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Found 4 results

  1. Go base Alfred workflow generator Why ? As a Gopher, i want to create a Golang base workflow quickly than sketching it out by hand. I also want to be able to share my way of doing things with others. Features 1. Create a new workflow with three type of patterns: 1. Simple workflow with Alfred variables and arguments 2. leverage deanishe/awgo with Alfred items feedback 3. leverage deanishe/awgo and spf13/cobra with Alfred items feedback 2. Workflow development 1. Build the workflow executable and output it into the ".workflow" subdirectory 2. Display information about the workflow 3. Link the ".workflow" subdirectory into Alfred's preferences directory, installing it. 4. Package the workflow for distribution locally 5. Unlink the ".workflow" subdirectory from Alfred's preferences directory, uninstalling it. 3. Additional patterns 1. Add Github Action release to project 1. Add license to project 4. Support `arm64` & `amd64` Installation With Go 1.17 or higher: go install github.com/cage1016/ak@latest Running the generator A generator for awgo that helps you create boilerplate code Usage: ak [flags] ak [command] Available Commands: add Used to add additional component to project alfred Used to manage Go-based Alfred workflows completion Generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell help Help about any command init Initiates a workflow new Used to create workflow package Flags: -d, --debug If you want to se the debug logs. --folder string If you want to specify the base folder of the workflow. -f, --force Force overwrite existing files without asking. -h, --help help for ak --testing If testing the generator. -v, --version version for ak Use "ak [command] --help" for more information about a command. 4. Create one of three different workflow patterns 1. `ak new varsArgs` create a workflow with variables and arguments 2. `ak new iterms` create a workflow with items feedback 3. `ak new cliItems` create a workflow with cobra items feedback 5. Add additional components to the workflow 1. `ak add githubAction` add Github Action release to project 2. `ak add license` add license to project 6. Workflow development 1. `ak alfred build` to build the workflow executable and output it into the ".workflow" subdirectory 2. `ak alfred info` to display information about the workflow 3. `ak alfred link` to link the ".workflow" subdirectory into Alfred's preferences directory, installing it. 4. `ak alfred package` to package the workflow for distribution locally 5. `ak alfred unlink` to unlink the ".workflow" subdirectory from Alfred's preferences directory, uninstalling it. Please visit https://github.com/cage1016/ak for more information.
  2. Hi, I am new to Alfred and want to share one of my workflows called Janus. I would appreciate any feedback and testing. Thanks in advance! Janus creates random non-boring usernames on the fly. All the username generator out there are unsatisfying for my taste, so I wrote a script that produces results like MIRACLEFRUIT, Zeta.Defino or Asia.STiLeTtO. You can specify the style of the username (lowercase, UPPERCASE, MiXeD) by providing one of 3 arguments and copy the result to your clipboard. Usage: type janus to generate usernames. Provide an argument (low, up, mix) to set the text-style of the usernames. Copy one of the generated names to your clipboard using command + [1–9]. See GIF below for a visual intro. Dependencies: Python > 3.8 Download (Github): https://github.com/manesspl/janus-for-alfred/releases/download/v1.0.0/Janus.alfredworkflow Github: https://github.com/manesspl/janus-for-alfred
  3. Hey! First post. I made a workflow. I thought you might like it. --- pwme - a workflow to quickly generate passwords using pwgen Generate secure random passwords using pwgen and copy to the clipboard. Prerequisites / installation pwme depends on pwgen and expects pwgen binary to be available at /usr/local/bin/pwgen The easiest way to install pwgen is with Homebrew. pwgen is available as a Homebrew package, so assuming your Homebrew environment is set up right you simply need to run the following from your console (or via Alfred!): > brew install pwgen If you've already got pwgen installed you can skip this step. Next you need to download and install the workflow, head over here to find the latest release: https://github.com/tthew/alfred2-pwme-workflow/releases Usage To use pwme enter the pwme keyword. If you hit enter this will generate an 8 character password and copy it to your clipboard. You can also tell pwme to produce shorter or longer passwords by specifying a number of character to genereate e.g. pwme 16 Under the hood pwme alls pwgen with the following arguments: > /usr/local/bin pwgen -cnysB1 ​ License Apache-2 --- I hope someone finds it useful. Enjoy!
  4. Hi Guys, I just tried to build my first Workflow and it's a password generator: Just type pwgen 13 (or any other number) to create a n-character password which will be copied to your clipboard and displayed as a notification. Download Comments are welcome. <!-- Sources: Icon by Svengraph (CC): http://svengraph.deviantart.com/ http://www.iconfinder.com/icondetails/61825/512/lock_icon PHP-Code by tylerhall https://gist.github.com/521810 -->
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