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Found 15 results

  1. This workflow searches Google Drive via the Google Drive File Stream app. Currently, Spotlight is the main method for searching but is unreliable. (It would be great to get some feedback on why this is.) As a backup, the user has the option to use a file index created by an included Ruby script to search - this is more reliable but also much slower. Feedback is welcome! http://www.packal.org/workflow/google-drive-search
  2. Browse, search and open Google Drive files from within Alfred. Get the workflow from Packal or Github URL. This workflow searched your google drive and opens the files in your browser. They keyword is "d" (example d alfred). With enter you can open the entry in your default browser. You have to login (d > login) before you can use the workflow. The login uses OAuth, so you do not need to enter your credentials. Please leave issues if you encounter any problems or star this repo if you found it useful
  3. Hi, I just downloaded Google Drive File Stream but I can't search within my files with Alfred. I found this post that is pretty pessimist about this feature: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/drive/s8SGUGCNlOM Any workaround so far? Thanks!
  4. This is a simple workflow which basically starts and quits a bunch of Applications at once (can also be used to toggle single applications) It is easily customizable so you can delete the applications you don't use or add those you do. The idea is inspired by Dropbox Toggler by rosenkrieger. Please look into the Readme for credits and further instructions. Usage: a cloud - activates all applications q cloud - quits all applications t droplr - toggles droplr t db - toggles Dropbox t gd - toggles Google Drive Download: http://d.pr/f/vPqr Please note that this is my first
  5. Short story, I backed up my Alfred workflows in my google drive, and now when I try to download them, they all come in form of zipped files. I've read here that you can convert the .alfredworkflow.zip file back into an .alfredworkflow file which I've managed to do but when I try to install the workflow, none of the workflows have their respective pictures saved (if I tried to do this manually for ~ 40 - 50 workflows, it would take ages). Any thoughts on how to easily fix this / automate this? I've tried writing a Python script but even using the subprocess module to run bash commands messes up
  6. Google Docs in Chrome is my go to for all not taking and word processing. I am constantly opening new docs and spreadsheets. Being able to open a new google doc (or spreadsheet) from Alfred would be a huge benefit to me. There is a Chrome extension called G New Doc which attempts to do this with 2 clicks from Chrome but it no longer works. I have searched around for Google Docs commands for Alfred but have found little. I am sure that this would be incredible useful for many people. Any help would be much appreciated Thank you.
  7. Does anyone know how to create an account-specific URL for Google Drive? In the past, my Google Drive-related Alfred workflows relied on the following paths: Open Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/account@gmail.com Search Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/account@gmail.com/search?q={query} However, this approach seems to have stopped working a few weeks ago (at least, that's when I noticed it). Now, I just receive an error indicating that the URL was not found on the server. To be clear, you can still open and search Google Drive by using the
  8. Has anybody found a good solution to search across multiple cloud platforms from within the Alfred search bar? I came across Findo today and like what it can do, but it would be so much better if we weren't forced to log into the chrome extension or website, but rather search from the Alfred search bar. Has anybody had a positive experience with any of these types of services? Thx
  9. I am running into a problem with the google drive workflow. When I try to search for a file (d "name of the file") it takes me to the sign up page and then a window says "Successfully connected to google drive" then takes me in a loop to again sign up and allow Alfred to access the drive. I have attached screenshots of the sequence (below) Can anyone help me with this? Thank you in advance!
  10. Hey guys, I'm pretty new to Alfred. I would like to create a workflow but before I go down the rabbit hole I want to ask if this is even possible: Open folder in Google Drive > Create a new folder (with a certain name) > Open that newly created folder > Create a new document (with a certain name) This is a workflow I need when producing new podcast episodes. I create a new folder called "Episode XX" inside of my episodes folder. Then, inside of that new folder I create a document called "Briefing Episode XX". If this is possible: Wo
  11. Greetings, Alfred Community, I use several cloud file sync apps like Dropbox, GDrive, Evernote, and Box.com. Most of these tools add a context menu to my desktop Finder window, allowing me to instantly share a file and copy the share URL to the clipboard. I love to use Alfred to FIND all those files quickly on my desktop, but it would be awesome to be able to copy a share URL right from Alfred instead of doing "Show in Finder" and right-clicking the context menu. First world problems, I know, but we're all about speed in here, and this would make many of u
  12. Hoping this is the right place to post. I've been searching everywhere (this site and the web) and while I'm sure someone has made a version of the workflow I need I'm just as certain I'm using the wrong search string. Why it's needed: I'm finding that the thing that's taking the most time in my weekly workflow is collecting images and screenshots, uploading them to my wordpress site, gathering the URLs for all the images, then pasting the URLs into the weekly shownotes for my podcast—shownotes that I have to upload to the podcast media host which then places them to all the destinations
  13. Many thanks to @rosenkrieger for the inspiration. Original thread http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1343-clouddrive-toggler/ *Also mentioned in the read me of the workflow. So what does this workflow do. Type a keyword and a "on", "sync" or "off" argument, which will toggle on/off the desired application. You can also toggle off all supported cloud drives by "clouds" and using an argument indicated above. I have chosen the "clouds" on action to NOT reopen Cyberduck and Fetch. This is purely a personal decision as I seldom have them open anyway. It would be easy to also add them to th
  14. I used a personal Gmail account and feed my work email account into it. That's where I check all my email, as I have work and personal email in one spot. Lately, my students have been submitting documents to me in Google Drive (used to be Google Documents). I can only view my students' materials in my work Google account - unlike the email, I can't feed the Drive documents into my personal account. Unfortunately, my school moved to a variant of Google, and Google does not permit easy switching between the two. To keep from multistep logging out/logging in every time I move from email to Driv
  15. I currently use Found ( https://www.foundapp.com/ ) to search and easily open Google Drive documents in the browser. I would like to use Alfred instead to open Google Drive documents in the browser. I know I can install the official Google Drive Mac app and have it search that folder and launch the file which then opens the file in the web browser. However, I do not want to sync all other files in my Google Drive (like PDFs, images, etc) to my Mac since I already use Insync to do that. I can search for my Google Drive files inside my Insync folder, but that will just launch the Mac a
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