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Found 5 results

  1. Heyho guys and girls, I just finished porting my old v1 extension NotificationControl to a v2 style workflow. You can download it here. You can use the following keywords: Show the current status of Growl and NotificationCenter : stat Pause Growl and Notification Center : pause Resume Growl and Notification Center : resume Pause or resume Growl : growl Pause or resume Notification Center : notificationcenter Close all Growl notifications : close_growl Close all NotificationCenter notifications : close_nc Show Growl’s rollup : show Hide Growl’s rollup : hide Enable Growl’s incoming network : enable Disable Growl’s incoming network : disable/ Restart Growl : restart
  2. Hi, When I want to display a Growl notification, 100s of them appear on my screen. Pages and pages, all with the same notification. The only way to stop this is by quitting Growl. > OSX notifications: only 1 is displayed OSX Notification disadvantage: only 2 lines are displayed which for my plugin is useless. The notification content comes from PHP code which is started from a bash script. Snippet: RET=$(php -f ~/Library/Application\ Support/Alfred/extensions/scripts/appname/scriptname.php -- "{query}") echo $RET >> test.txt echo $RET So the 'echo $RET' generates 100s of Growl notifications but the echo $RET >> test.txt shows only the content that it's supposed to show. Update: there's an interesting entry in the system logs: 11/6/13 3:47:01.637 Alfred 2[1183]: Failed to notify due to missing registration, queue and reregister Any idea?
  3. Just set up workflow with Growl notification but the notification displays as Chinese characters (I think). I have reproduced it several times. I am pretty new to workflows. I've Not attached a screenshot since I don't see how i'm supposed to add an attachment. Let me know and I'll post it. Growl works fine for other apps. I'm on Lion 10.7.5 and latest Alfred 2.04
  4. Hi there, I'm using Alfred 2 on Snow Leopard. By default, Alfred has notifications enable for "Notification Center" which doesn't exists in Snow Leopard. I've Growl installed but when I switch to Growl, it doesn't keep the change. - I change Notifications to Growl - I close Alfred Preference panel - I re-open Alfred Preference panel, notifications is set on "Notification Center". I'm using Growl 1.2.2. Alfred is 2.0.2 (178) By the way, it seems that Alfred handle notification using Growl ... maybe the select isn't updated ?
  5. Hello, I wrote a script to use in a workflow. That script uses the command growlnotify to display a notification. When I run the script from the terminal, the notification is displayed. When running with Alfred, nothing appears. Thanks.
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