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Found 4 results

  1. Google Docs in Chrome is my go to for all not taking and word processing. I am constantly opening new docs and spreadsheets. Being able to open a new google doc (or spreadsheet) from Alfred would be a huge benefit to me. There is a Chrome extension called G New Doc which attempts to do this with 2 clicks from Chrome but it no longer works. I have searched around for Google Docs commands for Alfred but have found little. I am sure that this would be incredible useful for many people. Any help would be much appreciated Thank you.
  2. Hi there everyone, I've just set up Alfred and absolutely love it. However can't seem to activate the ability to search for Google Docs within my filesystem. Alfred doesn't seem to recognise them. Only finds the native pages files. I use Google Docs for everything so would be great for these to show up like they do in the normal finder search. Many thanks
  3. I used a personal Gmail account and feed my work email account into it. That's where I check all my email, as I have work and personal email in one spot. Lately, my students have been submitting documents to me in Google Drive (used to be Google Documents). I can only view my students' materials in my work Google account - unlike the email, I can't feed the Drive documents into my personal account. Unfortunately, my school moved to a variant of Google, and Google does not permit easy switching between the two. To keep from multistep logging out/logging in every time I move from email to Drive, I keep my personal Google account open in Firefox and my work account open in Chrome. I know that I can set up Alfred to simply open up either the Firefox or the Chrome browser, but Alfred is supposed to be able to do things such as search Google Drive for a specific document. Is there a way for my to specify that when I want to search for something in the Google Drive, I want to use Chrome, and for everything else, including email, I want Firefox as the default? --Susan
  4. I currently use Found ( https://www.foundapp.com/ ) to search and easily open Google Drive documents in the browser. I would like to use Alfred instead to open Google Drive documents in the browser. I know I can install the official Google Drive Mac app and have it search that folder and launch the file which then opens the file in the web browser. However, I do not want to sync all other files in my Google Drive (like PDFs, images, etc) to my Mac since I already use Insync to do that. I can search for my Google Drive files inside my Insync folder, but that will just launch the Mac app instead of opening the file in the web browser. I'm looking for a live search of Google Drive directly in Alfred and selecting the file in the list opens it in the web browser view.
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