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Found 3 results

  1. I've rewritten my Alfred-Time workflow so that it's more easily extensible, and better tested. Currently it works with the Toggl and Harvest services. You can start, stop, or continue a timer, choose a project and a tag if necessary. With version 2.0 it's one service or the other though. The previous version allowed to use both services at the same time. I personally don't use that anymore, and it was a pain to maintain. If you still need that functionality, you can still use the previous version. I'm planning to add new services. It's very basic (even more basic than the previous version). Just start, stop or continue. No more delete, no more cache bullshit. There's some ideas in the queue like enable/disable tags (or choose a default one), but nothing done yet. I use the workflow daily and it works fine (for me). If it does help you, enjoy! GitHub: https://github.com/godbout/alfred-time/releases Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/alfred-time-v2
  2. Hi everyone, Here’s my new workflow for tracking time with Harvest. It’s heavily inspired by Neil Renicker’s Harvest workflow which stopped working for me (and will be retired soon). Start, stop and adjust timers Delete timers Add/append notes API token is stored in keychain (no password used for authenticating) Uses the latest Harvest API (v2) Installation & setup Install the latest version which you can find under Releases. Make sure you have node.js installed. To check run `node -v` from your terminal. Go to https://id.getharvest.com/developers › 'Create New Personal Access Token' and give it a name, i.e. 'Alfred workflow'. Copy the access token and remember your Account ID. Type `hvs` and press 'enter', Paste the API token and press 'enter', Type your 6-digit Account ID and press 'enter', Type `hvn` and start your first timer! *The first time you run the workflow you may be prompted to grant access to the API token (which is stored in your Keychain). More information: https://github.com/ajilderda/alfred-harvest-v2 Download: https://github.com/ajilderda/alfred-harvest-v2/releases/latest Enjoy!
  3. This workflow (alfred-harvest on Github) gives you complete access to your Harvest time-tracking: Add new timers Toggle today's timers View and add notes Launch your Harvest web app To do: More secure password / email handling Add capability to add / view notes Let Alfred remember projects, and prefer recent projects Set a command to visit your Harvest profile Command to quickly add/subtract 5min, 10min, or custom amount from any timer (for those times when you step out for a pool game and forget to shut off your timer). Show total time for this week View and download latest release (v1.0.2) (v2.0.0) (v2.0.1) (v2.0.2): https://github.com/neilrenicker/alfred-harvest/releases How to use and more info: https://github.com/neilrenicker/alfred-harvest
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