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Found 4 results

  1. Greatly improved workflow re-written in Rust. Check out the github page for installation and new features such as popular tag suggestion link preview deletion... Automatic workflow updates Install it from: Github: https://github.com/spamwax/alfred-pinboard-rs/releases/latest https://github.com/spamwax/alfred-pinboard-rs Update (2019-06-21) 0.15.5 Add option to either show TAGs or URLs in search results. Fix multiple issues related to release of Alfred 4 pcheck should now force a network call regardless of when las
  2. Easy Alfred Workflow Script Filters in Go https://github.com/drgrib/alfred This is a lean but comprehensive implementation of the Alfred Script Filter JSON Format to get Alfred workflows off the ground quickly with blazingly fast script filters in Go that can be seamlessly developed inside or outside Alfred. It uses standard, familiar Go syntax and conventions as much as possible for rapid use by Go developers and integration with other Go code. A Simple Example Let's say we want to create a simple script filter that converts a given query to title
  3. AwGo — A Go library for Alfred workflows Full-featured library to build lightning-fast workflows in a jiffy. https://github.com/deanishe/awgo Features Easy access to Alfred configuration, including populating a struct from workflow variables and persisting settings back to info.plist. Straightforward generation of Alfred JSON feedback. Support for all applicable Alfred features up to v3.5. Fuzzy sorting/filtering. Simple API for caching/saving workflow data. Catches panics, logs stack trace and shows user an error message. W
  4. Title Case Server This workflow goes with an upcoming tutorial on using golang with Alfred on tutplus.com. It currently runs a small web app for doing title case conversions. The workflow has these commands: Command Description ------------------------------------ tcs:launch This will start the title case server on port 9910 tcs:stop This will stop the title case server tcs:convert This will take a string on the Alfred prompt, send it to the title case server, and return the result in a notification and the clipboard. It also has a hotkey specified
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