file and requires no coding. Example "code." dynamic, which has a library that you can use similarly to static or to display dynamic data. Example code. I believe I've documented it pretty well in the README, but if there are any questions about how to use it I am glad to help. Some example applications: - "define" command that doesn't have to open the Dictionary - Synonym/Antonym retriever - Contact lookup without opening Contacts - Any sort of general reference (e.g. recipes or brewing instructions) Here is the github page: http://bit.ly/alfred-arf
  2. AlfredLite is a lightweight modular framework for creating workflows. Features Modular designOnly load the modules your workflow uses Faster load times (execution speed is an underappreciated feature of any workflow) Less bundeled dependencies Subclassable workflowsAlfred::Workflow is designed to be subclassed, the possibilities are endless! Requirements AlfredLite is tested against the following verions of Ruby: 1.8.7 (preinstalled on OS X Mountain Lion) 1.9.3 2.0.0 (preinstalled on OS X Mavericks) Contributing (aka I can't do this alone!) Bug FixesReporting bugs is encouraged and greatly appreciated, send them here. If you're contributing a bug fix, please make sure you're committing your fixes on the develop branch (bonus points for creating a dedicated bug fix branch). Feature RequestsHave an idea that will help make writing your workflows easier? Then submit it here. Available on Github Updates 2013-06-02: The first release of AlfredLite was made available today, it can be found here. Next up on the list of todos: a settings module.
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