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Found 10 results

  1. I've been a long time Evernote user but I've never really used it constantly until a few days ago. I spent quite some time figuring out a system that works for me and after watching many tutorials, listening to a lot of podcast and reading many blogs on best practices for Evernote I can now say I'm very efficient in it. I'm using it everyday, and overall I feel like a more productive person. I've modified a wallpaper I found online and use it as my wallpaper to remind me to use Evernote every day. And of course, being the geek that I am, I created an Evernote theme to go with my wallpaper to reinforce the behavior even more. I hope you guys like it. Enjoy and if you have any suggestions on how to to make it better let me know! Download here.
  2. marclipovsky


    This theme is based off of Sublime Text theme Centurion Galae (https://github.com/allanhortle/Centurion) Download or install: alfred://theme/searchForegroundColor=rgba(121,121,121,1.00)&resultSubtextFontSize=1&separatorColor=rgba(30,30,30,0.00)&resultSelectedBackgroundColor=rgba(113,184,142,1.00)&shortcutColor=rgba(121,121,121,1.00)&scrollbarColor=rgba(213,213,213,1.00)&imageStyle=8&resultSubtextFont=Helvetica&background=rgba(40,40,40,1.00)&shortcutFontSize=2&searchFontSize=2&resultSubtextColor=rgba(180,180,180,1.00)&searchBackgroundColor=rgba(40,40,40,1.00)&name=Centurion&resultTextFontSize=1&resultSelectedSubtextColor=rgba(37,125,77,1.00)&shortcutSelectedColor=rgba(255,255,255,1.00)&widthSize=1&border=rgba(255,255,255,0.00)&resultTextFont=Helvetica&resultTextColor=rgba(255,255,255,1.00)&cornerRoundness=10&searchFont=Helvetica&searchPaddingSize=0&credits=Marc%20Lipovsky&shortcutFont=Helvetica&resultSelectedTextColor=rgba(255,255,255,1.00)&resultPaddingSize=4
  3. Beyo

    ZielonoMi Theme

    My first attempt to create simple Alfred green theme. Screenshot: Theme can be downloaded from here : http://cl.ly/353A3k2y1S2k @@Behinder
  4. Lime: http://cl.ly/2k1Q1C2F2V1V Here's the theme I use. It's simple, clean and colourful. It's wide, too, because I like to see instant results from, say, Wolfram or Google Translate. Enough detail without being cluttered. If you want it more subtle, just make it grey and thinner. But then it wouldn't be lime, would it? I hope you enjoy! Sublime: http://cl.ly/3N0P2T321N3k A blue version as requested
  5. ebence


    Pastel Sky: Download Pastel Grass: Download Pastel Orange: Download Pastel Peach: Download
  6. http://tinyurl.com/ca9uuza my current Favorite
  7. This theme was inspired by the colors used in Alfred's Web site. I hope you guys like it. Download
  8. Hi, I've created a theme called "Mintimal". I hope you like it! Free Download
  9. Install!
  10. I changed my FunkyGreen from Alfred 1.x for Alfred v2 a bit - I really like it now :-) Is there a way to change the border thickness?
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